Artist Development Tip #2: How to Overcome Stage Fright


In my Vocal Video Tip #2, I emphasize Quality over Quantity. How does this relate to your voice?

With my students, I emphasize that it's not just what you sing but HOW you sing it. It's not just what you do but HOW you do it.

Here's an example... 

You have a goal to complete, or even a few tasks to get done today.  If you go about your day feeling stressed out, overworked and unhappy (the HOW) then even if you get all your tasks done, you may feel lousy at the end of the day so the quality of your day was low, which means you were not fulfilled.  


This is absolutely true for singing too. If you take a controlling, stressed out mind onstage with you, it will show through in your voice. Your will be spending so much time trying to do it right, that you won't be as connected to your message and feeling of the song.  Instead, remember HOW you want to FEEL and project that feeling into your day. Then when you go onstage, that mindset will be reflected and the QUALITY of your voice will be better too.

How do you usually FEEL while you're singing in front of others? Be sure to share with me in the comments section on Dot's Voice Studios Youtube Channel