Episode 12- Feb 17th, 2009

Dot Notes – February 17th, 2009

I PUT STARS next to the ones I think/hope will get through (even though there are 4! LOL!)

Ryan Introduces judges.
Advice from Kara to just go for it and be yourself. 
Randy – “sing it dog”
Paula – “hit that center stage and make that magic happen in a minute and 20 seconds”
Simon – the odds are against you.  (this is NOT the kind of thing you want to think about if you’re a singer)

Top 12 – 36 contestants are divided into 3 groups of 12

Hits from Billboard top 100

Jackie Tohn
Rick Braddy
Alexis Garace
Stevie Wright
Brent Keith
Anoop Desai
Casey Carlson
Michael Sarver
Anne Marie Boskovich
Steven Fowler
Tatiana Del Toro
Danny Gokey

I hope they do the group performances tomorrow night. Those are the bomb! LOL!

1. Jackie Tohn – 28 from NY
She performs for a living
“Little Less Conversation” by Elvis
Got that rasp goin’ on.
Not sure about this song choice. Hmmm.
She has presence, which is a good thing, but I don’t know how she’ll do. I could comment on the outfits and stuff – but never mind.  I’m here to offer vocal tips!
Watch your “tone” Jackie Tohn. I feel like you’re pushing vocally. Go easy on the voice.  Even though you’re kind of  goofy, people will remember you.  Going first can feel like a disadvantage because people vote at the end of the show.  But at least you gave people something to remember. PRESENCE is a good thing.  Song – I dunno about.

Randy – says she has good energy and entertaining. I agree
Kara – big personality and she showed it.
Paula – loved her.
Simon – says she played the clown and song gimmicky.  Doesn’t think the public will like it.  And ripped on her pants. 
Parents – be yourself and have the best time.
Any regrets “no dude”
Hmmmm. Well, at least she has energy and life. 

2. Ricky Braddy, 26
Used to flip chicken fingers after going to a music school
(they haven’t given this guy a lot of footage so far until now)
Leon Russell “A Song for You”
He says - “I want to show America who I am”
I like his smile and energy.  He’s got a good solid voice.
Not thrilled with song but a nice tone and the way he approaches the higher notes.... oh – there’s a high part where he flipped into falsetto.  It was fine I suppose.
He knows he can sing. I’m not sure how present he was during the performance – felt like he day dreamed a bit, but I was with him for the most part. 
If you zone out while you sing, it makes the singers

RANDY – “dude, that was unbelievable. Beautiful tone, nice voice”
Kara – said he killed it. It was effortless.
Paula – I’m proud that America gets to see how talented you are. You deserve to go very far.
Simon – not jumping out of his chair. Says he has not star quality.  No self- belief or charisma.  Nice shy guy and you better start believing in yourself.  Not as good as those 3 thought.  Hmmmm. 
Parents -

Sheish – are they going to keep breaking after every singer. 
It’s much more fun to be there – goes by a lot faster from the audience.

* 3. Alexis Grace, 21
She “dirtied up her look”
Never Loved a Man by Aretha.
She has presence. Pretty gutsy move to take on Aretha again, but she’s pulling it off... but make sure it’s in the right key – so you can hit all the notes – even the low ones.
You have discovered a tone and range in your voice that works for you!
She was PRESENT during her performance!  I still love this kid.  Loved her from day one – even when her hair was not pink. LOL.
Randy – found the dirt and soul  - Randy loved it.
Kara – she loved it too – It’s a new girl and I love it. Great job
Paula – You have the ability to present so much soul, passion and confidence – ... what’s inside of you is so large.  Paula used my term again. She said, “You have that quiet confidence that I love.”
Simon – by a mile you are the best contestant so far... he said it reminds him of Kelly Clarkson. She must be floating. LOL!
So Alexis, don’t get too confident but keep the chin up.  I would love to see her do well.


4. Brent Keith

Girls went under the table at his audition.  Yeah, that was weird.
Struggling to make ends’ meat. Well, honey, you will be fine now if you play your cards right and change your point of attraction.
“Hick Town” OMG – are you a hick?  LOL.  Hmmm
Well, if this song is what you like, sobeit.  Hmmm.
I did not feel like I got to experience your real voice.  Dig deeper to your CORE. But I can tell, that’s where it’s at right now. Hmm.... nice voice though.  I hope the country fans vote for you!
Randy – new edge to country with the old country swagger.  LOL.  Randy liked him. Said it was a good choice
Kara – “you have more in you than that”  I agree with her.  Did you see my comment above?
Paula – pretty much agreed.
Simon – Simon said it was forgettable and not original and that he may have blown it.
Brent said he didn’t think country fans would forget that. FORGET WHAT? LOL!
Remember guys, you don’t always have to defend yourself.  Just let Simon say what he wants and smile at him.  It will serve you better – even though he acts like a stinker and it’s not easy to be humiliated on national TV.  Just breathe it out and keep the chin up.


5. Stevie Wright, 16

I really liked this girl.  Vlogged about her audition. 
“You belong with Me” Taylor Swift.
Embrace the lower notes more.  You can hit these, but just not
You have a great tone in the chest area, but this song is not helping you. Awe.
Bummer.  Nervous.
Well, work on how to move through a song and get more confidence in your range.
Randy: You’re a better singer than the song
Kara – agrees.  I think you have an identity crisis going on. 
Paula – agrees to. 
Simon – is being an idiot
I really hope that this gal gets another chance.  She is DARLING and I believe she can sing.  It just might not be her time though.  Get more training with WHO YOU ARE.
Who cares if they say you’re too “old” sounding
What I liked about your voice – deep

* 6. Anoop Desai, 22
Wants to bring energy and wants to sing songs he wishes other would sing,
Angel of Mine
Such a pretty tone.  He is grounded as well.
Don’t stick your tongue out after you take a breath
This is an interesting version.  Hard to tell if you’re present, but you’re carrying us with you.
This guy better do well in this competition, but needs to grow vocally.
Randy – said it was sharp.  No it wasn’t.  Just his tone is bright.  He sang the right notes. Sharp means a bit to “high” of pitch
Kara – says he didn’t nail it, but great potential. “I believe you when you’re up there”
Paula – America has connected with you.  You have the Bryan McNight feel to your voice and I believe in you.  Paula hope he stays her
Simon – asks why he picked this song. Said it was too serious for him.  Haha Simon – you’re dorky.
Anoop – you da man.  Keep up the good work. I would like to work with you on tone and how to adjust brightness. What Randy was saying about “pitch” don’t worry. Just keep singing and set the right kind of muscle memory in there by singing it the way it needs to be, so you don’t have to think about it.  Apply the same energy in your vocal warm ups and drills as well. 
Interviews – he says she blacks out when he gets up there nerves, etc.... no. Stay present. Get the CORE POWER cd. It will teach you that.  Next step for you – is to become more CONCSIOUS IN YOUR TALENT.


7. Casey Carlson, 20

“Every Little thing she does magic” Police
You feel awkward to me. I think while you’re singing, you might be listening to yourself. This is a trap many singers fall into. You have to be in the space of FREE SURRENDER when you sing.
You appeared confident, but didn’t feel like you were enjoying the process.
Randy – “was not good for me.. weirdly Karaoke”
Kara – “everything about that was wrong.”  Kara said to leave those songs alone.  I don’t agree.  Weird dancing and emotions were overdone. You fell really flat.
Paula – Beautiful girl – part of package – no connection and “weird phrasing and didn’t think about what you were singing.”
Simon asks her how it went “I had fun” No you didn’t.
Simon said “singing was atrocious” NO IT WASN’T!

Okay judges, you didn’t give her the best advice. What she did wrong was not her singing voice. She has a great voice! She

Parents were there – cool. She said she had a blast out there and  it was amazing, but did you really?  Try to stay in the PRESENT MOMENT when you sing. 

8. Michael Sarver, 27
Be who you are now! Hooray!
Okay, you’re grounded.  I’m feelin’ you in the middle of the song, but watch the end of your phrases. 
Doesn’t feel like you’ve had training.   “mind” certain words had problems
Just a bit rough around the edges but such a great tone..
Randy – may not have performed it that well
Kara – not best performance – you got more in you.  Liked that he’s singing what’s true to him.
Paula – thought he did a real good job. You showed us a different side of you.  Changing hands with mic. I didn’t notice that, but it’s very different watching the show on TV than live.
Simon – if you get through, it’s because people like you. I hope America Picks up the phone and gives you another shot.
That’s nice Simon.  I hope so too!
Parents – “sing pretty”
Awe, that’s sweet.
It’s cool that they’re letting the parents share the glory.
Michael – just watch the

9. Anne Marie Boskovich
Waitress and demo singer – they made her come back as someone else.
Yeah, that was weird.
“Natural Woman” 
I’m wanting her to pick up the energy.  Hmmm... wrong song.
I don’t think you’re really enjoying it – are you? Kind of serious, but confident.
I like the last note. The ending was nice sweetie.
Randy – didn’t like it.
Kara – wants to hear her do “love song” or something more girly. 
It confused her a bit.
Paula – thinks she’s gotten better.. hmmmm.  She’s probably referring to her vocal power moments.  Paula said she came out and gave it her all.
Simon – Best hotel singer in California.  “Your voice is not good enough for that song. It just destroyed you”
THIS IS NOT TRUE.  It was the delivery of the song.  Anne, your voice is just fine. 
Parents – Mom thought she was awesome. Of course – but she was in many ways. 
What is good about your voice – GREAT TONE, AND ENERGY.  Get a song that you can show off your personality and style.  Give it up to the song more – and STAY PRESENT with each moment.  Don’t let it drag.  You gotta have the fire along with the voice.  You had short shining moments.


10. Steven Fowler
“Rock with You” Michael Jackson
Okay Steven, you’re recalling your second chance.  NOW ROCK ON TONIGHT PLEASE!
Your hair is adorable.
Michael Jackson “
Omg – my tv just cut out like 10 second of his song!  EEK!
The back up singers are flat.  That’s not fair.  Ladies – what up?
Hmmm. Maybe it’s my TV?
He’s hitting some serious high notes and holding them out nicely, but I didn’t get to see his real performance because the TV messed up.
Randy – surprised at his song choice. “Not the joint for you to be singing”
Kara – she got more for him at the piano. Yeah, so did I. 
Stevie says he’s still working on singing without playing
Paula – she was glad to see him come back.
Simon – is just ripping it.  Says it was corny.  OMG. Stop already Simon.
Poor guy. Well Stevie you have a lot of fans, but


* 11. Tatiana Del Toro

Haha! She is hillaroius
“Savin’ all my Love”
Let's face it - she can sing!  Great tone and working through the song like a pro in many ways. 
She's actually doing better than many of the others did tonight. And her performance is not as annoying as her laugh.  LOL. She is a trip!
Randy -  "She actually can sing.. there were moments" He's giving her credit and sound shocked.  Good for her though.  LOL.
Kara - says she's like roller coaster ride - but "who are you in the industry. Where do you fit? Is she a character or an artist?"  Tatiana does not get what she means at all.  This is what makes her interesting and it will be interesting to see her evolve if my magic she is kept on the show. Paula - points out that she's talked about the most. Had beautiful and pitchy moments.  "I  don't know who you are today? Are you crazy? Why did Paula ask that.
Simon - "You are a complete and utter drama  queen." He compared her to Paula.  That was just wrong.  LOL.
Tatiana wants to market herself  professionally.  LOL.

Tatiana - you are not everything - DEFINE WHO YOU ARE SWEETIE.  Then remember that you are not the only person on the planet. 


Simon says it was better than he expected.
They want her to laugh weirdly.
Who is the real Tatiana? Cousins.
"it's all me.. I'm multi-faceted." Hmmmm she's laughing again, but it's not as "hyper"
"This is my dream and it's up to you to keep it alive"




*12. Danny Gokey
Great interview.
Hero by Mariah Carey
Wonderful presence, tone, energy and style.  He’s just in the moment and YOU LOVE HIM  because he takes you on a journey. He gave it up to the song and that’s what it’s about. He was present and in the moment with it.
The judges are going nuts.
They showed Jamar Rogers who should be in the competition.
Randy – “blazing hot!”
Kara ‘ you are the hero! That was great!”
Paula “sold out Arenas”
Simon – is pretending to be a dork and not have an emotional reaction.
See how loud they got

Randy made a joke about Simon’s heart. Danny got it. Simon is confused. LOL.
Wants to encourage others. I just picture people just coming out of rough situations... rising above and knowing there’s a future ahead of them, no matter how bad stuff can be in their life.”

THIS IS WHY HE DID SO WELL. This young man is inspiring because he’s CONNECTED AUTHENTICALLY to what he’s singing and HE DELIVERED THE MESSAGE because he embodied what he was singing. He wasn’t STUCK IN HIS BRAIN LISTENING TO HIS VOICE, he was singing FROM HIS SOUL.
He already made the choices about how to sing the song and practiced so he didn’t have to worry about it – but it’s evident that this kid has a NATURAL GIFT, along with an amazing disposition.
TOP 3 for SURE.