What Are 'The Voice' Judges Looking For?

You know the feeling you get the moment that giant red chair spins around to reveal a celebrity vocal coach! But do you ever wonder how you get the extra edge the judges are looking for?  How do you get your mind to cooperate when you sing?  Perhaps you're unsure what qualities the judges are looking for, or what qualities you want to convey? 

Read on for 3 exercises you can use to become a more powerful performer while you're watching 'The Voice' at home.  And, find out how to get your own real feedback at Dot's upcoming Performance Workshop.

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Exercise 1:

Imagine what it would be like to be the artist who is singing and being fought over by your favorite performer(s).  This could actually be a possibility for you some day!

Exercise 2:

Listen to why the judges like the singer and integrate those things into your awareness. Try imagining in your MIND and SOUL that he or she is speaking to you. Sing from that FEELING of having moved someone else. You would be surprised how it affects the confidence level in your VOICE. 

Exercise 3:

What do you first notice when you hear a contestant on 'The Voice': What you like, or what you don't like? Make a note of your answer.

Now, listen for WHAT YOU LIKE about the singer. This is what the coaches are doing – they want to like the singers, especially since they need to build a strong team! As you do this, you'll become a more confident and powerful singer. As you remove the negative inner dialogue from your mind, your positive attributes will grow even stronger. 

Practice these exercises while watching 'The Voice', and let me know what YOU EXPERIENCE! 

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