Episode 20 &21- March 17th, 2009

Episode 20 & 21

March 17th, 2009 

Country Music Week. Hmmm.... They're talking about the Grande Ole Opry and Randy Travis...

Michael Sarver

My Reactions: Who the heck is that guy on the harmonica? Hee haw. I don't care about that guy. Oh, now he's chillin' with the harmonica guy. Well, it's obvious he's in his element. He's the country boy. Even though I'm not a country fan, I kind of like this song. They're doing all they can to make it look like a high energy performance. Didn't seem as nervous this week. Good call on the upbeat song. Fun way to kick off the show. 

Randy - Wasn't thrilled with the vocals.

 Kara – Missed the big notes, but was impressed that he remembered all the lyrics. Your comment – “Country music is about having fun.”

Paula – Liked that genre on you totally.

Simon – Should have been good but Simon couldn’t understand a single word. Said it was a bit clumsy and it could have been karaoke club. Your comment, “If we were all perfect, we wouldn’t need this show.” The Simon gave it a 1.2 ona scale of 1/10. (He is a good actor.)

My Advice:  Listen more to the judges and don’t always have something to say. I agree with what Kara said. And I will add, it’s great to have fun, but remember you’re still in a singing competition, so get the vocal lined up with the fun performance and KNOW what makes you special as a singer.


Allison Iraheta

Yeah – Randy hears the maturity in the voice too. You said it! 

Live Comments – I LOVE IT!  Actually, great song choice.  Just be sure to mark your phrasing because there were some awkward moments in there – but WOW –I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED IT!  YOU ARE AN AMAZING WOMAN!

Kara – You made that song your own and that’s not easy to do. You’re getting better and better every week.

Paula – Another rock solid performance from Allison. Power and Rock edge are great. Experiment with all sides of your vocals, that allow you to be vulnerable and build – (THIS IS WHAT I SAID.)

Simon – Clueless... says it was tuneless in parts – struggling to remember words... he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Verging on precocious.

Randy – Says it was DOPE!  Yes it was. 

My Advice –Paula is totally right and gave the best advice to you.  Take it to heart.  (I’m pretty sure she’s been reading my comments cuz she practically quoted what I wrote last week! LOL!)

Kris Allen

My Comments: You are so cute, but your right leg was twitching... good. It stopped. You sound great ... not sure how completely invested you are in each moment – a bit of daydreaming but you are so cute that it probably doesn’t matter. LOL. Excellent song choice for your voice.  GOOD JOB DUDE!

Paula – Pleasantly surprised.  Said it was an honest and vulnerable performance and was nice to see.  Smart choice as well to see you without the guitar. Watch pitchy notes.

Simon – Thought it was terrific. Great song choice and were in control, didn’t go over the top.  Feels like you might have a shot in doing well in the competition.

Randy – Went out on a limb to showcase vocals – who knew you had those tender moments?

Kara – Didn’t feel country to her – just beautiful. (Yes, I liked that too.)

My Advice – keep doing what you’re doing. Watch your phrasing and keep the choices that you make throughout the song authentic.  Even though you did great, there were moments when your mind wandered in there... but I know you had subtext, so good job!  You are darling.  

Lil Rounds

Says she’ll hold back on the r&b.

Martina McBride – "Independence Day"

Randy slowed it down a bit.  Interesting tip.

My Comments – Okay girl, take it away!  There we go, by the end of verse 1, you’re telling a story now. Keep telling the story cuz you know you got the voice... so it’s about taking the audience on a journey.

How do you feel about what you’re singing?  Nice, solid, full, dedicated last note. You did good my sista. You da bomb.  I’m not so thrilled with the song though, but hearing you singing it was cool.

Randy – Struggled at the front for him – didn’t feel comfortable for him.  Was “all right.”

Lil – Don’t worry about answering him or standing up for yourself.  I’m glad you didn’t do “I will Always Love you.”  Everybody does that.

Kara – We all know you’re a great singer so it’s about you doing what you felt and that’s part about being an artist – gave you props.

Paula – Said vocals were spot on, hair, make-up and clothing and the only thing – 1 verse would have went better....

Simon – It came over that she was forced to sing a song somebody requested and felt uncomfortable. I disagree with Simon.  Said it just wasn’t you.  He’s WRONG. You were connected to the song, they're just not used to it cuz they want to put you in a box. 

My Advice – they all need to be more patient. It wasn’t about cutting out a verse, it was about your commitment to the part of the song that should build.  You kept it a little “even keeled” instead of building in intensity as the song went on into the chorus. They wouldn’t have felt that way if you were COMPLETELY PRESENT as you sang, so next time, just stay committed to the song – and yeah you could have picked a better one, but honey, you sold it to me!


Adam Lambert

Johnny Cash - "Ring of Fire"

My comments – I like what you’re doing with the song cuz you’re making it yours. Yeah baby.  I Loved it.  So dramatic.  Dat’s hawt!

Kara – All a little strange – got the drama she loves from him and eyes. Strange but she liked it. Confused and happy.

Paula – Stands out who is true to who you are as an artist – although it’s country music week – great choice of song, liked sitar, quick study and born natural and raising your own bar each week. (Excellent comments Paula.)

Simon – Is gonna rip on it... yep. He said, “What the hell was that?”  Says people are throwing their TV’s out the window.  Said it was indulgent rubbish.  Said it was horrific.

Randy –Greatest thing about it was CURRENT, YOUNG, FRESH, HOT!

My advice –Yes, Randy and Paula are correct. (Never listen to Simon. He just pretends to be an idiot). Sweetie, part of me wants to just see you win already.  Because you are a true ARTIST and you know how to use your voice and you know what is unique about it.  Just get over the relaxed tongue thing. There are moments when you’re singing that I feel like you’re in a vocalize.  I know you’ve had training and that’s fab. When you practice, make your drills more like a song, and that will help you to look more natural when you sing those high sustained notes.  I LOVE YOU HONEY.


Scott Mac Intyre

What the heck happened? Ryan Seacrest got cut off in the audience? Weird.

My LiveComments:  Scott, I love what you stand for, and you have a lovely voice, but I always find your song choices somewhat lame.  It’s kinda boring dude. Lovely piano arrangement, but I didn’t feel like I was going on a journey withyou.  Are you thinking about what the song means to you, or trying to perform it?

Paula – Feels that the piano separates you from the audience (I agree). Wants you to mix up his performance.

Simon – Doesn’t agree with her – but he is clearly a MORON who doesn’t even know how to sing.  Feels like the song choice is too similar to last week – I agree on that.

Randy – Wants hot, crazy, unbelievable vocals.

Kara – Up your game a little bit, choose better songs. You bring class and poise to that stage (thank you Kara, well summarized).

My Advice – Do what Kara says and do it fast cuz even though it’s cool to watch a blind dude sing, I still want to be taken on a journey by you and expect to FEEL YOU even more.  Stay connected authentically to the song. I honestly didn't feel that from you at all this week. It felt too technical for me.  Am I wrong? 


Alexis Grace

Loves country

Dolly Parton - "Jolene"

The opening...hmmm... interesting. I don’t like you walking at the beginning. It doesn’t match the lyrics. But it could just be the camera angle.

Now the 2ndverse – you’re bringing it. 

Randy – Says there were pitch problems – (no there weren’t).  Said it wasn’t a great performance.

Kara – Said you lost your edge a bit.

Paula – Says it was effective because you took an artistic approach by showing different sides of your vocals. She enjoyed the vulnerable soft side of her.

Simon – Thought it was “okay” and sound-a-like and lacked originality.  I disagree with Simon.

My Advice – It’s not just about singing softer and weaker at the beginning of the song in order to build it.  It’s about MEANING IT all the way through.  The “dirty” is a COMMITMENT to each note while you’re singing. The qualities of “dirty” that people like about you – “present, wild, emotionally connected, powerful, spontaneous.”  You can still do this and be “soft” and show the softer side of your voice if you are EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED to what you’re singing about. So don’t get caught up in the technicality of it.  Tell the story, keep it real and remember it’s the ENERGY of your edge that people fall in love with.  You always have to be Connected Authentically to it.


Danny Gokey

Awe –nervous with Randy Travis. How darling.

You betta bring it baby cuz you got the voice for country.

My Comments– great start cuz you’re tellin the story.  Ground yourself while you’re singing (you move back and forth in an unstable way)... but I’m with you anyway, cuz you got that soul thing.  I’m not thrilled with the song choice though honey.  I would have liked to hear you pick something more... adorably fun.  But you always kick butt.

Kara – Front half – not spectacular but 2nd half could use 10 minutes.

Paula – Disagrees – if it was always great and didn’t build, then we wouldn’t appreciate it as much.

Simon – Actually agrees with Paula for once, but doesn’t like his jacket.

Randy – says problem with verses need to be supported more... and were pitchy (no they weren’t “pitchy” at all Randy! LOL!) 

My Advice – same as Alexis GRACE.  It’s about the commitment. You can be slow and soft and STILL INTENSE from the beginning! You should feel like you’re holding back, but still committed. David Cook was/is GREAT AT THIS BECAUSE he knows how to be present.  When Randy says “pitchy” just ignore him. I don’t quite think he knows how to explain what he’s feeling, but I guarantee you it has to do with your not being as present and committed to the song.  It’s not about just singing “SOFT.” It’s about WHY DO YOU WANT TO SING SOFT?  Got it?  Now show me next week you know what I’m talkin’ about, because Paula is RIGHT ON!


Anoop Desai

Willie Nelson 

My reactions: Nice focus at beginning. You are present and committed to each moment. Yeah!  NICE JOB BABY!  I’m glad you hit the last note the way you did and didn’t get all cheesy.

Paula – Proud of you for picking a song that allowed your interpretation.  Tender, honest, amazing sweet vocals and touched her heart.

Simon – You went from zero to hero.  Good for you. And now you deserve to be in the show

Randy – This is the reason we wanted you in this competition.  You showed your skills and he really liked the arrangement which was “dope”

Kara – Took an untouchable classic song and did it. The biggest surprise. 

Well Anoop, I’m glad you’re confident. Wow. That’s wild.

My Advice: So, you’ve just gained some new fans tonight.  Now you’ve got to bring it like that every week.  So – do you know what is great about your voice?  It’s simple. Same as the last two. Soulful commitment. You told a story.  Was it all about you?  No. You gave something. Keep giving and remember, it’s not about YOU.  It’s about taking the audience on a journey. 


Meghan Joy

What is up with the name change?  I liked Quirky – Corkery.  It’s a good gimmick.

"Walkin’ After Midnight" – nice song choice...

MyReactions: Hmmm... you look great! I’m not thrilled with the key. Too low for you sweetie.  Are you a little sick?  Sound a bit raspy? A little mechanical for me.  Why didn’t you walk while you performed and relate more to audience.  Hmmmm.  I love the song, but just didn’t do it for me.. but your energy is totally different.

Randy – Liked it.

Kara – Says you’re a winner. OMG. You do have the flu. Okay, I could tell something was going on!  Wow! 

Paula – If this is what being sick was being about, keep being sick

Simon – Says you’re getting your quirkyness taken away.  A bit too made up.

My Advice – Well, honey, if you’re sick – you gotta go home and rest.  My motherly instincts say look after that body and don’t worry about Idol. LOL.  Influenza bee? What?  I think you should keep the name Corkery, because it sounds like “quirky” and that’s your charm. That is what makes you different. I know when you’re sick, it’s hard, so just hang in there, get better... your health is most important.  Sometimes Idol can be too physically taxing on some people.  Get my CORE CD and it will help you look after your body in a more balanced way, along with the mind and soul.  Best of luck cuz tonight you basically got through the song and looked hot, but I don't know if America will give you another shot.  Hmmm....  


Matt Giraud

My Reactions:  you’re connected to the message and energy, but I’m not thrilled with the song choice.  Blah.  And this key is not as complementary to your voice as maybe a step up.  But you got presence and commitment.

Kara – She loved it “amazing”

Paula – Says you bring authenticity and honesty with delivery. Pierced through many hearts

Simon – Says you haven’t gotten enough credit. Says you outsang Danny tonight.  Reminds him of Michael Buble.  What?  NOPE.

Randy – Was his favorite performance of the night. You got mad skills.  Michael Buble and Justin Timberlake. 

MyAdvice:  I want to see you without the piano.  You seem to have gotten alot of credit from the judges tonight. You closed your eyes a little too much for my liking. I felt a bit left out. But I don’t know that song – believe it or not. KEEP THE CHARISMA, ENERGY, PRESENCE and get out off that piano, eh?