Inner Olympics for Singers

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Did you see The Olympics this year?  Perhaps you watched with pride as your country competed in your favorite sport to watch (I was thrilled to see Jamaica’s track superstar legend Usain"Bolt" run 3 races, 2 Olympics in a row winning gold in every race). 

Olympic athletes' explosive performances in London are a result of years of behind-the-scenes work, which reminds me of the journey singers make on their way to auditions and performances.  In both the Olympics and singing, the INNER workout is just as important as the OUTER workout – when aiming for a victorious performance.


Physical Exercises for Singing Power

Most of you know that in addition to doing the best vocal exercises and warm ups, I also recommend exercises for the physical body, such as bike riding (while singing), and hula hooping to strengthen the CORE, and build stamina and power. Physical exercises are important, but in order to be empowered, there's another kind of Olympics that singers need…

What Are The Inner Olympics?

Everyone knows that in order to excel much training and discipline is required, with an attitude of patience, practice and persistence. I call this the INNER OLYMPICS, because it comes from the CORE of who we are.

As a singer, the quality of your voice depends on what thoughts you experience while you sing and how you feel – in addition to the actual physical attributes of your voice. This is the reason why judging singing is not as cut and dry as judging the olympics (how fast a person can run, swim, how high a person can jump, etc.).

Training Your Entire Instrument

Your instrument is not just your voice, but also your mind (the thoughts you think) and your soul (the way you feel) that creates a voice that responds to whatever we funnel through it.  Having a great voice is only a third of the equation to being an empowered singer. I've taught some of the best singers in the world – but their success can be hindered without mental focus and emotional stability in alignment with that great voice. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of your entire instrument and prepare it accordingly.

Singing involves mental, emotional and physical preparation:

1. Your ability to focus on the message of the song. 

2. Your authentic soul connection to the song.

3. The quality of your voice: tone, pitch, resonance, melodic flow, timing, style, etc. 

These 3 things create your attitude toward yourself while singing, which will define how your voice sounds.

Winning Your Inner Olympics 

The best way to win your own Inner Olympics is to warm up your ENTIRE instrument.

WARM UP THE MIND - I recommend breathing practice for 5-15 minutes daily.

WARM UP THE SOUL with Resonating and toning exercises.

WARM UP THE VOICE  by practicing lip trills, tongue trills, stretches & scales.

My C.O.R.E. Vocal Power CD leads you through this total vocal workout, inside AND out.  In fact, the Inner (CORE) Olympics begin with tracks 1-18.  Tracks 19-35 serve as vocal Olympics for singers.

C.O.R.E. Vocal Power is INNER work, resulting in OUTER expression.

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