Episode 26 & 27- April 7th & 8th

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Awe, Simon is old! Hahahha! Nice to see Frankie up there.  I remember that old song. Hahaha.

Nice Ford video

Anoop, Adam and Kris

Anoop is in the bottom 3.  

I hope the kids know that this singer is doing a version of Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Right Round Like a Record." I like the Patwah sounding lyrics, but... I do prefer the original.

Okay, they've added Lil Rounds and Scott to the bottom. I say they will probably send Scott home.... and I love him to pieces. I'm actually impressed the most with his choreography in the group numbers!  AMAZING!

Kelly Pickler is singing. Sorry Kelly but I'm just not a fan.  You look adorable though.  

Scott is going home. What a sweetheart!  I'm so glad he did this well in the competition.  I love Paula's parting words. Well put, because he most certainly was an inspiration. Just good energy for everyone. Have you ever tried moving around on a stage with a blindfold and see what that's like.  You have no idea what you look like or if someone is going to bump into you! Talk about TRUST!  SCOTT, YOU DA BOMB!  Keep singing like an Angel!


Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Songs from when they were kids. 

Baby pics of the judges.  

OMG -Randy is darling. 

Kara - Not so cute. Hahaha. 

Paula - Yeah, she does look the same

Simon - OMG - He has a gun in his hand.

Ryan - Hahaha. How is he a red-head? Hmmm...

Danny Gokey (1980)

"Stand By Me"

Live reactions: A slower, melodic opening.. interesting... okay, it's picking up.  I don't like this arrangement at all. Ick. But I like how he's getting into it at the end.  Hmm.... Yeah. This wasn't a favorite of my mine Danny. But it's just my opinion.

Randy: Didn't love the arrangement but you made him love it anyway. (That's a good thing.)

Kara: She liked how you made it your own, but wasn't hot over the arrangement either.

Paula: Says everyone is going to have to catch up with what you did.  Liked your arrangement and thought it complemented your voice nicely.

Simon: Liked beginning good, middle lazy, end terrific. Overall great.

My Advice: Keep finding your authentic expression in your songs.  But please don't do an arrangement like that again. Icky. LOL. Love you though.  


Kris Allen  (1985)

"All She Wants To Do Is Dance" 

Live reactions: Standing in the audience with guitar like a rock star. Interesting to see you in that setting. Who is holding those girls back? LOL!  Was that weird being so close to the audience? You did fine. It was okay. 

Kara: Excited that you picked uptempo song, but your interpretation lost youth.

Paula: Heartfelt and genuine approach took song and made it your own. You're likeable.

Simon: Indulgent, boring, forgettable... came over as a guitarist who wanted to sing, rather than a singer. Stupid song choice.

Randy: Arrangement was self-indulging. You didn't need to change it. I lost you.  


Lil Rounds (1984) 

"What's Love Got To Do With It"

Live reactions: a rough start.. feels a bit nervous tonight, but you don't look nervous.  Just sounds nervous... I like how you're bringing in the bridge.... watch the pitch though honey. Hmmm.. you are working it out.  It was a little rough sweetie, but totally adore you. 

Paula: Says you look hot (not a good sign). This week - she wanted you to prove to us that you've figured out who you are as an artist.  

Simon: We are not looking for a second or 3rd ranked version of Tina Turner (that was quite harsh). He says, "It's literally like we have lost you." Start becoming original. Take a song no one else has done before and do your own version.

Randy: You are mad talented...but you're not listening to us. Tina is not you. Wrong song.

Kara: Make the leap from a singer to an artist and that's where you're struggling right now.  Your lower range suffers and you have to find your power down there.

My Advice: Resonate more in the lower registers. Find your vocal power from inside and then figure out your vocal signature - what makes your voice unique as a singer. Add that to your songs. (See last week's Artist Awareness Score and learn what this means! It's CRUCIAL!)


Anoop Desai (1986)

"True Colors"

Live Reactions: You sang the words wrong honey! "Darkness inside you makes you feel strong?  You mean feel so small!" This is a great key for you.  I like this arrangement.  Interesting twists... I believe this was a good song choice and very well done my friend. Also glad you acknowledged last week's "cockyness."

Randy: Said you pulled it back and it was a nice vocal.

Kara: Tonight - you showed that you can take a pop song and interpret it with soul.  You're not trying to be someting that you're not.

Paula: Flawless song choice. Fantastic.

Simon: You're like a singing yo-yo.  One minute you're down and then you're up.  This week - good. You made the song yours. And he also said you don't have to apologize for how you react to them. (Just ignore Simon already. Hahaha.)

My Advice:  Keep using this part of your voice honey.  Keep it mellow, moving, steady and focused as you did with this song. This is why people like you - because of how you can make them feel.  This week, it wasn't about you - you got it figured out. Now keep it consistent and remember that!  


Scott McIntyre (1985)

Loves trains eh?  LOL!

"The Search is Over"

Live Reactions: OMG - You're playing the guitar and singing!  Way to save this one buddy! You ain't messin' around.  Great song choice!  You pulled it off dude. Hahaha!

Kara: Cool that you played guitar and you took on a difficult song, and likes the piano more. Had some off moments, but there were parts she liked and some over ambitious parts.

Paula - Gave you credit for stepping away from comfort zone of piano. Thought some of the high notes were screechy, but Bravo.

Simon - Says go back to the piano next week because that's where you're comfortable.  Says it was horrible and atrocious and the guitar was very bad.  You trying to be someone else and not working.

Randy: Said it was all okay but it didn't show you as a star.


Allison Iraheta (1992)

"I Cant Make You Love Me"

Live Reactions: Great start.. you're more connected to your audience tonight and your message. Good for you. Now, tonight, I don't get the outfit, but you rule. 

Paula:  You just hear one note and it's undeniably Allison - that's a gift that you can't put a price tag on and she loves how you gave all of your heart in this song.  Same arrangement, but you made it your own.

Simon - Thought it was very good.  Just sort you out a bit and make you a bit more likeable and he doesn't think your personality is coming out ... (He's wrong.)

Randy - You remind him of Kelly Clarkson - she can sing her face off and so can you!  Engage the public more.

Kara - To take adult content like what's in that song and make it young and believable like that... let's go make a record man! 

My Advice:  Do you get yet, how AWESOME YOU ARE? Do you get why? I think your personality is coming through—for as much air time as they give you. I can tell you're a fun, playful, happy kind a gal, so just keep on singing and doing your thing. You're there. Now is the time to embody who you are and enjoy your amazing gift—on a global level. 


Matt Giraud  (May 11, 1985) 

"Part Time Lover" - Stevie Wonder

Live Reactions:  Okay.... I don't know honey... I got bored. Maybe cuz people kept I'M-ing me. But you sure can sang. 

Randy - Vocally - One of the best of the night.

Kara - Incredible on every level.

Paula - Standing...

Simon - Million times better than last week. Well done.

My Advice: Just keep up the good work and do what you do. 


Adam Lambert

"Mad Word"

Live Reactions:  This is in a very high key again, but I know you can handle it. Heartfelt. I love that for the first time, I actually understand the words! Interesting interpretation. I am with you in this.... very heartfelt. 

Simon - Gave you a standing ovation.  

My Advice:  Well, I'm starting to wonder what the lowest note is that you can hit?  It would be fun to hear you just authentically use more of your range. I know you did last week... but this week you gave another tasteful representation of your song. I can sing this song an octave lower from where you're at... would have been fun to hear that, but may have come off as cheesy.

Just keep up the great work and keep the people wanting more. They do honey, they do!