How to Audition

Auditioning for The Voice, X-Factor, or American Idol?

You would be surprised at how many singers make these common mistakes. Remember, the audition starts as soon as you walk in the door. They're not just hoping you hit all the right notes. They are looking at your presence, attitude, energy, and star quality. 


Here are Five Things to be Aware of That Will Ruin Your Audition

1. Starting your song, then stopping and starting over. Take a silent, loving breath before you start, get clear and let go. JUST SING.

2. Apologizing for making a mistake, forgetting lyrics, or any part of your performance. Why would you want to apologize for sharing your gift? Know that they really are on your side. You doing well and having what it takes makes their job easier. Remember that, and don't apologize for making an error. Nine times out of ten, they may not even notice.  When you do this, it makes you look like you have no confidence. Instead, JUST SING.

3. Micro managing your voice while you sing, versus spacing out. Get present! Don't be one of those people who are trying to be pitch perfect, or spaces out. When you do this, it takes away from the power of your performance. If you have done your homework, you are ready to let go and JUST SING.

4. Not being aligned with the music in your head or being played by accompanist. If you are singing acappella, you need to know the song so well, that you hear the music within your mind. You should become the music and sing honoring all the beats and pauses. Don't rush and don't slow down. Get out of your head. JUST SING.

5. Not enjoying yourself. This is the biggest mistake, but we all know auditioning is nerve wracking for most people. How do you enjoy yourself? Practice enjoying yourself, visualize yourself enjoying it, then when you get up there, release everything you are holding on to, to try and prove you are the best. When you enjoy yourself, you show confidence. Let go and just SING. 

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