American Idol - Season 9 Feb 23-25

Does Simon really have a crush on Ellen Degeneres?

LOL. They are all just silly.

1. Paige Miles, 24
“All Right Now”
Her voice sounds a bit raspy
She seems a bit nervous – not the best song choice.
Unique voice – I liked the connection at the end, but the mental clarity was just spacey.

Simon thinks she has the best voice out of all the girls and gave her a great plug. Talked about self belief and make better song choices.
Kara – disagrees – she thought it was a brilliant song cuz she chose a rock song.  Maybe could have done more with chorus.
Randy – agrees with both – Randy says it’s more of a group song in chorus – and blew it up.
Ellen – gives credit to go first. Says she was present and pulled off the song.
Dot – Well… I didn’t fall in love with you here, so I agree that it was a bad song choice, but they seem to like you. I say get more PRESENT with your song.

2.  Ashley Rodrigues

Liona Lewis “Happy”
What up with mic technique?
This was a B+ performance.

3.  Janell Wheeler

I loved her with the guitar
“What about Love”
I really like her voice a lot… again, BAD SONG CHOICE. Very nervous and not as grounded.
Randy – wasn’t thrilled
Ellen – Liked it
Simon – says 100% effort and gave it 65% - Simon said there were moments he did like it, but song choice is the key.
Kara D – says wrong song choice.
Dot – if you learn how to EMBODY the music and move it through your energy, you can make it bag.

They ask Randy how to pick the right song. LOL

4. Lilly Scott
Beetles – fixing a hole
Playing guitar – good choice to do this.
I like this arrangement as well.  I think she did well.
She was grounded and comfy in her instrument.
Ellen – loved it – said it was unique
Simon – said you sang the song cuz you liked it. Better choice. Wants to feel more star power, nerves
Kara – you’re believable – you come from your heart.  She thinks the busking pays off.
Randy – I like that you’re a real indie artist – he loves the honesty.
Dot – I love it too. You didn’t try so hard. You just stood there and sang and stayed connected. It’s that simple. You don’t have to make people love you. Just love your moment onstage and be surrendered to it.  Don’t listen to what Simon said about “star power.”  Just keep being who you are sweetie.

5. Kaitlyn Epperly
Plays piano and sings
“O Darlin’”
I like how she embraces her lower register and embodies it.  That’s how to do it.
Very cute dress.  I want that dress.
Voice sounds a bit raspy… and you’re not grounded, but you can learn this. OMG – get the CORE VOCAL POWER CD
Simon – even though there were parts you were screaming it, he still liked it. Said it was brave and you’re going to need work.  He likes you.
Kara – says she knows her voice well.. (yes) can tell she’s been singing a long time and switched up the song in a unique way.
Randy – said you pay attention to tone and melody and others are too concerned with runs. (too bad Randy has no idea what he’s talking about. LOL.)
Ellen – couldn’t tell if you were pushing too hard at first – alot of personality right away and it made her want to pay attention to her… interesting.. but maybe not so much at first.
Dot – uh… I already kind of forgot her performance.

6. Haley Vaughn, 16
I like her lisp.  It’s just cute. People with lisps are cute.
I wanna Hold Your Hand
Dot – Interesting arrangment. I like how you move the energy through your body when you sing. You are quite grounded for 16! DANG GIRL.  Nice high notes. – be careful. Pure and simple.  Good JOB!  You didn’t overdo it. Just cute.
Kara – technical issues, but you made up with it with presence, but work on technical
Randy – you’re unpredictable – he loves that.. but he also got on your case for the high note… Awe.
Ellen – told her she shines and has great presence. Ellen loved it.  Didn’t have a problem with it.
Simon – thought it was verging on terrible. You were like a wind up doll that never stopped smiling.  Wasn’t very good.
Dot – I think she’s fine.  Get over it.  Just do what Kara said and work harder –particularly on tone and delivery.
I would like to see this young lady evolve. I hope she makes it through!

 7. Lacey Brown
“Landslide” Fleetwood Mac
Boring. Sorry honey.  You have to commit to each moment of the song when you do a ballad.  Last note was the best note – the way you embodied it.
Randy – thought it was terrible… “pitchy all over the place”
Ellen – I think you’re better than that. I know you’re better than that.
Simon – thought it was depressing. And indulgent.. trying to work out who you are. 
Kara – you usually hit those notes with such ease. Tonight it felt more forced… She gave some good advice.
Ryan – asked why she chose the song – she said she loves it and it speaks to her as a person. Were you surprised by feedback?  Yes. She was surprised by Simon saying it was boring…OKAY, THIS IS WHERE I COME IN.  I also said above it was boring.
It’s not because it was a slow song, it was because you didn’t have the mental clarity to deliver it and stay PRESENT.   You didn’t EMBODY the song the way it deserves to be embodied. Wrong song choice sweetie – please learn to embody and commit to the message the whole time. This means you can’t zone out.

8. Michele Delamor, 24

Used to be corporate singer, amongst other stuff… very pretty gal.
“Fallen” Alicia Keys (OMG _ I LOVE YOUR BLOUSE! OH SO CUTE!)
Why this song honey?  I believe you will get in trouble for this.
Nice voice,  and command over it… but lacking originality.
Also – you’re not very present in it. Bummer… cuz I think you’re fab but… oh.
Ellen – says it was fantastic, but safe.  (Yeah, I agree). She says you have more in you.
Simon – says you’re a professional singer, but didn’t wow him.
Kara – commercial sounding – kara says get it technically immaculate, and more unique and believability needed (I agree)
Randy – same as Ellen, take some risks – jump out of comfort zone.
TRANSLATION FROM DOT:  Find your true voice, true style & embody it.

9. Didi Benami
Sang Kara’s song before.
“The Way I am” Ingrid Michaelson
I like that rug thing you’re wearing
I like how you embody your tone – you remind me of Meghan Joy Corkery fron a couple years ago. You will do well in this competition. Good song delivery. Fairly grounded… sounds just slightly sharp.  Be careful… that last note was a brain fart.
Simon – says you sound too much like the others.  Missing a spark, too dull
Kara – says song is good, and appreciated the changes you made to the song.. but pitchy
Randy – where is the star factor.  (No.  I disagree.)
Ellen – if it was a show and one song in the set – fine, but to show talent for first impression, low key, but you’re great.
Simon – says “prove – I’m different, unique and I’m a star “
Dot  - you have nothing to PROVE. Just tap in and be willing

10.  Siobhan  Magnus
"Wicked Game"
This mix is hard to hear the band… but the voice is on point.
Why such slow, gloomy songs from the women tonight?  Nonetheless, I like this peformance.  At least she was present and fairly grounded and committed. Kept it simple.
Kara – I kinda liked you on that song.   You’re quirky girl and gets a little nasal, but you’re in the moment and THERE. Yep.  I agree
Randy – tough song……wants bigger song
Ellen – totally loved it  A TON. The depth at the beginning.
Simon – we don’t know what you’re gonna do each song. Liked it, but didn’t love it.  Liked Stevie Wonder in Hollywood round better.  Asked why she chose song, she said, “beautiful, haunting song, and she also has a softer side too.”
Dot – I like how you replied without being defensive. You are in the top 12 I do believe.  I hope so.

 11.  Crystal Bowersox
“Hand in my Pocket”
Okay – nice work.  I like you so far…
Harmonica solo is a little long, but you were on point.
I kinda wish you would have went wild though. Was glad you did this song though.
Randy – loves originality
Ellen – yes
Simon – great but there are thousands of you doing this.. not original (I disagree cuz she does sound unique) Now he’s saying take a song and make it unique.
Kara – you were good tonight… build the performance – you have it in you.  Don’t be a coffee house performer, but fill it out.
Dot - Excellent advice from Kara. I agree. Also, I actually agree with Simon for once –about taking a song and making it your own. Even though that’s obvious.  David Bowie – you seem to like this suggestion…not sure about David, but definitely pick someone who you can take a unique spin on. Tone is there, quality, presence, and energy.  Now JUST HAVE FUN WITH WHAT YOU GOT and STAY IN YOURSELF!  You’re AMAZING. One of my favs. **

12. Katie Stevens, 17

“Feelin’ Good”
I like hearing a woman do this. You’re 17?  Dang girl!! 
Now grab that mic… good!  Okay… this is my  kind of music.
Nice commitment to the message. VERY PRESENT. I loved it.
Ellen – good and great – but at 17 – wants to see you be current
Simon – agrees with her.. but he took it to a whole new level. Said it was pagenty
Kara – says she couldn’t hear herself because it was pitchy.  (Well, it was a tad bit sharp)
Randy – mentioned it was sharp.  Said it was too old for her also.
She agrees with them…
Dot – I think she was FABULOUS. I was carried into her performance because she was PRESENT in it, so give her credit for being present!