What is a "Real Singer" - Part 2


It’s interesting to take an honest look at what our blocks are, whether we think we can sing or we can’t.  I used to think I had a three octave range from low C below middle C to 2 octaves above middle C.  Then I started teaching more male voices and before I knew it I was hitting G below middle C and going up to G two and a half octaves above middle C! That’s FOUR octaves!  I did it without ever really “trying” to do it, because I ALLOWED myself to expand and became open to the possibility. Of course it helps to do the right vocal exercises and get the right muscle memory. It takes work, but I had been doing vocal drills for years.  I just didn’t know my voice could expand. What I have found as a result, is that the more we allow ourselves to EMBODY the feeling and energy of being a “Singer,” (or anything for that matter!) the more we realize we were one all along and the faster we release our blocks.



Try asking yourself, “What if I really was a great singer, and I actually could hit the notes I wanted with the feeling and magnetism that really touched others?” Or at least, “What if I could sing powerfully with freedom?” Every time your mind says, “I’m not a singer.” (Which, by the way is a disempowering belief, if you haven’t caught on yet) you can come back and ask the right question, “what if I am a singer?”  Then ask, “What does it feel like to be a singer” and let your imagination work for you, in a way that will help you build your voice.  You’ve got to start somewhere.   Thoughts are always the key.  Train your mind to be aligned with the feelings that work for you, and experience the results.

I think we’re at a time right now, where the economy is forcing us to become more honest with ourselves about what is true, reasonable and honorable.  It’s making us look at what we really love to do and discover how the law of abundance in the universe really works.  How, when we realize what we have and feel gratitude, we get more of it.  More people are shifting into personal awareness and it’s actually exciting to be a part of that shift. I know I certainly don’t have it all figured out yet, but that’s what continues to make it all the more interesting.  One thing I do know for sure, is that by allowing ourselves to be who we are now, in the present moment, and embodying the feeling of what we want, and imagining we already have it, we create a way for it to unfold without fear, like we did when we were children. We remove our old blocks and create new pathways of light.  We can only receive what we truly believe.  The next time you go to an audition, performance, or interview, I challenge you to remember; you are that amazing role, and must claim it for yourself if you expect anybody else to believe you.  Once you embody it in awareness, love and surrender in that moment– watch what happens!