How To Have Confidence As A Singer and Still Keep It Real! Part 2
Singing with authentic confidence is certainly a process. Some whiz through it, and others take a little longer. But each person that I work with who allows themselves the possibility of improvement and is willing to do the work, has a life-changing experience. It changes their life because they discover, with awareness, how amazing they truly are.

Singers learn to be more aligned and present.  Once they realize they can do it, it’s easier for them to enjoy their natural sound and express it in a more powerful way. 

I’m going to share some important tips with you to help you find your truly confident CORE Voice

1.  Give yourself permission to be who you are—NOW. 

Not, “after I can sing all the correct pitches.” Not, “once I have a 4-octave range,” nor “once my voice stops cracking.”  


Doing this allows your Musical Intelligence (each human’s natural ability to sing freely on the correct pitch, rhythm and tone) to kick in naturally.  Ever have a voice teacher tell you to “let go!”  You might be thinking, “let go of what?”

Answer:  Let go of the need to control your voice. Don’t try — TRUST.

You might say, “Okay, so I let go. I trust my voice. Now what?”

2. Align it to the “truth” of the pitches you desire!


Yeah—does that sound a bit metaphysical? It means: Sing the right note by being connected to your core and surpassing any negative inner dialogue. You don’t just hear it—you feel it and it's natural.  Stay present to your ability to sense and experience sound.  Just tune in. 

How to "tune-in": You tune in the same way you feel a soft summer breeze, or the sound of the ocean when you’re by the beach.  It’s not a “mind” thing.  Musical Intelligence is perhaps the only intelligence I know of that's accessed by your soul. It flows freely when the mind TRUSTS it. It flows even more FREELY when a thought creates a COMFORTABLE place for it to dwell. Just like you’d want to create a comfortable place for a new-born child to dwell.  You love it.  Yes—your voice responds to love.  We all have the natural human desire to be heard, understood and loved.  So does our voice.  Don’t be so hard on it, just Align to the truth of it. 

3. People sing the wrong notes when they are ignoring their ability to sing the right ones.   

Many years ago, I used to think they had a “bad ear.” While they were singing the wrong notes, I would stop them and try to make them sing the right note. WRONG MOVE!  (Beginner voice teachers don’t know better) This doesn’t help because it has nothing to do with their “ear.” Unless the singer is at a certain level of awareness, this approach is like planting an apple seed, forgetting to water it, and then expecting oranges to grow. You won’t find an orange, and what you will find will not be fruitful (pun intended!).

The idea of aligning to pitches is much deeper than just, “Singing the right note.” It’s really about KNOWING your voice and how it feels throughout your registers first, and then how it feels with other instruments.  Usually the first instrument a singer learns to tune to is the piano or guitar. 

But what if you already know how to tune to a piano and now you sound shaky some of the time?  In other words, your voice is inconsistent? If this is the case, then you still need practice in the area of stabilizing your tone. You need to go deeper. 

How To Go Deeper

“Resonating Vowel Power”, “Ascending Vowel Power” and simple Resonating Exercises on my Practicing with C.O.R.E. Vocal Power® CD can help anyone build a more deep, solid, powerful tone, while singing the right notes at the same time! This in itself helps a person to love their voice and have fun expressing it. Practicing this gives you useful muscle memory (technique) and mind memory (psychology)! It also warms up the voice at the same time.  It’s all about HOW YOU PRACTICE that creates a more CONFIDENT, powerful voice.

How To Sing With Confidence 

Let's recap, if you don’t feel like a completely confident singer, you can do the following:

1. Imagine yourself singing freely and confidently in front of others.

2. Choose to access the “free voice” (that you allowed yourself to imagine and feel when you were singing alone in your car or shower) as often as possible when you speak to people and when you sing around others.

3. Don’t try, TRUST in your Musical Intelligence.

4.  Align your entire mind, soul and body with the truth of each note you sing.    

Sound simple? Difficult? All I can tell you is—it works and it’s worth it! I have proof. Visit my Testimonials page and read for yourself about what my singers are saying!  

These four steps go beyond technique, and are the beginning of discovering a more empowered YOU! Yes, vocal technique is important. The tools I have given you will enhance your ability to utilize technique and sing with soulful success!

Try integrating one of these tools into your weekly vocal practice, one at a time for a month and let me know about your experience. You are now part of a support team that wants to hear about and experience your singing success!

And if you really want one-on-one support, then call 310.497.6193 to schedule private lessons with me, Dot Todman, your Vocal Empowerment Coach.