Artist Development Tip#5: CONNECT





The most important thing all performers must do is the "C" in CORE. The "C" in C.O.R.E. stands for CONNECT.

When I ask my students who they should connect to, a common answer is "the audience." It makes sense, but in actuality, before you can consider that, you need to feel safe enough connecting to yourself.


Why Connect?  

When we are able to connect to ourselves, we are more present, and more powerful performers/messengers.  When we are connected to who we really are, we are able to get out of our own way and be open enough to let the truth of the music flow through us. 


Here are 3 Ways to CONNECT:


1. Spend 5 minutes daily doing my 4x4x8 Breathing

If you're new to Dot's 4x4x8 Breathing, please visit  and download my e-book "Connecting Breath To Soul" which explains how to create presence and confidence through the breath.  You could also download "7 Destructive Habits All Performers Must Avoid" if you'd like to learn about the common ways singers disconnect. 



2. Reflect

Know where you stand... Own your energy... Be in your space.

3. Write 

Get the ideas in your head down on paper!  It's best to write with a pen, but if you must type be sure to print it out. This is so you can see that you've created something in tangible form.


These 3 tools will help you to CONNECT better than ever this year!




Breath precedes the tone!


Question for singers:

How long can you sit still and connect to your breath before you get restless?

How long is the average song, and do you have the mental clarity to fully CONNECT with yourself through its entirety? 

Be sure to share with me in the comments section on Dot's Voice Studios Youtube Channel