Episode 34 & 35- May 5th & 6th

Episode 35

May 6th, 2009

The kids sang with Slash - cute.

Paula is dancing now and lip synching to her song. Quite an elaborate number. Wow. Pretty wild light explosion on stage with lots of male dancers worshipping her. She's got the moves. I think she's darling.   

No Doubt "I'm just a Girl"

Wow. I love Gwen cuz she's in her energy and knows how to own it. 

Now, she is really singing. You can always tell by tuning into their breathing and phrasing.   Interesting outfit.  See how she's just owning her energy though?  And she's all over the place.  Now doing push ups! Hah!  I love it!  Wow - she's taking so many risks ! Pushing through the audience!  That's WILD!  You'd swear she's gonna fall on her face, but nope.  What a show these guys are putting on!  Haha! Even the guitar player has got moves.  ROCK ON GWEN!  LOVE THAT INNER DIVA-LISCOIUSNESS!  She's in AMAZING SHAPE. Glad No Doubt is back together. 

Okay, they're showing past season kids going home.  So we'll see who's in the top 3. 

 Kris is shocked that he gets to make it to the top 3.


"No Surprise" thats pleasant.  He's just playing his guitar and singing a nice little song, not trying to prove anything, which I like.  Cool.  I like his attitude.  He's open, free, and committed to his music.  Cool.  He's a little shouty, but you know, it's all good. 

Wow - over 5 million copies world wide.  So, as we see, all of them have a chance to be successful, regardless of whether they win or not.

Okay - Adam is safe. 

Allison better be safe too! Sheish!


So, the top 3 are:

Danny Gokey

Adam Lambert

Kris Allen

THAT'S DUMB, but they are all so talented. Nothing against Danny, but Allison is just darling. She did very well.  You can tell she's a total sweetheart, too.  I'm sooo buying her album when it comes out!  She will continue to grow as an artist and most certainly is one to keep an eye on. 

Allison sings "Cry Baby" one last time and reaches out to the audience and hugs Paula.  


Episode 34 

May 5th, 2009 

There were some accidents on set, so the contestants didn't get to run through their dress rehearsal.

We get to hear duets tonight? 

Okay - they have Slash on there?

Uh..... I'm interested to see what he knows about singing. Okay. Hmmm... 


Adam Lambert

Led Zepplin.

 "A Whole Lot of Love"

Why this song?  You sound amazing.  Maybe I'm supposed to know this song, but I don't.  Oh well.  It sounded pretty.

Randy:  You're a rock star tonight!  You are a rockstar waiting to happen. 

Kara: You're more than a rockstar, you're a rock God.  (She is going nuts.)

Paula:  I say you're a whole lot of perfect.

Simon: One of his favorite performances you've ever done.  Nobody can top that now.

My Advice. Well, what do I know. I guess I'm not a rocker. LOL.  Like I say, you sounded lovely, but I would have rather heard a song I'm more familiar with.  


Allison Iraheta

Janis Joplin's "Cry Baby" 

Fun hair Allison.  You are so darling.

Slash says  she's a natural and to belt it out.  Get past the fear part and bring it full on when she comes out.  Nice Slash - you don't have to tell people she's afraid.  How is that helpful for her?

My Comments: Great smile, great energy. I'm loving it. Just watch the tight jaw sweetie. Okay, I felt like you zoned out a little bit while you were singing the second part, but still fabulous. Keep learning how to connect to the meaning. Last phrase sweet.

Randy: Didn't love the song choice. It wasn't that great for him cuz the melody was repetitive.

Kara: Janis is the right choice, but "Peace of My Heart" would have been better.  You transform when you go on that stage and you become bigger than life.

Paula: I think you're downright fearless and if they ever do a bio on Janis Joplin you got the role.

Simon: I thought you had complete confidence out there... but it wasn't original.  A confident sound alike.  He would have chosen a Queen song!  What?  Simon? 

That's right Allison, YOU TELL SIMON! Sounds like a bit of a brawl  I love you.  And yeah, talk to that man already - just know that it might not get you far. LOL!  Ryan Seacrest Jokes "Put the lighter away." to Simon. Hmmm....

Okay - I have to finish watching this later, but YOU HAD BETTER MAKE IT TO THE FINALS.  


DUET  with "Renegade" by Styx

Chris & Danny.

Danny you're a bit pitchy at first. Oops.  Makin' up for it though... it feels a bit raw.  BLOCKING? This is a weird duet.  I like the acappella harmony part in the middle.  Lyrical messup. WOW.  Okay, that was a bit of a mess boys. Ooops. 

Randy - Liked the harmonies and said you complemented each other... 

Kara - Wasn't sure you could hear yourselves.  Together - united and strong.

Paula - Great to introduce the season with you doing duets. Powerful and compelling.

Simon - Simon said Danny was better than Chris.  

My Advice:  Uh.... I hope your solos are better boys.  Eeek. 


Kris Allen

"Come Together" (Beatles)

My Comments "Interesting."  I'm actually liking this version of the song.  The way Kris chooses his song delivery, though it's not as HUGE as someone like Adam (almost Adam's opposite), it just works.

Randy: Liked the vocals but not blown away.  Liked what he was playing the guitar!

Kara: You're the softer side of rock... but it wasn't a great performance for her.  Trying too hard and not the best song. More than what he delivered.

Paula: Your artistic delivery is what makes it.  Your signature is all over it - your imprint made it truly compelling. You are a deserving artist on that stage. You need to have a little more energy.

Simon: Didn't like it that much. Said it was like eating ice for lunch. Nothing to remember afterwards. Boring, safe and like a bit of a jam. And knew nothing could top Adam.

My Advice.  I agree with Paula.  You have something.  Just keep doing what you're doing.  To explain "more energy on stage"

Danny Gokey

"Dream On" Aerosmith - Slash said it depends on if he can get that scream at the end. (Yeah, like did you know how to help him with it?)

My comments:  Hmmm...tone is not so hot to start with... but building nicely. Chorus is working on your voice nicely.  Interesting choice of clothes. I actually think it's cool.  Okay, that last scream was part falsetto and the chords didn't thin out enough!  HAHAHA!  OMG.  Come in here and I'll show you how to sing that.  Sweetie.  Didn't work.

Randy - Gave an A plus for valiant effort.

Kara - You took it a little too far... should have done more early Aeorosmith.  At least you took chances and she saw growth and risks.

Paula - Didn't think it was the right song for him, but she's a huge fan anyway. 

Simon:  Agrees with everybody but the last note was like watching a horror movie.  Ripped on the scream and said it was over the top.  Adam could do it but you didn't.

My Advice:  At least you want to go back and listen to it.   You need to do some drills to strengthen the gap between your chest and head voice.


Allison and Adam Duet

"Slow Ride"

AMAZING VOICES TOGETHER!  Amazing blend with these two! And Adam is showing off that DIVA with a DIVA and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!  What a delightful blend of voices.  Uh - please do an album together already.  

Randy - You guys are two seasoned rock stars in the house. That was the bomb baby, you should do a single together. Ok - that's what i said.

Kara - This is when a duet is right.

Paula - Two of you are a perfect blend and perfect marriage.  You're totally in sync with each other.

Simon Cowell - (The audience is going nuts)  In the battle of the duets, you win the show tonight.

My Advice: Allison, way to hold the stage with a man who has as much Diva energy as you!  Was that like, FUN OR WHAT?  Please come in for a lesson so I can show you a few "deeper" things.  You are soooo close to being 100% there.  By the time you're my age. Woah.  Even a year from now. Woah.  Get over here already.