Are You Still Feeling Happy? (Tip #1 of 7)

Everyone says "Happy New Year" at the beginning of January, but did you know that more mental health issues and suicides occur in January than any other month? The third Monday, known as "Blue Monday" is known to be the most depressing day of the year. Scientists believe it is due to gloomy weather, Christmas debt and failed New Year's resolutions.

I believe there are other significant reasons why people become depressed in January.

December is the most musical month of the year, with people singing carols and listening to uplifting music, filled with holiday cheer. Then, January hits and suddenly, we are faced with the reality of where we are really at - emotionally, physically, economically...and to top it off, we create the added pressure of living up to our New Year's resolutions! 

I have thought long and hard about how this significant problem can be avoided and created the next series of 7 videos to keep you Happy and Empowered in your mind, soul and VOICE this New Year. 


Tip #1

Learn the first Secret to Staying Empowered this New Year!

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Singing is a natural anti-depressant, lowers blood pressure and reduces stress. Don't stop now! KEEP SINGING and listening to music that feeds your soul!