How Singers IGNITE THE LIGHT and Let It Shine

A Post-Independence Day Message from Dot

along with 3 Tips to Gain Inner-Dependence this year
& a special video performance below!

I'm one of the lucky few people who enjoy dual Citizenship.  I was born and raised in lovely Canada, which celebrated its birthday July 1st, but I often say I “grew up” in America because it was here that I realized my journey to EMPOWERED EXPRESSION, which I now teach!

Each of us has a spark within, a Divine center. A light inside us that when ignited comes forth into the world and shines,
uplifting ourselves and others. 

Many of us feel that singing is this very SPARK. When we sing, we give a sound to something that comes forth from within us.  We tune IN and DEPEND on what is coming out. We trust it; we allow it. Singing is a process of expressing the sound of our soul – and it's a vulnerable and powerful process. 

Just as we celebrate the independence of our country and our personal freedoms, we can celebrate that our voice has freedom. 

If your voice doesn't feel free – if it feels locked, stuck, lost or afraid – know that it IS indeed free. Tools that will help you "unlock" your voice are found on this site and on my Practicing C.O.R.E. Vocal Power CD.
Through your IN-DEPEND-ENCE, while letting your light shine, letting the spark within you explode into sound, you can and will shift into empowered expression. 

I invite you to tap into your CORE, that beautiful light within you and JUST SING!

INDEPENDENCE Day is a day that we can be grateful – a day to know that we are free.  The founding fathers had to be driven by a force inside of them to do something new and different. 
This took courage, and we can have that courage too, through the power of our own voice.

Why reserve your gratitude of freedom for only 1 day of the year?  We are at the halfway mark of this year – no better time for tuning IN and DEPENDING on our inner power! 

INNER DEPENDENCE: 3 Tips For Staying on Task this Year

#1 Begin your day with Gratitude
Being grateful – always uplifts the spirit & provides a safe, confident space to sing from. 

#2 Set a Daily Intention
It's not just WHAT we do but HOW we do it – if you sing with stress & tension, it will show in your voice.
You can have the best drills or tasks in the world, but if you go about them in a hasty or stressful way, the benefits will be limited. Focus on how you want to FEEL when you accomplish your goals. Make this feeling your "Daily Intention".

#3 Practice being PRESENT
Being present gives you a present... Stage PRESENCE! A key ingredient to performing from an empowered space and a key ingredient to empowering yourself! Pay attention to what you do throughout your day, do you "show up" in each moment? You can use my grounding & centering breathing techniques to practice being present everyday.
I also want to share with you the C.O.R.E. Vocal Power Singers as they Ignite the Light and Let it Shine – a Tribute to Independence Week! Enjoy the video and let me know how you feel after your this year's INNER DEPENDENCE Check-In!