Episode 22 &23- March 25th & 26th, 2009

Episode 22 & 23

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Well, it's cool to see Stevie Wonder sing. Sheish, he's gettin' on, but still got it goin' on! It's so cool to see how many people, how many generations he has touched.  And he's sounding just astounding! Okay, this man brought me to tears. He is just AWESOME! THANK YOU STEVIE!

Bottom 3 - Scott McIntyre (he's safe now!)

So it's Matt Giraud and Michael Sarver ...

Okay, Michael Gets to sing after Stevie. Still look a bit uncomfortable honey, with NO SUBTEXT. I believe the judges are not going to save you honey.  Take that energy and hone it.  And learn how to be in your body comfortably when you sing.

Bye Bye Michael Sarver.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Isn’t it lovely to get educated on the history of this movement! Wow – it’s cool that they get to go to the studio. Dang. Lil, you are darling.

Smokey Robinson, Berry Gordy

Ain’t No Mountain High enough.  COOL! 

I love how they bridge the generation gap with this show! WOWOW! Oh so cool!


Matt Giraud

Wow - what a complement from Smokey.  DANG!  Yeah, that is mind blowing!

Rock on Matt! 

"How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You" 

My comments:  I like that you got away from the piano.  I like that you're present with the delivery...you have good charisma away from the piano as well.  Who is that lower voice in the background? That was strange.  Okay - I like it and actually didn't want it to end - even though that's not my favorite song.  Great choice for you deary.

Randy -  Loved the run at the end and the falsetto.  He says you're up for a top spot.

Kara - Speakin for the girls.  LOL.  Liked how you got away from the piano - like me.  Liked your vocal interps and said you could have pushed it more (No. It was perfect. Less is always more - but energy wise in presence - yes.)

Paula - Says you did tasteful classy spot on vocals with respect to the melody. (This is an excellent comment Paula!)

Simon - Said good song choice.  He actually made sense for once.  Said you were one of the front runners... but you went first, and that's a tough spot, so ...at least you brought it baby!

My Advice:  Next week I want to see another side of you, but the same you. Know what I mean?  Play with softness and levels and keep it real.


Kris Allen

WOW. Smokey LOVED it!  That is surreal honey!  That must have made your day. Awe. How precious is that? 

My Comment:  EXCELLENT SONG CHOICE FOR YOU! You know who you are baby! Such a pure clean tone coming from your soul.  You're learning to get more confident on the stage and own it.  Yeah, you're meanin' what you sing.  I want to see more of your eyes. I like the "is" modulation.  And the "you" to "yeah" - it worked.

Kara -  You did "Kris." You made your mark on that song - phrasing, dynamics, rhythms, riffs, low's and highs. (Yes Kara, this is EXCELLENT FEEDBACK.)

Paula - Says the note you hit at the end was brilliant and noted your growth.

Simon - Smart that you did your version.  He says you need to believe in yourself more and have more confidence. (Don't listen to him. He says to be a star you have to be conceited.  LOL! That's not true.  Hahaha.  There is a difference between conceited and confident.)

Randy - It's all good baby. You have shown consistency and keep it in the zone.

My Advice - Keep doing what you're doing, precious. You're on the right track, but you're going to have to do something different next week to edge it up a little - know what I mean?  Nothing too drastic please.  You are doing great. 


Scott McIntyre

Randy's asking about the last week comments and the piano. Yeah, I hope you up the energy baby!

I'm so glad to hear you're doing "Can't Hurry Love."  FINALLY A SONG I HAVE HEARD OF on your delightful voice!  

My comments: Dang honey, you can really play that piano!  You sound lovely in this song.  I wish I could get you to loosen up more.  There is a slight rigidity around your singing.  It sounds good, but there is some choppiness in there that is partly from playing the piano.

Paula:  Liked the singers at the piano and felt like they brought a new light to your performance. She said, when you feel it, the audience feels it too. (Excellent comment.)

Simon:  "How much more can you take?"  Said the background singers were a mess and it was the wrong song.  Said the whole thing was cheap. (He is lying. Can you tell? LOL!) This week you chose the right song.  

Randy - Thought it was a hotel kind of performance. Take more risks.  You're a better singer than that.  Average.

Kara - Liked the song cuz you brought tempo (yes).  Wasn't crazy about you taking liberties with the melody because the execution was not perfect.  

Gosh, it's funny how every week the judges always go nuts after you sing! LOL! 

My Advice - SMOOTH OUT your delivery while you sing and play.  The tempo of the song is interfering with the "choppiness" of the vocals.  The reason why they didn't looove the song, was because it just felt a tad awkward, rhythmically.  Work on singing different rhythms while playing the piano and try to get it smooth.  Know what I mean?  Call or email me if you need and I'll explain.  It's hard for me to write it out all the details. 

Megan Joy Corkery

"For Once in my Life" 

My comments:  Good commitment to the present moment. You are so heavy when you sing.  This leaves you nowhere to go!  Where are your levels honey?  I love you, but not the best song choice and learn to work through a song. 

Randy: Said it was a train wreck. Too fast for you. Rushed and hectic like mad crazy.

Kara: Said "My Guy" would have been better, that suited your voice.  Bad notes, weird phrasing.  (She is referring to the energy of the song.) She wants the other Megan.

Paula - Stunning beauty and camera loves you. Not the right song. Didn't find the pocket.

Simon - It was horrible. He says fire whoever is advising you and hire Dot Todman! Teee hee.

My Advice:  Do you know your voice?  Do you know what makes it good? Did you even listen to the judges, cuz it sounded to me like you blew them off.  Not a good idea.  They spoke the truth honey.  Find a song that suits you!  YOU ARE MEGAN CORKERY - quirky. Get QUIRKY SONGS!  Own it.  It's hot!  


Anoop Desai

You got to hear the subtext behind the song?  COOL! 

"Ooo baby baby" Lovely opening and I feel you.  Watch your "p's" on the mic honey. I love this key for you and your falsetto is very, very pretty. And your licks are HOT! But this song is not my favorite. Way to nail that head voice and FALSETTO! ROCK ON ANOOP! Haha!

Kara - Mentioned the jumps and complexity and said even though there were a few rough spots, but you can saaaang!  Be more creative with how you change up the melodies.

Paula - Wants to see more confidence. Phrasing, delivery and falsetto is sweet, spot on and tender. AWE!  Yes!

Simon - Said it was a great vocal.  He said you looked as if you were half asleep and looked bored. (Just ignore that entirely. You performed just fine.)

Randy - Said when you sat on the edge of stage. Next week, turn it back up and give us the energy.  Bring back the party.

My Advice: Don't get too carried away with bringing on a party next week. Just find the RIGHT SONG for you and keep bringing it. I think you know who you are as an artist, so be WISE and go for the prize! 


Michael Sarver

Never got to go to Detroit cuz you were sick eh?

Smokey says go for it and lay it all out on the line.

My Live Comments: Sweetie, you always feel so nervous to me.  Watch your "p's." Well honey, I don't really know what you're saying and why you keep touching the audience and what the song means to you. Are you pleading to a girl, or just trying to show off your voice? Sorry Michael, I just didn't feel an authentic journey from you. Just quite a bit of yelling. Why this song dude?  What up with that?

Paula:  She is being waaaay nice when she says Las Vegas loungy.  Drive and dominate the song and don't reach for notes. (She was being very nice to you Michael.)

Simon:  He couldn't wait for it to end.  Yeah, I agree with Simon for once.  Says you have no chance of winning based on that type of vocal.  Said it isn't good enough.  (He's a bit harsh.)

Randy:  The song is unbelievable and it was too big for you.  You tried to do too much with it. 

Kara:  We're looking for an artist who choses a song and makes it his own. THANK YOU KARA! WELL PUT! I agree with Kara 100%.

My Advice. LEARN TO CONNECT AUTHENTICALLY to you song!  You say you're being true to who you are, but I don't think you get it.  Truth is, people don't care about YOU. They care about how they feel when they hear you and what kind of journey you're taking them on, and if it's believable or not. If you actually care about them in the process. So get out of your freakin' head and into your HEART and tell a story and start making sense with your lyrics baby!


Lil Rounds. 

My comments:  I love that dress on you! Awe sweetie, you're so wonderful.  Are you havin' fun?  You move well on the stage and I can see that you are present.  I like the interaction with the back up singers.  SMILE BABY!  It was a big song and you filled the shoes.  Just don't powerhouse the whole song.  It needs levels.  You can still be intense and soft.  Not thrilled with the song choice.

Randy -  Randy says it wasn't the right kind of song for you because of the tempo. Wants to feel more of your BIG amazing voice. 

Kara - You were the diva that everyone was waiting to hear.  Said it wasn't the right song.  If you have melodies that breathed more, you could have interpreted more (that's what Randy said). You don't have to scream. You're an effortless singer.

Paula - Disagrees. What you do vocally feels fresh and you owned it.  You made a classic song new.

Simon:  Said you did an authentic tribute to the sound of motown, but didn't agree with song because it didn't give you a moment.  Simon says you're one of the best singers in the competition.

My Advice: I think you figured out that you chose the wrong song.  Don't worry so much about the tempo. It's the INTERPRETATION. LEVELS!  You could have made that song breathe if you were in here with me.  I will show you the way!  Just use levels. 


Adam Lambert

It is so cool that you got to hear what inspired him to write the song! And he likes your interpratoin so what more can you ask for. 

I love that Elvis look.

My Comments:  I can see you really mean what you sing sweetie. Such clean, high notes.  I want to see your eyes more honey.  You still brought it, even from that chair, cuz you were present. And Smokey stood up.  It doesn't get that much better than that.  DANG BOY!

Kara - One of the best performances of the night. Showed Artistry

Paula: Handsome, classy look, and you always have element of surprise. You are exciting, You are it.

Simon - Said it was the best performance of the night. You have emerged as a star (Well duh, of course.)

Randy - You showed you can do anything.  

My Advice - Yeah, thanks for summing it up!  Cuz you brought it.  Keep doin' it. It's because you stay committed to EVERY MOMENT. That's what it's about.  You don't have to go nuts.  Just keep keeping it REAL!


Danny Gokey

My Comments: I love your presence and energy.  And there is something so exciting about your voice. It's just powerful.  Why didn't you take Smokey's advice?  HELLO?  I hope you do it soon.  The back up parts were cheesy.  Oh my - nice little dance moves.  Haha.  Yeah, you should have taken Smokey's advice. That would have been HOT.

Paula - Undeniable, identifiable, first class performance.

Simon - We know you're a good singer but it was clumsy and amateurish.

Randy - Reminds him of great singers.  Loves energy and feelin' of it. (Yeah.)

Kara - Good, not great but still a huge Danny fan.

My Advice - LISTEN TO PEOPLE who give advice silly.  That would have been cool. Why'd you dis Smokey like that?  Not a wise choice.  You were good, but the reason it could have been better, like they all said, was that you could have interpreted it using Smokey's Advice and made it more yours.  But you are great. Awesome energy. Watch your PHRASING! Next week though, do something different. 


Allison Iraheta

My comments: I love you. Don't walk backwards.  I love your voice, but I could not understand what you were singing honey?  Hmmm. 

Randy: You're one of the dopest singers in this whole thing this season.

Kara - Amazing! That is from God. You can't Preach that!

Paula - You're awesome and you belong in the competition.

Simon -(He is laughing because he drew on Paula). Says you are a survivor and it was one of your best performances.   

My Advice:  If you sing with a cork in your mouth, it will help you with diction.  Other than that, keep channeling your music.