How Artists Step Up Their Game
We said goodbye to Matt G this week, who was just beginning to tap into this.

The great lesson of this week had to do with everything we have been talking about since day one of my Idol Vlogs and Blogs! Poor Randy just calls it "singing," but at the end of the day, he too is looking for the whole authentic picture. This week, in my humble opinion, American Idol had the BEST MENTOR of the season—because Jamie Foxx challenged every singer to find a connection to the words, because obviously they can all "sing."

In addition, all five performers already have the first TWO of my Artist Awareness Components figured out. They all know their best vocal QUALITIES (for the most part) and they all know how to EMBODY what they have to offer in the right song choice. So the last component I've been mentioning all along, is SUBTEXT: commit to what the song means to you, and tell a story. Remember, the audience cares about how you make them feel when you sing!

Did you notice how Jamie Foxx focused on SUBTEXT the entire evening with every singer, and did you see how much each singer grew in their performance from last week?

Actors know about subtext, because they have to bring so much more to their words than just the word written in the script, and they have to do this from a real place. They learn to tap into the ENERGY of the meaning of that word. Jamie Foxx is not only an extraordinary actor, but an award winning singer. Now, does it make even more sense as to why? He knows the secret behind how to Connect Authentically to a song!

Again, it's called SUBTEXT and inorder to do it at the deepest, most powerful level you have to know whoyou are first. The deeper your connection to yourself and yourfeelings, the more powerful you can convey what you are feeling toothers. 

Jamie Foxx challenged each singer to get in touch with what they were feeling.

With Allison, he told her to think of her family while singing "Someone to Watch Over Me."

Kris, was already present during his performance with Jamie, and Jamie told him so.

He told Matt  "'My Funny Valentine' is a big song, so have a thought for each part."  That was great advice!

With Danny, Jamie got right in his face and showed him his walls and made him deal with them to bring out his vulnerability. And the key to EMPOWERMENT is VULNERABILITY.  He described Danny as channeling and embodying what he felt! Hey—has he been on my site cuz those are totally Dot words already!

With Adam, they were both on the same page, and he tapped in and knew Adam was committed all the way through. That's it.

So from here on out, the competition gets more interesting now, because we're dealing more with how well each artist is committed to the message of the song they choose, than anything (assuming that they have figured out how to choose the right song!)

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