The Most Important Quality Every Singer Needs
The Bare Truth

You can probably tell that I look a little "different" in this video because I'm not wearing any makeup and my hair isn't even done. I'm feeling very bare, as I'm sure many of you feel when you get up on stage to sing and let everyone see who you are. If I expect that kind of presence from you, then I ought to be able to show up here for you and be bare, even though I feel naked! And I'm doing it do drive home a very important message that I hope you can consider...
What's Scarier...? 
Today, I'm asking you these questions: Is it scarier to show up in public with no makeup on? Or is it scarier to get onstage and sing from your CORE, expressing something internal and letting the whole world see that?  How are these two things the same?  How are they different?

What is Vulnerability?
The most powerful and effective artists are able to share and show their flaws and to be "OK" with those flaws.  Experiencing this vulnerability explains why we love and connect with other people, because we are all human. What I've l learned from working with hundreds of students, is that we're all the same inside.  We all have the basic need for people to like us and to like what we have to express.  But it takes a special quality to let go of wanting to be perfect.  And, we must be willing to let go.

How to Access Your CORE Voice
Over the past several years, I've developed tools that make it so much easier for you to let go and sing with your CORE Voice.  Your CORE Voice is the sound of the true, authentic, powerful you.  It's the voice you hear when you sing in the shower or when you're by yourself, or even the way your voice sounds in your mind.  I teach my students how to find their CORE Voice and how to sing with it!

The quality that each of us needs to possess in order to express our Core Voice is COURAGE. Not the courage to be brave enough to sing, but the courage to let go of the desire to be perfect, to let go of the desire to be in control.  Courage to just be who you are and to share it from your CORE, with the world.  It's a bare feeling, of sorts, but after a while, you get used to it and before you know it, singing a song becomes your greatest, most empowering journey - in any situation. This level goes beyond sounding great - I want you to feel great too!

No one can give you courage or confidence, but I CAN teach you to tap into the part of yourself where they live!  I can help you open the door within yourself to access these attributes. The door is found in your CORE, from where your vocal power emerges.

The good news is - I can share these tools with you during your first session with me. 
How to Get There... You're Invited!

I'm inviting you to study with me privately or attend my workshops, where I will give you these CORE tools.  During the first session, you will get a broad spectrum view of what you need to accomplish in order to sing from your empowered voice. 

We will be tapping into your inner areas of that may be blocked, or where you may be afraid.  We will discover areas where we may need to let go and command the power that results.  In my workshops, we talk about the things that all singers go through, yet people rarely talk about.  And in both, I'll also be teaching you an advanced breathing technique and how to expand your vocal range and work through problem areas.  We will work through your individual blocks and concerns. 

You'll have access to all of this and more when we visit! Any question you've ever had about your voice will be answered, along with the most powerful vocal technique you will ever learn, so click here to reserve your lesson today, or learn more.