American Idol - Season 9 March 9 & 10

(Last week - no computer but if you really want my notes, I have them in chicken scratch!)

You can however read this article about my translation of what the judges mean by visiting HERE


American Idol
Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

1. Lee Dewyze

“Fire flies” – Adam Young
(Guitar and singing)
Dot - What up with phrasing?  Be careful dear. Your tone is so cool you got that Danny Gokey thing going on… feels a bit rough again, but you’ll get thru. I like your smile at the end.
Randy – said it was a strange song choice – pitch problems here and there and you made it your own.  You worked it out
Ellen – pitch problems don’t matter right now… many crushes, adorable, she thought it was great.
Kara – you look confident – that’s what we’ve been waiting for. You made the song a better song with your interpretation.  To strip the song away was a good choice. Solid
Simon – you didn’t have a moment with that song, but you are better than the version of the song you just did.

Dot – I thought you did fine and just define who you are.  DON’T JUST FOCUS ON THE BAD COMMENTS like you said!  That’s a mistake and will take away your confidence.  It never works for singers because it takes them away from enjoying their performance, which is probalby why you always seem so serious when you sing and sometimnes pitch issues do get the best of you. Trying to "fix" what isn't right will always come back to haunt you in the end becuase it doesn't let you be PRESENT. OMG. Do I have to blog about this?  Own who you are honey and take what they say with a grain of salt (except Kara- you can listen a little more to her, but even she is only human)

2. Alex Lambert

Dot - I’m not sure if I like the tone of your voice on this song, but you seem much more confident this week.
Randy – good song choice.. but it didn’t wow him. Could have done more with it. Maybe slow it down.
Ellen – you’re becoming a mushy banana… you’re consistently getting better and better. She loves your innocence and sincerity and warns you not to become cocky
Kara – the only thing that is standing in the way of you winning is you right now.  You have so much – she knows  your voice – you’re Still stiff, not in it and not letting go up there – acoustic guitar and you singing in the moment would have been even better… vulnerability, be you, let go.
Simon – agrees.  Get yourself mentally somewhere else. Still concentrating on trying to deliver the performance – let go. Pretend you’re seeing Randy in a bikini and get out of your head.
Dot – I agree with Kara about  vulnerability.

3. Tim Urban

Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah
(OMG Another guitar)
- Wow – this is much better this week!  DUDE!  Yeah!  Excellent song choice for your voice. I’m enjoying this.  Okay I really like it best so far for me tonight.  I don’t care what they say.
Randy – you walked in some big shoes and you did a pretty good job
Ellen – she left her spot and gave him a HUG! That has never been done before.
Kara – I thought you were gonna be going home a few weeks ago…not any more, that was an honest interpretation. You showed the honesty and beauty of this song
Simon- feels responsible for him doing well, because he gave you a confidence boost last week.  Very smart with that song this week.  It was a song that reacts. Not the best version I’ve ever heard, but for you the best you’ve done so far in the competition.
Dot – See – you’re not just a cute face! LOL!  I'm glad you came through this week. Smart move to do that song. It's stil in my head.

DOES EVERY FREAKIN’ GUY IN THE COMPETITION PLAY GUITAR? WHAT UP? Is this a guitar competition or a singing competition? LOL.  

4. Andy Garcia
"Genie in a Bottle" –Christina Aguliara
He just learned it this week! I hope he does fab.
Dot - Okay… I’m with you…yeah… I’m likin’ it.  This not the easiest song to sing.. and I LOVE YOUR FEELING – particularly at the end.  I thought it was cool... they might think it's borderline cheesy - but I think it worked.
Randy – likes your cardigan, “the dog’s look” LOL. It didn’t work for Randy – said it was pitchy all over the place.  He said the song had no range and was only 3 notes.  (Dumb comment Randy)
Ellen – thought it was a great song choice and that’s what you needed to do. Liked the ending too and thinks people would love that.
Kara – you’re in a hard position cuz you peaked so early… you were fighting with the rhythm of the guitar. I couldn’t hear you until the end. It just wasn’t great.
Simon – agrees with Kara again. It came over that you’ve been trying to work out what you should be doing… was a little bit desperate. Didn’t feel that you were comfortable. You’re going backwards at the moment.
Dot – DON’T LISTEN TO THEM.  You are just fine.  They’re just reading your energy…just do something similar next week: start out acoustic and then use the band. I hope you make it though. I really like the energy of your sound.  You have healing energy in your voice. 

5. Casey James
(Another Guitar again! It's feel very singer -songwriter-y tonight)
“You’ll think of me”  Keith Urban

Dot - Such a pretty tone, even though this isn’t my kind of music at all…people will love you.  And nice song arc… way to build it then bring it back down and tell a story. I kinda got a bit sleepy though.
Randy – liked it, but Randy said it was a safe choice. Go for more Stevie Ray kind of thing.  So safe and alright.
Ellen – thought it was great – and you’re more comfortable sitting down and it feels like your vibe to her. She really liked it.
Kara – "I’m kinda back on the Casey train.  It was more honest… still missing that spark and a move in the right direction."
Simon – said it was your second best – made you sound sincere.  We may not remember or rave about it in 24 hours… but you sounded great.
Dot – I actually agree with Simon for once. LOL.

6. Aaron Kelly

“I’m Already There"
Dot - Bummer that you sound a bit scared though… body is trying so hard to be confident, but do you see that sway in your hips – it is excess nervous energy.  In a year’s time, you will be REALLY AMAZING.  You’re already sweet. I’d look at doing voice over work hon.  You have a very commercial sound for film.
Randy – when you hit your power zone in the middle – this dude can sing ‘what” Job well done,.
Ellen – I love you, you’re 16, but I feel like you’re real. You stand like you’re 30 years old and more confident, but not the best song choice…
Kara – honey –that song is about a grown man with children calling home – how can you really be telling this story at age 16?
Simon – says that’s rubbish – was a beautiful song –a good song choice and if we keep telling what they can or can’t do, we’re going to confuse them.  But you didn’t do that great of a job singing it – it was okay.
Dot – I actually agree with Simon for the 2nd time in my life. LOL. You can sing any song if the subtext means something to you.  Kara is getting a bit too left-brained and technical tonight, but I think that might be your last performance sweetie.  Remember though, the show is just the beginning. 

7. Todrick Hall

“Somebody to Love” Queen
Dot - You got my attention at the beginning with your high notes.  Then the song was in a lower key than the original – right?  But I actually hope they keep you in the competition, just for the contrast, because you’re interesting and a true performer. You have that Adam Lambert Spark in you, but please don't try to be a Black version of Adam. Just be yourself. 
Randy – TODRICK IS BACK. Dude, what you did just there is you proved you could really sing. That was one of the best vocals I heard for the last couple of weeks.
Ellen – you are a brave brave young man. It almost sounded like a gospel song and worked like that. You did a good job.
Kara – it was really good singing. There were moments where I didn’t know whether to laugh or love it… like Godspell and Glee maybe, but the singing was good.
Simon – it was good in parts not the whole way thru – but you told us you’re a broadway singer.. more than a recording artist. Good song choice – it may have saved you.
Dot – Like I said above – I hope they keep you in, cuz we need some a that up in here. Too many guitars for me tonight.  Don't worry if they categorize you though  - it doesn't matter. they're just making good entertainment. But I still don’t think you know who you are. You’re still trying to impress instead of just being YOU.  Whoever that is, honey.  But I love that you sang Freddy and I thought it was pretty cool.

8.  Mike Lynch
This Woman’s Work
(Thank you for not playing guitar tonight!)
Dot - Be careful with the falsetto, but you pulled it off I believe.Interesting song choice.  I love how you throw yourself into the song though – without the guitar.  I felt it.
Randy – Wait a minute - hang on – “really really?” I gotta give it to you again Dog. Listen – it was dope it was unbelievable –I’m gonna call Maxwell – “you Mike that was hot! What?”
Ellen – one of my fav songs and OMG that was so beautiful. You are the one to beat now. The show just began.
Kara – (it made her cry) “It’s so relevant right now and I can feel it.  “I can relate to it so much and it brought me to tears.”  (She really listens to words a lot too. LOL) 
Simon – As Kara sobbs…. You 100% nailed it – the best performance we’ve had of all these shows we’ve had so far! DANG!
Dot – I liked it, but dang.  LOL.  You are a big man, with a big energy and a BIG SPIRIT and you know how to surrender to it. That’s what makes you very cool.  You told a story and stayed committed to it.

My Overall Comments – the boys kicked the girls butts tonight! Hahaha!  Dang. Who are they going to send home?  It’s hard to figure out this one.  Aaron Kelly is going home cuz he’s so young… and they may send home Todrick, but I hope not, cuz he’s interesting… Andy might be in trouble, but I hope not cuz I really really like him.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

1. Katie Stevens, 17
“Break Away” – Kelly Clarkson

The song suits your voice, but singing Kelly Clarkson is a gutsy move.
Randy – he didn’t like it – said it was pale in comparison
Ellen  - took a young song and that was important (they took their advice). She didn’t feel her connection to the song
Kara – says you have a great radio voice – you don’t know who you are yet as an artist.  You’re still stumbling and trying to figure that out.  Singing wasn’t perfect.
Simon – this was confusing to you.  You took advice
Dot – Keep singing. You are FABULOUS!

2. Siobhan  Magnus

“House of the Rising Sun” – Animals 1964
Acappella beginning.  Good job for not going off key!  LOL.
Nice building of song with instrumentation and interpretation.
Watch your mix vowels
Randy – he said it surprised us and likes your risks. “I don’t think you listen to us at all – keep doin’ that cuz it’s hot!”
Ellen – you are why I love music.  You’re spectacular
Kara – loved accappela at front. You are so unique and different.
Simon – wasn’t a fan – said it was all a bit weird.  You didn’t do anything with the song. He was under impressed. There were no moments in it. Boring, dark, ploddy
Dot – I predicted that you would be in the top 12.  I hope I am right.

3. Lacey Brown
“The Story”  Brandy Carlisle
vs 1 – good setting
vs 2 – same mood – slight lift – but she’s still committed.
Camera movement is a bit weird, but she pulled it off.
Simple, short, sweet and neat.
Randy – Your best performance for me in a long time. Like the false and head stylization
Ellen – agreed with Randy- great song choice.
Kara – performances like this are why you got here. Effortless singing. Voice straight, front and center. This is the kind of record you should be doing. Back on path.
Simon – didn’t love love  the songit.  But you sang it really well.  Liked the camera connection.  He still hasn’t heard the right song connection.
Dot – I thought it was a good solid performance.

4. Katelyn Epperly

“I feel the Earth Move”
Such a nice tone for this song
You’re standing and playing keys and syncing with the band along with keeping decent stage presence… that in itself is FAB… but.. I dunno what they’ll say.
Randy – didn’t feel the right vibe – felt like it was put on. Not special. Sleepy, boring
Ellen – not sure if it was the right song. Great voice, great look, adorable, not sure if people will vote for it.  Wasn’t enough
Kara – said “I didn’t feel like you were competing” Carol King is one of the most connected performers – you had more of that last week… felt like you were just playing.
Simon – I like your hair.  On the downside, it was like request night on a Friday night in a restaurant if you were working there.  You chose a simple song and didn’t look like you were doing anything special with it.  It may have been a mistake for you tonight.
Dot – this whole idea about not trying to make it look like you’re caring… doesn’t work, cuz we all know you do care. LOL. “Not trying to look corny” will always end up being corny.  “Don’t think about a banana!”  See what I mean?  Just be authentic and don’t worry about not trying to or trying to do anything. COMMIT TO YOUR MESSAGE and TAKE THE AUDIENCE ON A JOURNEY. It’s that simple. That’s why Lacey Brown did so well tonight.

5.  Didi Benami
Fleetwood Mac
I like your voice.  Harmonies were pretty but you got pitchy at the end of it – probably because your brain threw you off.
Randy – a lot better than last week –
Ellen – you were torn apart last week and way to bounce back. She liked what you did with it.  Everybody always has opinions
Kara – one of my favorite moments of the show so far this season.  Sometimes you can come along and surprise us by what you bring to the song and how much you make it yours.  Congrats. (Wow!)
Simon – agreed with Kara! WOW!  Well balanced performance.
Dot – don’t get too caught up in what they say – even when it feels good. Try to just be neutral

6. Paige Miles
interesting entrance
WHAT THE HECK DID YOU PICK THIS SONG FOR HONEY?  WHAT?  I hope you jazz it up in a minute! I’m sleepy…Oh no. This did not work honey.
Randy – “it just didn’t work man…. Went flat and didn’t work at all.”
Ellen – supposed to be uplifting but it was sad and heavy – we didn’t get to see your great personality. Not the right song. (yeah – I agree!)
Kara – they’ve said it – was all wrong. Tonight was not the night to do that?  She asks… you said
Simon – it was a horrible choice of song and was an awful arrangement.  You had so much potential, but you have no idea who you are or what kind of artist you should be. Bad decision.  This could be the end of the road.
Dot – the song overwhelmed you – to overcome this problem – get a subtext that works for you.

7.  Crystal Bowersox

Tracy Chapman
Embrace those low notes – watch the low end – but you ROCK honey.  I know they won't care. LOL.
HOORAY! I love you. Ur my fav chile..cuz you took us on a journey and stayed committed.
Randy – this is what the show is about for me.  Love the song, love the honesty
Ellen – best performance of the night
Kara – this is what we talk about when people know who they are. Everytime you step up there, ti’s easy for you cuz you know. That is a great song choice…record… that’s when I get really excited.
Simon – you are 1 billion percent in the top 12.  You have confidence now (you’ve always had confidence)

8.  Lilly Scott
“I fall to pieces”
What is that interesting thing you’re playing?  Oh – a mandalin It looks like a baby bass guitar. Awe. But it’s not. Nice tone, but you sound nervous tonight, you’re hiding it well though.  Don’t open your mouth so wide.  It’s unnecessary and may create vocal issues for you ahead.
Randy – good job – well done
Ellen – love your voice and originality & style. Love you
Kara – you made Patsy Kline feel current
Simon – thinks you’re brave choosing that song on a night like this.. no wow factor being last.  Could have been risky.
Dot – you’re fine. Totally in the top 12 already.  Ignore Simon.

Overall comments - I'm