Episode 38 - FINALS - May 19th, 2009 (Season 8)

American Idol Finals

May 20th - SEASON 8 FINALE

They all sing Pink's "So What"

David Cooke sings. Awe. 

Nick Mitchell wins the outstanding male award. Of course he does! 

Hah. I love this horrible child. He is wonderful.

NICK MITCHELL! YOU DA MAN!  That last note made us all want to cry.  


Lil Rounds and Queen Latifah sing 

"Cue the Rain," - HOW COOL IS THAT!  YOU GO LIL!  I'm so happy they teamed her up with my serious DIVA SISTA! Hooray! I'm so proud of my girl!  See - now she's a DIVA!  They are DARLING! 

Anoop Desai and Alexis Grace open up, joined by Jasan Maraz "I'm Yours"  

Very cool fun arrangement as the whole group joins.   

Kris Allen's history.  See Kris - even though Simon was put off by your "humility" it paid off, didn't it?  LOL! That's why we all have to learn not to really take Simon too seriously.  

Kris Allen and Keith Urban sing "Kiss A Girl"

Can you imagine how surreal this is for Kris?  Just less than a year ago no one even knew his name!  Now he's playing next to a huge artist!  And the journey has only begun for him.

Ladies sing "Glamorous"


FERGIE sings. 

Black-Eyed-Peas. Cool zebra outfits!!


Best Attitude

Bikini Girl 

Alexis Cohen - she flips them off. Same girl as last time.

Tiffany Shed - I don't remember her.  Is she in my notes?  Oh yeah - that horrid blonde dear. Hahaha. 

We knew they'd bring back bikini girl.  So Hollywood.

After Ryan kissed her, he said, "I was gonna ask you, 'What's new, but I think I know.'"

She's getting boo's and cheers.

They let her sing the same song she auditioned with and then Kara came out and surprised her, who I didn't even recognize cuz she had her hair pulled back (weird choice) and she sang WAAAAY BETTER! And even flashed her body with a bikini afterwards. OMG. LOL. Bikini girl was still trying to keep up instead of just giving it to Kara. LOL. 

Allison Iraheta and Cyndi Lauper are singing "Time After Time"


Danny Gokey sings Lionel Ritchie "Hello"


NO WAY, They have Lionel Ritchie on there! 

Lionel is going to sing "All Night Long." How wonderful is that!  Even though they didn't give them any blocking again, so poor Danny had to look awkward, what a GREAT DUO!  I love how this show brings generations together and brings back the wonderful stars of yesterday that affected my childhood.  Watching this show feels like a full-circle for me. It's very cool.  

Adam Lambert's life.

Adam Lambert sings - lovely

Now it's KISS! NO WAY!

What fun-fun-fun!  Now his outfit makes sense too!

These guys are still alive?  Haha.  Wow! Hot-hot-hot! Gene Simmons? Really?  LOL. 

AMAZING! I love how they split the screen with Adam's face in the middle, like on their album cover.  I bet this is surreal for him!  Cool-cool-cool!

Wow - this show is SOOO HOT! 

Carlos Santana

Then they gave Matt Giraud a solo.

Adam, Jorge, Kris, Danny, then from that point - too low of a key... downhill. Oh well.  If they had done it 2 full tones higher - better.  But this way it was more jazzy.  Just lost some of the quality - when it's live like that and you do a group singing that low - can be "risky."

Ford - they got 2 new cars. 

Steve Martin performs with Michael Sarver, Meghan -  Joy!  What?

Well, I'm madly in love with Steve Martin, so that's a wonderful thing. What is he playing? 

I want him to sing.  Meghan forgot her words.  Oh - they sang a song "Pretty Flowers" that he wrote.  AWE. How cute. 

Men sing: "If You Want My Body and You Think I'm Sexy"

Hah. They're all tenors.  What a strange selection.  All wearing black tuxes!  But now Rod Stewart is coming out!  It all makes sense again!

Rod looks pretty good.  Even though you have vocal nodules (like 80% of famous singers) I think you're hot and glad you made good use of your nodules! Hahah!

Love this man.  He's just sexy.  Still has got it.  At least for all the 80's kids like me who know who he is. Tee-hee! Wow - he made a face while he was singing that looked like he flubbed! Really? Nawe. Not my Rod. Awe. So sweet.  


We know they're going to bring back our lovely Tatiana Del Toro, cuz she was TRIP!

Chelsea Barcourt

Irene Anguelova

Another girl who I'm not even going to write.

Tatiana Del Toro

She totally wins it, and of course they staged her busting out and going on stage and grabbing her award and singing!  Very cute. The audience looked concerned, but it was just a cute way of showing her persistent personality. The whole show is totally choreographed. For concerned viewers - in real life, they would not have let her do that. LOL!

Adam and Kris sing "We are the Champions"

WOW. QUEEN guitarist, Brian May joins them on stage and the entire group. 


KRIS WINS.  Should I say, "I told you"! LOL.  Adam will be HUGE THOUGH.  

May 19th, 2009

Adam Lambert was a screamy baby and is now singing "Mad World again" 

I don't really think walking down the stairs suited the opening, but he's still 100% committed to every moment.  Loving this interpretation.  

Gorgeous filps from chest to head working perfectly with subtext.

Absolutely lovely. Flawless

Randy - i like that you're showing your sensitive time.  Gives him an A+ "A for Adam"

Kara - Happy she chose that song.  Extraordinary singer and made others step up to the game. Oh yeah he did

Paula  - she's unbelievably proud of him.  Basque in it, this is your moment.  Today was more a theatrical taste of the song, compared to the other introverted version.

Simon - said it was "overtheatrical" Reminded him of Phantom of the Opera.  Dry ice and long coat.  Wow - I LOVE HIS COAT! That's EMO HOT!


Kris Allen

Family would pay him 25 cents to sing when he was a kid.   

"Ain't No Sunshine"

Nice feeling and tone.   Your eyes are shut... thinkin' about her eh?  But I want you to connect to audience more.  I think it's a smart choice to play the piano, but still could have related to audience more. Last note - nope.  I would have made it in chest voice and not head.

Randy - He can tell what kind of artist you are and what kind of record you'll make. Says it was one of your best perfromances on stage.

Kara - you have a way of creating an intimate bond with everybody in the audience! Haha  That's not what I said. I wanted more. 

Pauls - you've awakened the spirit in all of us...  with your unique  way of "Allenizing" your way through songs. 

Simon Cowell - wasn't sure about last week, but takes it back after that performance.

Simon said Kris winds round 1. NOPE. I disagree. Adam already.  But I do love the song Mad World so I guess I'm biased. 


Adam Lambert

"Change is Gonna Come"

Lovely opening.  This is not feeling as solid for me initially vocally, but he's getting into it.  Got that signature scream in there. Oh - he got just a tad over the edge on the scream.   Great solid ending. 

Wasn't my favorite Adam song, but it's more about the opinion

Randy - You can sing your face off and that was unbelievable.

Kara - that may have been your best interpretation since the beginning.  Combination of high parts.

Paula - best he's ever sang ever. And you look like a superstar.  


Simon Fuller's Choice - "What's Goin' On"

A capella - guitar version. 

Love that groove. Just watch that jaw sweetie.  opens to the bottom right with a bit of tension that doesn't need to be there.  I LOVE HOW THIS MAN MOVES ENERGY THROUGH HIS CHAKRAS! SWEET!

Randy - a little light for the big room and the competition

Kara - been true to himself from day #1. Delivered the message, made them think, feel and change.

Paula - you tore that song up and made Marvin Gaye proud

Simon - it was like 3 friends in their bedroom strumming along to Marvin Gaye. Didn't make it your version and too laid back for a night like this.

Round #2 - Adam - says Simon.

"No Boundaries " - Co written by Kara K

Adam Lambert

Heartfelt, and mostly powerhoused through middle and chest range. 

Randy - the crowd won't stop cheering!  Not one of my favs.

Kara - she's moved and proud and thank you for giving me that moment

Paula - adjectives can't express what you've brought to this show, season 8.  I will be a fan forever, front in line.

Simon - The mountains....(Simon didn't like the song.  Dissed Kara!) Believes Adam is a world-wide star. 

So, Kris is going to sing the song after the break. My guess is, he'll actually do a better job.  I just have a feeling.... We'll see.

Kris sings... No Boundaries.

Since we've already heard the song, Kris is at an advantage.  He will win.

Randy - song fits voice better on him then Adam.

Kara - thought song was in too high of a key. I didn't!

Paula - one of the most compelling finale's

Simon - highlight was the first song for Simon. Watching him was incredible and he deserves to be standing on the stage tonight.  

They're gonna let Kris win... they are both adorable.

That's all I have to say.

Carrie Underwood sings.

The collage. Hey - they're my left-brained gal.! I remember her!, crying dude, bunny, bikini girl, norman, oh yeah... Nathaniel... How he doing?  There's Anoop...