Build Confidence and Empowerment In Your Child's Voice!

ImageCertified Teacher and Performer, Dot Todman offers useful tools for children of all ages that enhance learning, confidence, clarity and vocal health. Dot's two decades of experience allows her to easily assess the temperament and learning style of your child, and create a specialized C.O.R.E. Vocal Power® system for them to explore and expand their gift. 

Other benefits may include:

  • Right/left brain balancing
  • retention
  • stage presence
  • public speaking

In addition to SINGING and RESONATING, Dot’s tools include:

  • Drums – rhythm, balancing, resonating, awareness
  • Singing for acting - how to be present improvise
  • Basic Piano skills - ‘ear’ training, songwriting, creative enhancement
  • Music and Movement - stage presence, performance
  • ...and more fun techniques to bring out the empowered voice and creativity in your child!

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