American Idol - Season 9 Episode 3 & 4

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010


Orlando Auditions

Theo Glinton, 22 - cosmetologist
Wants to run a corporate hair salon, be a fashion designer
Pet Benatar
Pushed his voice out
Kara says, “you feel better after that eh… you released alot… the tone of your voice is so over the top”
Kara was very nice to you and said, “you don’t need to wear all this.. you’re better than that you smell nice”  hard finding his way out.
Dot – I love your personality and you’re going to celebrate your birthday tomorrow.
You don’t have to push you voice that way.  

Simon got annoyed with how awesome Kara and Chrissy were. LOL.

Rude comments of Simon and lot’s of rejections.

Seth Rollins, 28 years old

Married with 2 kids – “Autistic” son and daughter. He is so dang cute.
I have a friend who works with autistic children and brings them out of it. Do you know about the Sonrise program?
The son wants to support Daddy. Awe
Someone to Watch over Me.
Dot – very nice tone. Grounded.  Pure, authentic delivery. Nothing fancy, but REAL AND RAW.  I like you honey.
Kristin – she likes you. Kara wants to keep hearing you.  Simon says – good, “I like the fact you know who you are” Randy says, - exert more energy and performance.
Dot – See, this is a great example of how simple an audition can be.
You just got up there and sang from your heart – and YOU WERE YOURSELF, and they liked you. GET IT PEOPLE?  This guy was HIMSELF!  THANK YOU SETH!
Why did I get teary-eyed when you ran into that room and everyone cheered.

Showing the audience and playing “When you Wish upon a Star” music.

People crying and breaking down with rejection… and acception.

Dot’s Question…. Is there really such a thing as rejection.

Jermaine Purifoy, 24
Season 7 – didn’t make it.
Tony Bennet
Dot – sweet voice.  Open, clear, free, supported.  Oh – I love how you eneded it!
Kristin – pure, no strain, she loves you!
Randhy – best he’s heard this whole season!
Kara – “of course you have agreat voice, but it’s HONEST and I believe everything you signg”
Simon – Good song choice

Shelby Dressel 18, waitress
You have a paralyzed right side of face, but you are GORGEOUS.  
Turn Me On By Nora Jones
Dot – good nice, supported tone.  Connected.  Intvested.  Forgot words right in the middle of the singing… THAT WAS A LEFT BRAIN FART.
They like you.
SIMON  -with a small “y”
Some people might wonder – why did they let you in if you forgot the words?  Because you did everything RIGHT up to that point.  
But hopefully you will take care of this little glitch.. it happens alot of time to people who have more of a balanced right/left brain awareness and then fear sneaks in there… creating a “glitch”

Jay Stone, 25
Come Together Beatles.
 Alot of beats at the beginning  Human beat box
Interesting..unique… but a bit over the top intro was too long
If you could actually tone it down a bit.. you actually could maybe get on the show… but I think they’ll say no.
Kara – that was pretty amazing though.
Kara says YES.
Okay – now you’re singing “Ain’t NO Sunshine..” – Okay – LET HIM IN NOW
I’d say Yes for SURE.
They better let him in. Suspense!
Oh – I’m so glad they let you in.  You are a cool guy.  And your voice is good.  Stay

Janell Wheeler, 24 – sales rep
House of the Rising Sun
Pretty tone.  

Brittany Starr James,23
Cute honey girl
Nice voice – work on building voice from inside more

Kasi Bedford, 19

Very cute – a bit raspy – don’t over-sing in the future.  Take it easy.  You have an adorable voice.

Cornelius Edwards, 24
“Rollin’ on the River” Tina turner
Did the splits I the middle of the song and ripped your pants WIDE OPEN! LOL!
Dot You have a very nice voice and great look… sweet and FLEXIBLE.
Don’t get caught up being a ‘BODY SINGER’ though.
Your voice and the energy of your soul connected to your body is more important than your fancy moves. You would have gotten in, regardless of whether you did the splits or not… but they will remember you! LOL

Bernadette Desimone
2 cute Sisters from Cherry Hill New Jersey who work in a salon.
They are adorable.
Dot - Soulful, charming, good presence
“Hit the Road Jack”

Amanda Desimone, 23

(bad song choice)
“I wanna Dance with Somebody”
Very nice tone – stronger than sister.. but got a bit sharp.
I think you are both equally talented but they will split you up for the sake of TV drama I bet.. but I hope they let you both in.  OMG.
Randy says YES
Kara says YES
Simon – sister in blue yes – yellow no, but both to Hollywood.
Well – I was wrong. They let you both in.  I’m glad cuz it would have been cruel to spit you… but that may be coming… hmmm…

You are speaking and you sound like you have an “interesting” voice.  Uh… do you smoke honey?
Jarrod Norrell
“Amazing Grace” he says, “give it up to God”
Dot – wow – too much nasal tone and grindy with a borderline high larynx.
Kara – good Lord, what was that? Honey – it sounded like a lawn mower.
Dot – Okay, so just work on your tone.  Move the sound back further in your mouth hon.

Woah.. they had security take him out and put handcuffs on him. Was that a bit extreme?
I mean, he was a skinny little dude.  Come on now.
So.. as I was saying… work on your tone and energy for that matter… you obviously had quite a bit of it. It’s not always easy when people seem to “reject” your voice.

Matthew Lawrence 25
Robbed a bank with a bb gun at age 15.
Spent 4 years behind bars.
Wants to make family proud now.
Well, you speak like you might have a nice baritone voice.
“Trouble” by Ray Lamontayne
Dot – nice voice and you’re connected to it hon!  We can feel you.  Nice job.  
Simon says – Brilliant! You can really really sing. It almost feels like you could have written that song. That’s how believable it was. It felt authentic.
Kara – agrees completely with Simon.. “you hit those high notes and I didn’t feel like I was gonna fly through the window… he’s the real deal.”
Randy – Your so genuine dude .. that’s what it’s about and you got vocals! Kara predicts that you will go top 12.
Dot - GOOD FOR YOU.  Keep picking songs that you can connect to.
So  - what is is your secret – IT’S CALLED SUBTEXT!  Yes!  You did connect authentically to the song.  If Simon says “brilliant”, you’ve got to take a look

31 people made it through.


American Idol Season 9
Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Talking about the home of the president. Obama
Shania Twain is the guest judge


Most Entertaining
AMY LANG's "Boob flexes" - WOW! That in itself should have got you Hollywood honey!

Most Dramatic Story
Angela Martin auditioned 3 times and got in but never competed!
Good for you

Vocal ALERT!

Brian Krause vs Curly Newborn... it's close, but Brian wins.

Most Soulful
I can't give John two awards, so I have to give this to Katelyn Epperly. 


John Park – Asian hottie! I had a Shania reaction too. LOL.
You are GORGEOUS!!!! Oh, and your voice is FABULOUS!


Katelyn Epperly, 19
Adorable blonde girl who’s parent’s are divorced
"Syrup and Honey" by Duffy
Very nice tone, good focus.. open mouth too wide.. but you sound FABULOUS
Nice sylization
Cute pink dress
Kara says to do something more perky and energetic. Shania says you have a voice that could sing a hit song! They all said yes! Hooray!  This is a great rating and great advice!
Dot - Work on your unique image (what makes you "different" and connection to your song. Watch the Whitney jaw, but very sweet voice honey!

Amy Lang
26 Year old
A lot of personality
Likes Ryan Seacrest… omg
Dr. Feelgood by Aretha
She pretended to pass out then she got up…
A little dramatic -for Idol
“boob” thing – hahaha. I cannot do this.
"Boob boxing."  (I am jealous. I cannot do this.)
OMG –let her in. She was hilarious!  She did stand out.
Dot – just tone it down sweetie and go back next year.  You certainly did stand out.
At least you got your moment in the sun! =)

Charity Vance

16 years old.
Works out of her parent’s hair salon
OMG –they watched Idol since she was 8
Dot – there is a charm in your voice, but you’ve got some strenghtening work to do. Eyes closed most of the time.  Open them up sweetie. You are beautiful!
Randy – small voice but interesting sound
Shania twain – a lot of personal style
Simon – said you sounded great!
OMG –they all said YES!  Rock on.
Dot’s advice – ground yourself more and be more open to the audience when you sing.

Quick clips
Black guy in black t shirt
Guay guy in short
Blue hair accordian lady
Circus act
Cute black guy – hero
Musical theatre
Asian boy – “I’m a high pitched singer.”
Showing alot of “bad people”
Opera lady in yellow dress.
Judges break

Angela Martin 28
Season 7  - dad got killed!
Season 8 traffic violation – after getting to top 50
This is dedication
“Just Fine by Mary J
Dot - Soul flowing through her voice – very nice. YES!
Shania -“Right attitude and it shows in your voice”
Kara – you actually listen to the criticism and you take it in, show up and you’re better..
Randy – hot vocals – good audition.
4 yesses.
Dot –very nice soulful voice. Good energy. I see you are comitted to the message. Yeah.

Bald black guy

All happiness – going to hollywood
Kris Allen look alike
Blonde dude
Black guy with green hat


Day #2
12,000 people auditioning!

Curly Newbern, 26
Maxwell – A Woman’s worth
Never begin a song with falsetto.
Curly, this Is not your real voice.
Why would you sing like that?
They laughed at him and he left humiliated

Alannah Halbert
“And I will Always Love You”
Dot - you hit all the right notes - pretty voice, but it showed up as weak because you weren't using enough chord.  Have you had classical training?  You almost sounded like you were singing an operatic version of the song and with pop music, that's just comes off as disconnected.

But they gave you a second chance and tried to give you the  the right note to start on!
You were not tuned into them and didn't get it. Wow.
Since you indicated you didn't know what you did wrong here it goes:  You need to strengthen your upper register with vocal exercises, and in the meantime, choose songs that sound more like they're in the key that you speak in. It's not natural for a girl or boy to sing too high with disconnected chords.

Brian Krause, 27 – sub teacher
Tommy Tone
Wow –this guy can really open his mouth large
Tip toe to the window.
Totally falsetto - OMG -NOT AGAIN!  See notes above.. but you took it to a whole new level.
They said it was weird. Why would you choose this song?  Do you watch Idol? You sounded just like the guy.. but why would you want to for this show?  LOL. 

Harold Davis, 26
You believe you are a champion... and eager to do well.
Usher “Nice and Slow”
Oh oh ....just too much energy. That's all.
Dot – voice is a little out of control and a little too animated
Facial expressions were too much
Excuse – “I got allergies”
Dot - OMG – he’s crying on TV Work on it and come back next year more chill.


Chantelle Graczknowski, 23
Oh... keep singing.  Work a bit harder sweetie.

They’re showing a lot people – that seem to be a joke
Some are screaming with wide mouths
Don't scream with wide mouths. 

John Park, 20
Studied voice in Hollywood.

yummiest of the evening!
Adorable. Picked a song in his range. Connected to feeling of song
YUM. Nice connection to the audience. Moved energy through your soul. Nice lower register!
Shania “beautiful bottom end” – means nice lower register. OMG - I just typed something similar. Hahah.
Kara – loved you too.
Dot – you are GORGEOUS! Lovely tone, nice presence, quite grounded and you do have nice lips. I'm having a Shania reaction. 


Footage in holding room

Paige Dechausse, 21
Asthma as a kid
Sam Cooke “A change is gonna Come”
Nice control, grounded, not the best song choice
Dot - Make less faces and connect to audience more – but you get in I bet
Simon – says, "it's all about you."
Randy – ?
Simon – no
Shania – yes, Kara – yes,
Put more personality into your vocal. They say you have potential
Humble, head on straight. Attractive, She wants to do it.
Dot - I agree with them, but if you have asthma - do my breathing exercises. Slow down and feel your heartbeat.  Believe in yourself and find your vocal uniqueness.

Justin Ray, 20
I like your hair
Big voice Big hair big voice
Actually, I really like the tone of it. Just remember levels.
Know that you don’t always have to sing loud
You can do a lot with your voice
4 yesses Good for you
You are cute. Awe.

Keith Semple
Holding a guitar
Scrachy voice, but something charming about you
Simon – no –the rest say YES
Dot - Work on your presence without the guitar and get more of a unique edge.

Marcus Jones, 18
You are cute! YUM. Almost as cute as John.
Nice voice!  Pretty tone
Dot - Don’t close your eyes too much and connect more with audience… but your soul carries through
4 yesses