Artist Development Tip #4: How to Build Confidence



In this series of blogs, I'm providing you with important tools to support you as an artist and a human being...but're watching American Idol right now or prepping for The Voice auditions, and want to know what the Judges are looking for, CLICK HERE.

As you've all heard and know, the Mayan Calender ended on December 21, 2012 and, although the world did not end like many had predicted, there is a shift in consciousness happening in the world.  I suppose that shift can be whatever a person decides it to be. For me, it's about creating more of what I want in my life. And like Mary Morrissey says, "we are always creating. We can either create by default, or design."  I choose to create by design, and that begins by choosing how I want to feel when I first wake up in the morning. Your brain is like a sponge during the first waking moments of your day, so take this daily opportunity for artist development. Incorporate this practice every morning to boost your vocal confidence.

This is how i start my day, by breathing an attitude of gratitude!  I call it the "Breath of Gratitude". How to take a Breath of Gratitude:

When you first wake up in the AM, focus on something you are grateful for (it can be something as simple as having a roof over your head).  Say to yourself, "I'm so happy and grateful forů."

Acknowledging what you have makes you more confident, and that confidence will show when you are performing onstage. Instead of thinking about what we're missing, train your brain to acknowledge what you DO have. When you make this shift, you will feel different on the inside, in your core, and then your vocal power will respond!

How do u usually FEEL when you wake up?  
What about before you perform?  Is it working for you?  Be sure to share with me in the comments section on  Dot's Voice Studios Youtube Channel