Why All Actors Benefit From Singing


The reason why SINGING for ACTORS is such an important tool, is because it teaches them how to connect to the part of their brain that must be OPEN and VULNERABLE in order for believability.

Many actors tell me, “Acting is much easier than singing because I can hide behind my character. When I sing, I don’t feel like I can hide behind anything!”

My reply:
“If your acting is truly authentic, then you are identifying with a part of yourself that is being expressed in that present moment of vulnerability. (Improv actors can relate to this as well). Effective actors create a space from within to let their character evolve and grow from within.  It is that same creative space, that is tapped into as a singer.  It is by surrendering to that vulnerability in the present moment that you gain your most empowered expression.”

Most people think to be a great singer, you have to figure out your physiology and hit every note with perfect resonance and beauty. That you have a responsibility to create something “oh so impressive, that everyone will love.”  Yet, we all know that it is when we are singing in the car, or the shower, or just jamming on the piano or guitar when we have our most brilliant moments of creative expression.  When we just literally tap in to our ability to be present, because we don’t care how it sounds. We’re not monitoring it or trying to be great.  We just ARE. 

Wouldn’t it be great if we could consistently create that same powerful, free, brilliant  expression in front of others?

Isn’t it really, the degree in which you allow yourself to enjoy your expression and remain present in front of others?

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