American Idol - Season 9 Episode 5 & 6

American Idol
Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Dallas Texas

Judge:  Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser)

Julie Kevelighn
She has been on the show before and totally did not make it.
Blue sequence dress and fake eyelashes.  Uh…ok.
“Black Velvet”
Dot – well, it sounds like you made some progress from last time you auditioned.
You said, “I feel like I should pay more attention to my breathing.” NOPE.
Aside from singing outside of the melody, the quality of your TONE needs to be more solidified in the chest region.  You came off as “annoying” because your voice did not have a balanced tone (head, nasal, mouth and chest) and you were singing out of your left brain, trying to make them like you, instead of actually committing to the message of your song.

Lloyd Thomas, 29
Looks like you may be a Body singer with all that fancy footwork
Dockworker for airline
Very cute daughters honey.
“Overjoyed” Stevie Wonder
Dot - Nice voice Dude! And you’re not a “body singer.” Like I thought, which is a good thing. That means you did not let your body upstage you 
Simon LOVES YOU!  Wow – they all liked you!  Good job.

Kimberly Carver

Original song – but you’ve got a great voice sweetie.
Jazzy.. nice song too.
Randy liked it, and all the other judges did as well
Simon has an issue with her and says she’s uninteresting.

They’re trying to make it look like Neil and Simon are at odds.

Dexter Ward, 20

OMG – Dexter you are so cute! LOL!  I love you!  Your hair is fun.
I love the winks. Oh no he didn’t! Hahaha!
“If I ever Fall in love again”
I just can’t comment on this.  Get my CORE CD please honey.
Practice more and you still have more time.

Now it’s showing more tears of rejection.

Erica Rhodes, 23
Barney and friends chick
She shows up with a whip? Say what?
Then she sang “Barney Song” and that would have got her in.
“Free Your Mind” and uses the whip.
They are watching how you answer your question… Barney kids grow up… Janet Jackson is my role model.
They say Yes of course.  You have a great voice and a great look… and you made an impression.
Randy, says, “Barney Dominatrix” LOL!

Dave Pittman, 27

Has terets syndrome which affects nervous system
Doesn’t effect you when you’re singing…. This is because of what happens in the brain when you sing
“Bring it on Home with Me” Sam cooke
Dot - Sweet voice hon.  I know why you are able to sing and not experience terets Syndrome and you can also heal this as well.  Resonating and breathing would help tremendously.


DAY #2 in Dallas
Judge – JOE JONAS of the Jonas Brothers

Todrick Hall, 24

Nice original song – and very smart way to charm the judges and stay committed to your message!  SWEET VOICE BABY! And you are very cute. And you just did 2 back flips!! WOAH! What other songs do you have up your sleeve?


Dawntoya Thomason
Nice tone, pretty voice


Stephanie Daulong
Blonde –headband – nice tone…

Meagan Wright, 20
She has a little brother who is interestingly cute.
“To Make You feel my Love”
Way to establish a setting and mood with your lovely committed voice.
Cool.  Just don’t go overboard when you sing and you got it goin’ on honey.
Simon likes that you weren’t trying so hard with your outfit.

Vanessa Johnston, 21
Very optimistic and you have a great “personality” but… can you sing?
“At Last”
Notice how ungrounded the audition was.  You’re not in your voice.
Christian Spear, 16
Lukemia on 4th birthday.  Sheish.
8 year cancer survivor now. Wow. I bet you can sing!
“All I could do is Cry” Etta James
Dot – your voice needs works honey, but you are a sweet kid. They’ll let you in anyway.
Wow – your amazing energy and spirit carried you through, but work on strengthening your voice.

17 golden tickets today – 31 winners from Dallas.

Joe Jonas did not annoy me, but I still don’t like the idea of having these “guest” judges. 

Next week is Denver. Hmmm….

Wednesday, January 26th, 2010
Los Angeles Auditions

Avril Lavigne – Judge. Hmmm.... Kind of young to be a judge. What is this suggesting to our viewers?

Neil Goldstein, 19 years old
IQ of 168
Are you serious or acting?
"Rock and Roll dreams come through" – meatloaf
Forgot words – very nervous.
Dot – interesting vibrato and your tone isn’t bad... but  you are very nervous and the reason why you did not get in is because you need to have the entire package, and you can’t fake being confident. It was obvious that you are not truly confident - especially if you freeze up and forget the words.  That's not excusable.  Work on really discovering who you are - as a PERSON first, then a singer.  Not who you think you want to be, or who you are trying to be.

Jim Ranger
Pastor dude
Original Song - "Drive"
Married 7 years, 3 kids
I think they will like you cuz it’s a unique voice.  Hmmm...
Simon – authentic
Avril – says no
Kara – undecided
I think they will let him through…
Okay, yep. They did.  Good for you dude.  Just think about what kind of songs would make sense for you to sing

Jayson Wilson, 19
High larynx award. 
Why dude? Why? 

Jesse Chang, 23
You are adorable. Lovely karate chop.
Asian people (my people) rule... but work on your singing voice please.
(Body singer)

Martin Perez, 16
Forgot words. Tantrum. Wow. Not good to beat self up on stage in front of judges. Be kind to yourself. Get over it. Move on.

Damian Lefavor
Martial arts dude and describes himself as a pacifist
“trying to hit one note for years.”
You’ve lost that loving Feeling.”
Well, you started way too high and then you choked. That’s all I have to say about this.
You left very angry at yourself.  Truth - you need work hon. If you really want to sing.

Showing children in the audience.  LOL.  VERY CUTE.CHILDREN RULE! We all need to become more like them - FREE AND PRESENT!

Mary Powers
Mary’s Daughter is cute
Dot – nice quality of tone…do you smoke? I certainly hope not dear.  If you do and you don't want vocal nodules and to die young and kill your daughter, QUIT. Enough said.
The rasp is cool, but why is it there?  Yeah - I can't help being concerned... but maybe you just have food allergies?
Daughter got to meet Simon- thrills chills.

Adam Lambert wannabee’s. Hmmmm...

A.J. Mendoza, 20
Living Color
So, this audition was shown as a disaster, but probably left you confused because they didn't advise you and you can sing.
Dot – find your own voice.  We don’t want another Adam. Who are you as a singer?
Also - Bad song choice honey. I don’t like the fact that Avril Lavigne is laughing at you. That doesn't feel right to me. I don't really like anybody laughing at people on this show, but especially not Avril. 
You are only 20, so you still have plenty of time to find your true voice as a singer and be authentic in your own UNIQUE expression, not what you love about Adam.  You can take what you love about him, but find a way to align it with your own authentic expression and become YOUR OWN voice.  They laughed at you because you were not being yourself. That’s all. Your voice is not bad at all.  Just create the TRUTH OF IT within yourself.  And try not to do screechy stuff. 

(This whole show is actually bothering me at this point… not exactly sure why… but it just is.  It better get better after hte break)

Katy Perry = new judge. HOORAY!  Sorry Avril but I don’t like how you were laughing at people and not mature enough to provide any useful advice - at least from what they showed.  And why were you wearing a devil costume?  I don't get it.

Austin Fullmer, 19
Cheap trick – “Surrender”
Okay, you are dancing all over the place and become a “Body Singer”
You might want to read my e-book so you can know what that means and how to overcome it so you can do better next year.

TEARS of people being rejected – this really is lame. I don’t like this episode at all.

Andrew Garcia, 23
Parents were in gangs? Sheish.
Okay, I really hope you can sing honey, cuz if not, I’m going to be really upset with this show at this point.  So far tonight it’s been a bit of a joke and it’s not a funny one.
Okay, thank GOODNESS you have a lovely voice.
GORGEOUS! Soulful, free, open, pure, clear, NICE!
Kara says – you knew what to emphasize and what NOT to emphasize.  This is a GREAT TIP! Keep picking FABULOUS SONGS.

Tasha Layton, 26
Personal assistant/Minister
Baby Baby Baby , Josh Stone
Nice voice and I like how you got into it snapping
They liked you but it wasn’t a strong yes.  It was interesting.
You are adorable. 

Jason Greene, 21
Interesting sassy flirtatious Gay boy attitude. Quite entertaining with a real presence and energy about you.
You have an interesting tone, but uh… what?  Down on knees? 
No comment on this guy… but he sure has some interesting comments.. and he hit on Simon and Ryan.

Katy Perry and Kara hash it out. WHY?   Katy, I appreciated you more as a judge than Avril, but still, trying ot act "tough" for the sake of being "tough" or truly invested in empowering these people?  What up?  At least you're entertaining though. 

Chris Golightly, 25
Foster child of over 25 families.
You have Justin Guirreni hair. That is a very cute  and good thing.
This is a touching story.
“Stand By Me.”
Very nice voice, nice feeling, sincerity and you are grounded. Fab tone.
Randy says there’s something very interesting about you.
Kara’s favorite – we may look back at audition and go “wow”.. you will only get better.
Katie is being a bit of a brat. She said No.
Simon – gave you small “y”
Kara gives him a big Y, so does Randy.
Dot – Chris – I totally think you have talent.  I don’t know what Simon’s problem is.  Just work on your presence

OVERALL COMMENTS:  I hope tomorrow is better. If it's not, I may stop commenting until it gets down to the final 12, because I'm not liking where this show is going so far. I have turned a lot of people on to Idol for educational purposes, but if they keep showing the same kind of thing every week, then it's not going anywhere.