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Enjoy an Exclusive slide show from past vocal Empowerment Workshops. 


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Students warm up their voice in an interactive way, first with breathing (grounding and centering) then they get in their body and resonate, and use call and repeat to get the mind present and capture the same neurology needed to deliver and empowered performance.

Through the right kind of mental wiring for singing, they learn:

  • how to release excess energy and balance it in their body
  •  how to CONNECT their body to their sound
  • mental clarity and how to get present
  •  articulation and diction
  • singing through the mix voice
  • how to sing on the SPOT and rely on your music intuition
  • how to take vocal risks
  • positive affirmations and confidence
  • improvisation
  • dynamics and how to show up in their tone
  • connection to music
  • how to trust their voice
  • how to sing within the key of the song and develop musicality
  • rhythm and coordination
  • and owning thier energy...
    all through the subconscious mind...then later the conscious mind. 

    Notice at 9:47 when Dot starts changing the key, the group has no idea which way Dot will transition, but they are all in unision and transition correctly - because they are in alignment

  • Dot goes through each body part and gets the group to acknowledge it withing themselves. First, "Mummmmm.. I feel my", then "Mummmm...I love my" to bring healing, power and open and release stagnant energy. 

  • CHAKRA ALIGNMENT - that comes next!