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Learn How Singer/Songwriter Mark Baldonado builds vocal confidence.

 Learn how Nikki finds her true voice


Tay Zonday talks about the C.O.R.E. Vocal Power experience

 Learn How Dot's Holistic Approach Empowers Singer/Songwriter Kathleen Blackwell


 Learn how  performer Claire Costa becomes Empowered and improves her health!


Learn about Vocal Workshops & Classes


Gino Sings“...Dot truly loves to support all singers no matter where they are, be it professional, intermediate or beginner. Her love and attention to each person is rarely seen these days...I believe this makes Dot unique and very special. She is willing to teach you, support you & give you a lifetime of sound.”

~ Gino

Tre James“Dot is very efficient with her students and she finds the individuality in your voice and helps you to understand and perfect it ... You get individual attention and personalized training methods to help you become the best singer you can be.”

~ Tre James
Stone Mecca

Daniel Dyer
"I enjoy working with Dot because she locates areas I need improvement on and concentrates on them. At the same time, she teaches new avenues and techniques to get the most from my voice.”

~ Daniel Dyer

Josh Lewis“Dot completely changed my world. Before I started studying with her I felt invisible on stage. I could tell people were turned off. She taught me how to redirect the sound in a way that was easy to understand and I saw the results immediately!!! I literally experienced a dramatic change within just 5 or 6 lessons. Now I get positive  reactions every time I play out!”
~ Josh Lewis 

Bryan Foley
“Dot is the TRUTH!!! I could feel my vocal evolution with the very first session!”

~ Bryan Foley
Lead Singer of Vyrus 

Cristina Sasso"...above all, Dot taught me to love and enjoy my voice. That is something many vocalists lack. We pick ourselves apart so much to the point where it’s no longer ‘fun’ to sing anymore. She helped me find that child inside me that loves to sing till the break of dawn!”

~ Cristina Sasso 

Jillian Clare
“Dot has helped me improve my vocal range and understanding, better than any other vocal coach I’ve ever had.”

~ Jillian Clare
   Actress/Singer - Former Days of Our Lives Star

Claire Costa“I am convinced that Dot is matter how you walk in you always leave from a lesson feeling great ... Singing feels so much more free than it did before. Not only is she a great vocal teacher, her specialized lessons will be applicable to many aspects of your life - if you’re open to it!”

~ Claire
Vocalist of Strange Behavior

Misty"Through Dot's techniques and teaching I have discovered a whole wealth of tools that I am now able to utilize for performing songwriting and vocalizing. Dot has prepared me and given me priceless secrets that I needed to get to the next level in my craft...her teaching is excellent and she gently encourages me to excellence.”

~ Misty
Lead Singer of Gonzales Gonzales

Hannah Williams“After just one lesson with Dot, I started to hear a difference in my singing and feel the difference in my vocal stamina. I’ve taken vocal lessons for over 15 years with various teachers and Dot’s teaching style now gives me a whole new understanding about the voice and how to use it! She teaches tools that make hitting notes that once felt like straining now feel completely natural. She’s also very grounding and soulful, which is key in any form of art. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to take leaps and bounds with their singing experience.”
~ Hannah Williams

David Shamel

David Shamel
"Dot has helped me expand my range and strengthen my voice. She creates a comfortable creative environment while still challenging you. Since working with Dot I have gained a new level of confidence.”

~ David Shamel

“Dot is from Canada, so she’s got this vocal thing figured out from Eh to Z. What she does, she does brilliantly. She works your voice from your head to your heart and everything in between.”

~ Eric Hulander

“I’ve learned so much from Dot, including ... larynx training, muscle training, breathing, and how to be present when I perform. All those things have made me an even more confident singer...I fell in love with my voice again!”

~ Ny

Leslie Ryan“Dot has given me the confidence and permission to learn to love and accept my voice. It has been a life long dream to sing but because of so much self judgment, I was hiding. Dot is amazing and I look forward to seeing her each week. She is so supportive and loving but most of all, she really knows her stuff. You will learn a strong technique and she will work with you personally to achieve your dreams.... I can’t think of a better way to spend my time once a week than with Dot!

~ Leslie Ryan

Taylor Graves“Studying with Dot has helped me strengthen my voice in many areas. Using tough exercises and positive reinforcement, Dot manages to bring out the best in me. I would recommend Dot to all singers who seek technical and spiritual enlightenment!”

~ Taylor Graves
Singer, The Score

Kenny Lull

Kenny Lull“If you’re a beginner or just afraid to sing after hearing yourself on that voicemail message or on tape after that bender last night at the karaoke bar... no one is better than Dot at getting you focused on a productive path to vocal superiority. She’ll get air moving from the correct parts of your body and amaze any novice at what they can really do. Best of all, you sing what YOU want to!”

~ Kenny Lull

Dan Ochoa“After only attending two months with Dot, my pitch, control and breath greatly improved, cutting my recording time in more than half. She has proved to me that she can make all singers into great singers. I owe my singing career to her.”

~ Dan Ochoa
Lead Singer, Keen of the Crow

Erinn Anova

Erinn Anova"I've been singing professionally for ten years, touring the world, appearing on all the late night TV and early morning network shows, singing background vocals for major label recordings, and making a rather decent living from it, but I’m just now learning what I’m really doing...I’ve been amazed at how “complete” her lessons are. Not only am I getting technical skills, and specific dead-on feedback for improving my voice, but her “affirmative” coaching style is leading me to my “real voice” in the emotional and spiritual sense of the word. .. I can’t think of a better, more productive way for a singer to spend an hour each week.”

~ Erinn Anova

Gianna Suter“Out of every vocal coach I’ve worked with, Dot is the only one that incorporates your body and mind in her teachings. Not only are you hearing a dramatic improvement in your voice, but you feel the difference! Her approach is fun and entertaining and you’re getting invaluable information on how to be a better singer, performer and songwriter. Not to mention, she’s just so darn cool! She’s a vocal teacher every singer and songwriter should meet!”

~ Gianna Suter
Los Angeles Radio Personality

Bryan Pitcher

Bryan Pitcher“I am a non-singer/performer. My work is behind the camera but I have always enjoyed singing by myself in the car. I challenged myself to take classes at Dot’s Voice Studios and discovered Dot’s teaching style to be friendly, informed and inspiring. You won’t be seeing me on stage, but my private performances inside my car are getting great reviews!”

~ Bryan Pitcher
Wintry Entertainment

James AlexanderI’ve studied under several voice instructors in LA and I can say that Dot is clearly at the top of my list. She’s well organized and maintains notes of your lessons and what you need to work on...Dot will get you to where you want to be and will never let you slack. She’ll make sure you did your weekly “assignment” and she’s honest about your progress. She offers a well structured, tough (but realistic) program for your improvement. Dot has great insight and knowledge about your anatomy, which is essentially your instrument. She constantly checks your breathing posture, throat/lips/tongue/jaw usage, etc. Finally, Dot’s lessons are fun! Even if she’s had 5 hours of students right before you, she’s got the energy and enthusiasm to make yours as entertaining and productive as if you were her only student.”

~ ALEXANDER JAMES of Ballistic Groove

Ruby Ramos

Ruby Ramos“As a new singer I was self conscious of how my voice sounded and if it was good enough. I also didn’t know the theory behind singing or how to exercise the full capacity of my vocal chords. So when I came to Dot I told her what I wanted to learn and she just went from there. Learning with her is more than just taking lessons. Dot knows how to work with each voice because she understands the uniqueness that every voice has. Her way of teaching is different and aimed at getting results and I trust her!”

~ Ruby Ramos

Melissa McCloud“I’ve had several other vocal coaches and Dot by far is the best! She really takes the time to customize each lesson according to your needs. She personally provides you with a custom made CD of your voice lesson to practice with along with notes and tips to help prepare you for your next lesson. I don’t know of any other teacher who does that! For the first time I am actually motivated to practice practically every day because of Dot’s technique and inspiration... so much that I even began to see tremendous progress on my second lesson! I look forward to each lesson with Dot and I’m very thankful to have her as my teacher. She’s awesome!

~ Melissa McCloud

Lee Lucas
“I have found that working with Dot is FUN! She is the most involved coach I have ever had.”

~ Lee Lucas

Chris Bendt“Dot genuinely cares about you getting better as an artist. She has helped me understand music at a higher level and enabled me to open up my voice to it’s fullest potential. I literally cannot wait until my next lesson!”

~ Chris Bendt

Chris Tondre

“I always hated the sound of my voice, until I met Dot..”

~ Chris Tondre
   Pro guitarist, singer, songwriter

Jeffrey Walls

Jeffrey Walls“When I first moved out here to LA and was working to get into the Music Industry, I knew that I had the look, moves and personality to make it, but the one thing I lacked was the confidence in my own voice; until I met with Dot. She has helped me with that confidence as well as supplied me with a broader vocal range that I never knew I had. Dot really has a way of bringing out the best in people, in a very creative and fun way. I really appreciate her working with me and would even continue to work with her after the record deal!”

~ Jeffrey Walls

Mark Baldonado “...the great thing about working with Dot is her skills and ability to get your voice to the best potential. With techniques and practices, I had learned so much within the first couple of weeks. I look forward to every week and to practice what I have learned. She is very inspiring and her energy comes across as very positive and effective.”

~ Mark Baldonado


Katrice“Dot is a great teacher who puts herself into the artists shoes and leads them into a wonderful musical journey. It is so refreshing when you have a teacher who actually loves to teach! Teaching is just one fragment while she also gives you her devoted time and constant motivation for polished perfection...she has made me feel like I am #1 from day 1.”

~ Katrice

Drew T

Drew T“I had a vocal instructor in College that taught me everything wrong. Dot made me more aware of myself than I was and helped me drastically with pitch and connecting through the different ranges in a surprisingly short period of time. Dot is the sh**!”

~ Drew T


Shal“... Dot has literally given me a self-confidence I have never had when it comes to being a singer. I was surprised at how quickly I was making progress. Dot has a very therapeutic, non-judgmental and diagnostic approach to her teaching, with a loving, compassionate and humorous touch in her method ... she addressed EVERY SINGLE ISSUE that impeded my ability to be a strong vocalist. Not only am I singing with greater force, strength with a better pitch and ear for music and with increased confidence, but I’m also beginning to develop my own vocal style! I love you DOT!”

~ Shal

Fedra B
                          Fedra B                                
"I have a good voice and a lot of soul, but I was frustrated because I could never use my tool properly. I had the pleasure of meeting Dot, and had the good sense to take voice lessons with her. Now I’m a better singer, I know my instrument better and I realize I can develop even more. Dot has a great method and I’m so grateful. Thanks again!"

~ Fedra B

Paul Ryan“I’ve studied with singing coaches before, but never have I really been turned on to vocal technique. Dot Todman has turned that around for me and has inspired me to fall in love with technique. She also brings a spiritual sensibility to the work, which I fully appreciate. Dot has opened my eyes to what’s really possible, as I secretly love to sing, but have never given myself full permission to go for it.”

~ Paul Ryan
TV Host/Producer & Author

Rob T"Dot works with each student as an individual; each of us has different needs and goals. With Dot I feel like I’m getting a course designed just for me and that was exactly what I was looking for. Dot has helped me to let go and relax, and in so doing I have found the safety and precision I needed to improve as a singer."

~ Rob T


Megan“Dot is a very well rounded and practical teacher. Her approach is to work with every aspect of the student. Not only to improve placement and tonal quality, but also to help the student realize their certain sense of style. Her upbeat personality is contagious. I really appreciate the time and effort she provides by supplying written commentary and a burned CD of your lesson. Out of all my vocal coaches, I have learned the most with Dot and at a quicker pace. Ultimately, she creates better performers.”

~ Megan
Jazz singer

Casey Wood
“I absolutely love my lessons with Dot. She is pulling confidence out of me at every lesson. I feel more and more comfortable with my old fear of singing diminishing week by week. It’s always fun and I’m improving! Thanks Dot!”

~ Casey Wood

Donna Richardson

Donna Richardson
"Dot is the best voice teacher I have had. She gets it on a technical as well as emotional and spiritual level. I regained my joy in studying voice. She really cares about her students.”

~ Donna Richardson

Sole De Leon

Sole De Leon

“Dot Todman has brought such clarity to my voice, I can hear the difference in my recordings. She’s made me so aware of my voice. She’s the best!”

~ Sole De Leon

Randi R

“… during the lesson, one minute I could tell I felt so quiet and maybe like I was off key, but the next minute I was just in the flow… I can’t explain it, but she tapped into something that made me let go and stop trying so hard – and just sing! It was one of the most freeing experiences I’ve ever had and through it I have found my true voice!  Thank you Dot!” 


Bran Akcasu, Singer

“Dot’s instruction has given me the technique I had needed to sing the kind of vocal parts specific to my style of music. I used to have difficulty making it through a single band practice without getting hoarse midway through, but after a couple weeks of lessons with Dot I was able to go to gigs and practices with confidence that my voice wouldn’t give out. Furthermore, after only two months of lessons, we had expanded my range and expelled much of the persistent strain I had been dealing with in my chest and throat. Because she is familiar with several successful teaching styles, she can borrow and choose from each the drills that best suit her students’ needs.”  

Brook Lynn, Professional Singer

“ Singing with Dot is unlike any other vocal experience I’ve ever had. I have sung all my life and took vocal lessons from several coaches… In one month’s time, Dot has made me more aware of how to correct my vocal pitfalls than I even knew existed. I have seen my performance in studio improve tremendously in a very short period of time. My favorite part about Dot’s teaching is that it is completely organic. She doesn’t have one set lesson she uses for everybody… she tailors lessons to fit each individual student’s needs. With Dot’s help, I am slowly beginning to connect my energy with my body and my body with my voice.”