Artist Development: Tip #6 Three Key Ingredients to Practicing

If you've worked with me in the past, then you're familiar with the concept that your instrument is not just your voice. Your instrument is your MIND, SOUL and BODY, which includes your voice.

Example of how you use your entire instrument (MIND, SOUL, BODY) when you sing:
While you are singing, you think a limiting thought, "Oh no, here comes that high part!"

Next, you feel anxiety in your SOUL

Lastly, that anxiety causes your BODY to tense up and then...your VOICE cracks!

Sound familiar?

Let's rewind here. Can you see how the CAUSE of the voice cracking began with a limiting thought? It had nothing to do with the vocal chords.  However, most singers don't realize this.
They think their instrument is only their voice, so they only spend time warming up 1/3 of their instrument. Then they wonder why they're not getting the results they want, but now you know that in order to have a powerful instrument that works for you, you need to warm up your MIND, SOUL & BODY before you sing, act or speak.

To Learn An Effective Practice Regimen, watch the Video below

Practicing Tips

Achieving your goal is going to take patience and dedication to achieve. If you want to get better, it requires the discipline and hard work to practice daily. If you are a singer, actor, or speaker, you should be working out your instrument at least 15-30 minutes daily. This workout should include - BREATHING to center and clear the MIND, RESONATING to strengthen the voice and connect to your SOUL, and VOCALIZES (Vocal Exercises) to insure proper, healthy VOICE coordination and flexibility.

How do you want your instrument to feel when you sing?

For optimal results, it's important to have practice with these 3 Essential Key ingredients:

1. Sing with CLARITY in the Mind,
2. COMFORT in the Soul and
3. FREEDOM in the Voice.

For most of us, this doesn't always happen naturally. That's why it's important to Warm up your voice in a way that will target all 3 areas. If you don't have a warm up program that targets your entire instrument, be sure to get my Practicing CORE Vocal Power CD today.

Remember to have patience and persistence. Keep up the good work and enjoy your CORE Vocal Power!