How to Find the Right Vocal Coach

I frequently get asked “What should I look for in selecting a good vocal coach?” Anyone who wants to take their voice to the next level will benefit from knowing what to look for in a good coach.

It pains me every time I hear horror stories from students who have been mentally or emotionally abused by the one person who is there to help them. If more singers, actors, and speakers knew how to identify the traits of a good vocal coach, they would save themselves time, money, and a lot of heartache.

I have provided this video and a list of some overlooked tips to guide and help you find the best coach for you.


1. Someone who connects with you. They understand you and what you're about.
2. Someone who cares about your goals and listens to you.
3. Someone who knows the physiology of the voice and helps you achieve proper technique.
4. Someone who assesses you and give you honest feedback.
5. Someone who can educate you about all aspects of your vocal health. (Mental, Emotional and Physical).
6. Someone with a Reputable Website and testimonials!
7. Someone who understands body language and stage presence.
8. Someone who will bring out your Authenticity.
9. Someone who encourages you to get through your walls or "blocks."
10. Someone who makes it fun!


1. Someone who name drops to get your money. (It's different if you ask them.)
2. Someone who preaches their way is the "only way" or the "only method" that works.
3. Someone who has bad vibes, or gives you a feeling that you are not "safe" around them to grow as a singer, actor or speaker.
4. Someone who encourages you to push your voice using too much air. (This is dangerous).
5. Someone who wants you to mimic their voice only and is limited in knowledge of style & genre.
6. Someone who does not know how to teach you the genre or style you want.
7. Someone who laughs at you (not with you) in a negative way.
8. Someone how denigrates you.
9. Someone who reflects back negativity (which might be their own), because they are not solid in who they are, or possibly has a poor self esteem.
10.Someone who rushes you or makes you feel rushed and not *present.*