Guide to Empowered Auditioning

Auditioning for X-Factor, The Voice, The Sing Off, or American Idol?


Just the word, "audition" scares a lot of people right off the B.A.T.!

We know that C.O.R.E. Vocal Power is a formula that provides a structure to build self-empowered singers. If you're truly applying C.O.R.E., then your goal will be to have a empowering audition experience, regardless of what that judges say. You can create a powerful audition for yourself when you feel confident in what youʼre singing about and youʼve released all attachment to outcome. Auditioning is part of your vocal journey and not a destination. Of course, you may really want the part, but if you go in there with a desperate energy, you will only push away your audience. What you want is to feel powerfully present, authentically grounded, centered, and confident that you are the right choice.

Here are a few tips to achieve this “star-power” attitude. Keep in mind, that itʼs not just “what” you practice, but “how.” In other words, your attitude and energy (how) that you have when you practice is just as important as the technical (what). The more you audition, the better you become.


 Know your song like you know the back of your hand! You should be able to sing your song with ease - in your sleep! That means you know all the words, melody, and have marked where youʼre supposed to take breaths in the song. You have this down - 100% and can do it consistently. Also, make sure your song has an arc. This means it builds naturally and is not all the same level. You get to choose how youʼd like to stylize your song, but make sure it is in alignment with your subtext. You can pay more attention to the technical aspects of the song while youʼre learning it but be sure to still give attention to the meaning and feeling of the song. You want to create a empowered default for yourself, which means, even if you feel nervous, youʼre going to sing the song “correctly” because youʼve practiced it so many times. If you do make a mistake, no one will know because you were so connected to your message and the flow of the song. My Song Interpretation Worksheet can help you through this important process. Create a story for yourself to take others on a journey with you, while you sing. 


Make sure you do the following:

  • meet the requirements of the request (16 measures, 32 measures, etc., know if you need sheet music or accompanist, a cappella, etc.)
  • have at least 2 contrasting back up songs just incase they ask you to sing something else. - if you are required to bring sheet music, tape it together and have it marked so an accompanist can easily play it. - have warmed up your MIND, SOUL & VOICE using Dotʼs Practicing C.O.R.E. Vocal Power® CD (Tracks 1-25) or any other reputable warm up program.
  • have a copy of lyrics (You do not use these for your audition. They are there for safety.)
  • have gotten a good nightʼs sleep - bring room-temperature water to keep your voice lubricated during wait.
  • bring reading material, games, relaxing music and fun stuff to listen to and keep you in your "RIGHT BRAIN" while waiting in line.


USE DOT'S B.A.T. formula (Breath, Align Trust) during the entire auditioning process.Waiting usually occupies 95% of an audition experience. The reason why many are not successful at their audition, is because they donʼt like to wait. They have not yet learned how to make waiting help them become more powerful. C.O.R.E. Vocal Power® singers practice waiting every day during their “CONNECTING in QUIET CONFIDENCE TIME” to prepare their minds to be clear and present, souls to be committed to their message, and voices to respond to the presence of their energy. If you donʼt practice quiet time daily, it might be harder for you to wait because your brain is not used to being patient. If you have already been Practicing CORE Vocal Power®, then you already know about “Connecting.” Make sure you can feel your connection to your feet (grounded) and your heart (centered). This will give you more presence. 


BREATHE: Some people get very nervous and don't know what to do with themselves. This is why I created my "Breath of Life" series. Begin with the Breath of Awareness (BOA) and use others as well as my 4x4x8 breathing technique, which has helped many singers, actors & speakers overcome anxiety attacks, nervousness and even heal ulcers. Connect your breath to your Body - energy down legs; Connect to Soul - feed heart and experience the feeling of song (rhythm, melody, overall energy). If you haven't read my free e-book that explains this powerful breathing process yet, click here!

ALIGN to what you want to create- Visualize yourself at the audition, performing the song the way you want to experience it. See yourself in your mindʼs eye and experience the FEELING you want to convey as soon as you walk in the door and introduce yourself, to saying “thank you” at the end. 

TRUST that with every breath you take your voice is getting better and better! Trust that you will do well and your voice will come through for you. 


Know what you bring into the room as soon as you walk in. Know and appreciate your presence and power, and smile as a result - it makes you look and feel more confident. 

BREATHE - and know your heart is beating because it loves you. GET PRESENT & in your body! 

ALIGN - with your natural ability to sing. You are bringing them a gift you would like to share. Imagine that you are light as you enter the space, and let it shine as you CONNECT with others in the room. 

TRUST - in your natural ability so that you can stay PRESENT while you sing! Showing the judges that you are warm, personable and professional, just by embodying these qualities when you walk in the room, is always a great way to make an impression.

Overall, if you're using the C.O.R.E. Vocal Power formula alongside B.A.T., and you know your song, you've got a decent shot. Remember, auditioning is always part of a journey and not a destination, so keep in mind that especially if you're auditioning for a reality show, it's not based 100% on talent. Keep practicing, have fun and let your C.O.R.E. Shine!

I'm looking forward to hearing about your latest audition victories!


Dot Todman, 

Hollywood Vocal Empowerment Coach

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