What is C.O.R.E Vocal Power?

It's a Mind-Soul Body Self-Empowerment System!


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Dot's three Degrees (Psychology, Music, Theatre Arts), teaching certificate and 18 years of professional singing and training initially led her to teach like other coaches—learning the best “technique,” which approaches the instrument from the outside. She learned and created hundreds of successfully proven voice-building drills and vocal tools specifically for her students, only to discover that while vocal drills are an important part of strengthening and muscle memory, she was only really getting through the first layer of empowered, authentic singing! Dot learned that because we all have different instruments, there is no such thing as “one perfect technique” for everybody. Different levels of confidence, muscle memories, temperaments, brain neurology, genetic dispositions, and different ways of vocally expressing ourselves are what makes each singer a unique instrument.

Soon, Dot started paying close attention to things that EVERYONE had in common:

"It has to do with the natural process of how we create sound in the first place! First, you have a thought (mind). While singing, if the thought is, “Oh no, my voice always cracks during this part,” then you feel (soul) uncomfortable, and the last thing to happen is your voice (body) cracks. I don’t care how much technique you know, if you have limiting beliefs and no system to ensure success, you will find yourself repeating the same mistakes over and over, and this can be very frustrating for singers. They're trying to do it from the outside instead of addressing their thoughts and feelings first. Train your brain to work for you. Focus too much on technique and you become too mechanical. I believe humans are realizing that we are capable of achieving so much MORE! Understanding how to use your entire instrument (MIND, SOUL, BODY) is crucial for success in any area of life."

In order to help singers find complete Vocal Empowerment, Dot spent several years creating a revolutionary system that works for everybody. Dot's Integrative Vocal Empowerment System™. IT WORKS because it is integrative, and teaches students how to make singing and vocal practice a more natural part of life. Dot guarantees immediate results because she helps students get to the root of their challenges and gives singers tools to overcome them.


    “My challenge to each singer is to know your voice!"

    C.O.R.E. Vocal Power® teaches the student to KNOW THEIR VOICE in 3 Ways:

    1The psychological, which assists students in recognizing and shifting negative thought patterns in the MIND, and replacing
              them with positive, empowering ones. This allows singers and
              speakers to feel connected, present, and confident.

    • Helps improve: pitch issues, rhythm issues lack of clarity, self sabotage, confidence, remembering lyrics, improvisation, control issues, vocal awareness, ability to tell a story, etc.

    2The SOUL,which allows the performer to connect powerfully to the energy of their voice, energy their voice, and commit to the emotional message of the song, or performance.

    • Helps improve: nerves, anxiety, sensitivity, feeling empathic, a weak voice, energy blocks, balancing emotional energy, lack of stage presence, healing, etc.

    3The body, where performers learn to master their VOICE and receive specific exercises tailored to the vocal muscle memory and physical stamina needed.

    • Helps improve: weak voice, larynx stability, range, vocal blowout, lack of stamina, vocal coordination,, vibrato, runs, riffs, vocal flexibility, dynamics, stylization, movement, power, etc. 

    Dot's Integrative Vocal Empowerment System Consists Of:

    The singer’s secret inner formula to Empowerment

    C.O.R.E. Vocal Power®
    The singer’s format, which provides a structure for your progress

    A masterful teacher who guides you through the steps and develops an individualized plan suited to your unique vocal needs.

    You can learn C.O.R.E. Vocal Power® by studying privately, attending her workshops , or purchasing her products !


    Dot’s System will take you through the natural learning process, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced singer—you will climb your way to Vocal Mastery!