Episode 18 & 19 - March 10th & 11th, 2009

Episode 19

March 11th, 2009 

I had a feeling they would send home darling little Jasmine, who's still growing into her instrument,  but Jorge?  Awe!  ARE YOU KIDDING?  I'm so disappointed about this!  Such an incredible instrument!  Such connection and energy, flow, ease and grace throughout his range.... but what a HORRIBLE SONG CHOICE!  In my opinion, this is what did him in.  I wish they would have given him another chance to pick a better song. That kid has SOOOOO MUCH TALENT. I just don't think he realizes yet what makes him so powerful. If he did, he would NOT have chosen that song. Jorge, I will buy your next album. PLEASE KEEP SINGING! 

Episode 18 

March 10th, 2009

Lil Rounds 01

3 kids and lived through a tornado with hubby. 

Girl – you da bomb!

“The day you let go of your dreams is the day you let go ofyour life?

“The Way you Make Me Feel”

I love the opening! Awesome presence.

I love how you bring it gal!  You got the growl goin’ on.  I’m having fun!

Way to start the show with a bang.  I like this song on your voice.

You move well on the stage

VOCALLY SUPERIOR. The last note – interesting choice in placement. Kind of dramatic.

Randy – You put a whole new spin on it and made it new again.

Kara – It’s perfect that you come out. She says I hope we hear you on the radio (me too!)

Paula – The softness of what you’re making – glamsquad, way to go!  You are the force to berekoned with. Loves the falsetto like angels.

Simon – thought it was good.  Was disappointed.  Said it was lazy song choice and 2ndhalf better than first half.  And hates outfit.  (Simon, you are just gay).  Paula says go for dark colors.  Ryan cut him down.  Hahaha.

My Advice – have more fun and use levels more – you don’t have to blast out the whole song – BUT I LOVED IT!


Scott MacIntyre 02

Visually Impaired piano prodigy!

“Keep the Faith”

Rocking out On piano

My reactions – You really carry yourself so well for a blind dude man!

And you rock out on that piano.  A nice clear, powerful voice.  Nice range and energy.

The crowd adores you.

Kara – Asked if he just learned that this week.  That wasn’t the most obvious Jackson song, but liked the message of faith and that you’re true to yourself every week (excellent comments Kara!)

Paula – Instrument at your fingertips and in your comfortzone.

COMPOSER is in audience!  She loved it! 

Simon – Hated the song because nobody knows it.  Simon says don’t be artistic on this show. (Duh).  Paula is telling him off.

Randy – Liked the song.  Said it was all very safe. Wanted more sparks cuz he knows he’s got em.

(Yeah, we all know Simon lies on the show and pretends to be a bad guy to keep the show interesting. Tee hee.)

My advice – Just keep owning it.  Pick a more popular song next time, so we can sing along with you next time.  I want to hear your voice on a song that I know. Your presence and energy is FABULOUS. 



Danny Gokey 03

Sang as a kid


Improvs... a little pitchy start sweetid.

Then when you started singing – okay, you got my attention!

My comments while watching: Interesting rendition – hearing it on your voice... I like the nah nah part

Interesting charisma. You can move boy!  I love how you give to your audience. It is admirable.

Paula – The true mark of an artist is when you can hear somebody with your eyes closed

Simon – Says the vocals were brilliant.  He said the dancing was hideous.  I don’t agree.

Humble response

Randy – Loved dancing and the singing – because he felt likeit was passion!  I agree.

Kara – “You have joy when you’re on that stage and all about the music.  Thank parents for making him sing his homework.

My advice – Danny – keep doing what you’re doing. I love you. Just don’t throw away weak improvs at the beginning of the song.  Make every moment count.



Michael Sarver 04

Oil dude

“You’re not alone”

My comments: Was it weird for you to have the camera in your face starting off.  It must have been tough to follow Danny, but you’re holding your own. I can see your nerves and hear them in your voice. And they got a pic of the mic trembling in your hand. Bummer. But you are moving those sustained tones through your body and soul and that’s great!

Simon: Says you made up for not being the best singer by using passion and heart. 

Randy – Returned to r&b – says you are one of the best from tonight. That was a huge complement.

Kara – Said it showed her that you really can sing. Thought you did a great job.  You bring your game every time you step on that stage. 

Paula – You’ve got being likeable, regular guy with extraordinary talents and picked an instinctually perfect song to color up. 


My advice – resonate BEFORE you sing so you can clear away nerves and get more freedom.   Did you enjoy it while you were singing?  I could hear your thoughts going in and out of "OMG, I'm scared to death," to "This is cool and I'm just gonna give it up to the song."  I only want to hear the latter in the future. 


Jasmine Murray 05

What is the glam squad?  Wow – let’s go shopping!

Close knit family. Jasmine, you are such a pretty little thang!  And so is your ENTIRE FAMILY!  LOL!

“I’ll be there”

My comments – watch the bouncy jaw sweetie. You don’t need it. Great tone.  Sweet energy. Keep smiling yeah...are you having fun? I like the flip to falsetto at the end. 

I’ve seen you do better, but not sure why you picked that song?

Randy – Wasn’t that bad... it was pretty good.... you sold it.

Kara – Was surprised... always on the edge – not sure you were gonna do it. ½ key down would have been better and great stage presence.

Paula – Tremendous composure and poise on that stage. Had bright moments and then moments in the chorus.. where you were under contrasted with brilliant moments.

Simon – You made a good attempt.  A little bit robotic at times.  Got to lighten up a little bit. (Yeah, I agree with him a little bit. )

My Advice:  Smile have fun, and ENJOY YOURSELF sweetie!  Also, do something that shows off your personality a little more. You don’t have to go nuts, just keep bringin’ it, but do it in a more “fun” way. When you were singing, were you having fun and just surrendering to each moment – or were you worried?  A little scared?  The trick is to stay PRESENT and IN THE MOMENT.  And use a contrasting subtext while you sing  



Kris Allen 06

Married 5 months! OMG! Why did they tell us! LOL! 

“Remember the Time”

My Comments: Cool with the Guitar.  Did you forget the lyrics?  I saw something in your face that looked like you made a booboo.

Kara – Says she’s happy to see you with guitar.  And says it helps you performance wise.  A few notes were a bit off.  You should be playing and singing.

Paula – Engaging and adorable sexy with the guitar. 

Simon – Says he didn’t understand.  Thought the song didn’t suit the guitar which made performance clumsy?  Said shouldn’t have brought out the wife so soon.

Randy – liked the guitar – job well done.

My Advice – Work on the chops. You are pushing a bit during the improvs.  Hmmm.  You are telling a story. You can use dynamics you know?



Allison Iraheta 07

Sang at local shopping mall.  Darling.

El Salvadorian.

Wanted to audition since you were 9!

“Given to Me”

My comments: I like how present you are!  You are not nervous at all. I like the rock edge. A good, solid performance! Nice job!

Paula – Is still floored by your age. Yeah – she’s saying what I said.  Keep doing what you’re doing and stay authentic and true to who you are.

Simon – At least we know who you are.  You have to lighten up a bit. 

Randy says – You got it and you’re born with it and you can sing anything and you’re one to watch in this whole thing.  (Great comments!)

Kara – Says keep being a rocker girl.  It distinguishes you. Great job!

My Advice – to me, it is evident that you have prepared for the stage.  You have practiced in your sleep since you were young. YOU ARE READY.  I like that you showed more personality today after your song.  When you sing, you can be a rocker and stay confident, and also, USE DYNAMICS and flow.  You had them, just remember, you don’t have to belt out the whole song.  Take us on a journey with you.  Make the song build. If you give it up from the start, there’s no where left to go!


Anoop Desai 08

Only child.. Indian culture.  Your parents are darling.  Dats my peeps.

“Beat It” (I performed a rendition of this song back in the day when it was popular! LOL!)

Words were not really clear – oops... come now bring it now.

Oh – I liked the “truth or dare” line.

Where is your red leather jacket?  LOL.  Just kidding.  It’s good that you didn’t do that cuz they would say you’re imitating. 

Paula (Simon made her go first).  When you pick a song – it’s your gift to show what you got.  Should not have chosen that song.

Simon – Thought it was horrible. No aggression and was lightweight karaoke.  Said you were trying to be like him, but failed.  (That is not true.)

Randy – Wrong choice and was “karaoke.” You got more than that. 

Kara – Agrees – biggest problem was that you didn’t show variation.  Your  strength is your connection. 

My advice: You are just a cool kid.  It wasn’t “bad”, and I don’t agree entirely with the judges as far as you trying to be like Michael, but you were trying to PLEASE the judges instead of using YOUR CREATIVITY to use your talent and shape a song into YOU, or pick one that already is YOU.   I don’t think you’ve figured out yet what is great about your voice or you as an artist. I’m not going to tell you. That is for YOU to discover.  I hope to see you next week.  I liked your attitude, but I don’t know what your AI future holds sweetness.


Jorge Nunez 09

Peurto Rico –big family! Wow!

Idol helped family stay together. 

“Never Can say goodbye”

My comments.  I don’t know this song.  It’s good tempo, beat, awesome tone. Great choices as far as the interpretation of the song goes. Great delivery except for a few notes here and there. Hmmmm.  Bad song choice.  DUH.

Randy – Pitch points, bad song choice.

Kara – You are one of the most emotionally connected peopleon the show, but didn’t feel it. “She’s out of my life?”

Paula – Wonders why you picked that song.  You said you thought it suited your voice.

Simon -  Said it was corny and awful arrangement.

My Advice – don’t worry sweetie. You will be back next week.  FIGURE OUT WHY YOU’REAMAZING SILLY!  Don’t you know?  Your song choice did not prove that at all.  There are better Michael Jackson songs people would have paid to hear you sing and you sang one that you weren’t able to SHINE AS MUCH IN.  You still did AMAZING THOUGH!  I LOVE YOU!!!


Meghan Corkrey 10

Family and friends got her in the competition.

From Utard. (Tee hee. I used to live there.)

Divorced already. That’s tough, but a darling child!

My coments: Rockin Robin

Good choice of song... I think. I like the growls and I like the tone. 

I see you are trying to work with your arms.  I like your energy though.  There is just something about you that s HOT!  I like the smile and confidence... like how you went up.

Last note... hmmmm. Be careful.. oh, I like the quirky.

Kara – Says you have your signature on everything you touch– THAT IS A GOOD THING!  She’s glad you injected your personality. Show falsetto and range.

Paula likes the quirky and unique tone for your voice.  Didn’t hear the sound that we love until the end.  I want America to know your vocals besides your beauty

Simon – Said it was a stupid song choice and it was ridiculous and clumsy.  (He is WRONG. I disagree.)

Randy – Also didn’t like the song choice. Didn’t allow you to be Megan.

My advice:  KEEP YOUR SIGNATURE!  Work on the chops more by getting more connected to your body. But for some reason, you are growing on me.  I don’t know what it is about you.  Do you?  I say nice job!


Adam Lambert 11

Says it’s a struggle to make it as an artist. OMG – comeover to Dot’s Voice Studios sweetie! Your mom is wise about happiness.

Black and White: Interesting opening. I wish you were standing still and then move, but you are PRESENT MY FRIEND!  You have great charisma...End note... ouch.  Release into that brother –get it in the cry space more so you can really nail the pitch.  It was almost there.  I don’t know if anyone noticed! LOL!

Paula – Emotional response. never have we ever seen someone so comfortable, seasoned ... your innate ability to know who you are as an artist and marry fashion with music.. you got the whole package.  Believes you’ll be running to end in finals.

Simon – Was in a different league than everything we’ve seenand heard tonight. To make Michael work you have to be over the top.

Randy – Since day #1 when we saw you, you’re the most current. You could make a record right now.  Sail to the top. 

Kara – You hit notes I didn’t know they existed.  She hopes Michael Jackson is watching. 

My advice. You are very polished as an artist. I want to see you give to your audience more. It’s not always about you hitting high notes. They are fun and great, but remember your audience. You have the presence and the magnetism.  Keep brining it and keep having fun andstaying present. Surprise us with something new next week.  An aspect of you we love, along with maybe some ... new notes? How low can you go? 


Matt Giraud 12

Very cute parents.

“Human Nature”

Piano playin’

My comments: Nice presence behind that piano sweetie!  Nice tone.  This is a GREAT SONG CHOICE!  I like the falsetto part too.  Just don’t overdo it while staying committed to it.

Randy – That was good performance.  A few pitchy spots.

Kara – You are a talented guy and she wants to see you for many weeks

Paula – Talented, sexy, amazing, authentic

Simon – Meat and potatoes, good solid.

My Advice – I believe you know why you’re great, so since you’re tapped into that, keep picking songs that show it off – but don’t get carried away with runs and riffs. Use them tastefully.  The tone of your voice is so pretty anyway, you don’t always have to have that when you sing.  I want to feel your voice more than I hear it


Alexis Grace - 36

Memphis blues gal. Sweet baby too!

Dirty Diana

Good presence. Why don’t I know this song?  Hmmm. I like how you perform and give to the audience.  Hmm. COOL ENDING NOTE.  Not a good song choice, but you did a good job.

Kara – Alexis we’re happy to have you back. You’re a naughty girl and I liked it.

Paula – Watch your over-singing.

Simon – Over the top and not as good as you though.

Randy – Good, but not great.

My Advice – I agree with Paula.  The way you don’t oversing is by using DYNAMICS.  Tell a story with the song and vary your emotions so you don't have to powerhouse the whole song. 


There will be a surprise tomorrow night.  My guess is that even if the audience votes them off, the judges have the final word... maybe?  Tee hee. WE shall see. Or - it could have something to do with the phone lines... Alexis Grace not being number 13, but 36.  I'm tellin you, these people are up to something!