Episode 11 - Feb 11th, 2009


1. Anoop – of course he got it
2. Von Smith – he will get it cuz he’s a trip – yep.
3. Cody Sheldon he is so cute and will be a teen-age heart throb. They asked him to sing in that moment!
Loverman’s the same.
He was committed to the song
4. Alex Trugman – my man!   OMG  - why do they have the stupid sing off. I want both of them to get in.
Pauls says “Make sure it’s the right song for you”
Alex has got more energy flowing through his centers, nice vibrato
They will kick off Cody, but he is so talented and adorable.  
Both in?
Come on guys.... awe, poor Cody
That is so dumb how they split up friends like that.  They both should have gotten in.  
I think Cody ought to come back next year.  Cody, come by and visit me here @ DVS and I’ll hook you up for next year.

5. Adam Lambert – he is so in. That’s a no brainer – but Adam, you are borderline high larynx so watch it.  You got it goin’ on though.  You got ease and flow up in your higher register.  It is evident that you are trained though. You feel like a left-brained singer, which is kind of rare, but maybe I’m wrong.
OMG – they are so dramatic for TV. Whatever.

7. Jamine murry- y
8. Arianna afsar -y
9. Casey carlson –y
10. Megan corkrey –y
11. Mishavonna hansen y-
12. Stevie Wright y-

13. Joanna Pacitti
Even though she forgot her words, she will get in cuz she’s got a following and somewhat controversial

Paula said, “this is a show that will make or break you.” THAT IS CORRECT.

So far, MY LIST IS 100% ACCURATE.  


T.K. Hash – bummer
Chris chatman
Reggi Beasley
Kendall Beard
Paula said boring song level... but they tortured her again to let her know she’d make it

14. Kristin MacNamara –she will get it cuz she can endure drama.  LOL.
“I will always love you” – good choice because it showed her tone and what not.  She’s just got an edge over the other girl.

Jen Korbee – she’s going to get kicked off I bet.  Hmmm. She sings nicely, but nothing with “fire”.  She didn’t sing something that grabbed you – but she was “sufficient.”

Simon – you pretend to be such a dufus talking about the most attractive woman. LOL.

They said Jen picked the wrong song and Kristin has an “identity crisis.” Telling her to get her look.

Simon disagrees, but what does he know. He’s just pretending to be a dork.

15. Alexis Grace – you will get in, even though you miss your daughter. Wow – cool pink hair honey.  She’s got the diva in there.  HOOORAY!  That was a no brainer.

16. Scott MacIntyre will get in. He’s interesting and a good story and he’s connected. You go sweetie!  Awe – is his Mom crying.  How sweet is that!
Awe.  They cheered for him. You can tell he’s a nice kid.

17.  Lil Rounds- oh please. She is top 12 already.  NO BRAINER.
They tortured her – reviewing everything... Just tell her she’s in already.  She knows she’s in.

Great acting skills Simon.  I guess you have to make reality TV interesting.  YES SIMON, she is fantastic!  


Felicia Barton – not a unanimous decision – she didn’t make it.
Ashley Hollister – didn’t make it.  Unanimous.  Ouch –that’s gotta hurt
Devin Baldwin – this is not a good trend.  The 3 of them didn’t get it.  They never even showed that girl Devin – did they?  She didn’t get on my list cuz she wasn’t showed

Frankie Jordan – Mom.  You are a cool kid.  Come and visit me and sing for me.  I’ll hook you up!  I hope you get in.
Hand to heart.  Weird song, but there is something about her edge
Nice comment Simon

18. Jessie L – I don’t know her either.  Oh oh.
“Wishin’ well” – I don’t believe that performance was in alignment with her real personality.
Frankie gets it I bet.... we’ll see....
Simon – you’re a jerk to say she wouldn’t have won.  I think Frankie would have done well too.  Frankie, I really like you.  I say keep singing!  I’ll vote for you Frankie.  

Shera Lawrence – gone
Derik Lavers

They are playing sad music

19. Allison Iraheta
will get in.  If she can sing like that 16 – you watch.  Rock on.
Hey – Kara – you can hear me? LOL.
Yes – let her in.  Sheish, enough for the suspense music. GOOD ALREADY.
She’s a cutie!
Yes – she does have raw, natural talent.  I agree with you again Kara.

Oh oh, my boys.  They’re probably going to rip them apart, knowing Hollywood.  Sheish.
They will take Danny and leave Jamar, which bums me out cuz I LOVE JAMAR. I want both of them to get in but knowing Hollyood – yeah.... that’s so dume PLEASE TAKE THEM BOTH, EVEN THOUGH I think they’re kicking off my boy.

20. Danny is more marketable because he’s got that David Cook thing goin’ on and he’s totally got a marketable look.  TOTALLY.
He is top 12 material.

Awe – he is so happy!
Now watch those Hollywood punks kick off Jamar.  And I loved him. I know they’re going to kick him off
Oh bummer – COMMERCIAL.  Hmmmm.  Yeah, I bet they’ll give him a long, drawn out speech and then kick him off. That’s lame.  I SOOOO HOPE I’M WRONG. I was wrong already once tonight

OKAY, finally back.
That last song they’re showing didn’t seem to sell him very well.
AWE – BUMMER, I was right.  The smile on Kara’s face fooled me. I thought for a moment they were going to let him in. DANG! I HATE BEING RIGHT!  That stinks.  Danny is not going to be very happy.  
EVERYONE IS SHOCKED. Danny is pissed.  Jamar, you are acting like a sweetie.  I LOVE YOU!  Se, that’s what a good best friend does.  Wow.

21.Ricky Braddy – Lousiville – yep
22. Marr Giraud –yes
23. Ju.Not Joyner - yes
24. Jorge Nunez – yes
25. Brent Keith – yes

26. Steven Fowler... oh oh. I don’t know if they’ll let him in...I said yes, but he’s GOT WORK TO DO.  NEVER QUIT BUDDY! You saw my vlog.
Why would you say I should have walked off.
You got it I bet.... WOW –THEY DID PUT HIM THROUGH.  

Just remember singers, don’t stop and start like he did last night.  

27. NORMAN GENTLE – Nick Mitchell will soooo  get in.
He’s going to make the season interesting.  LOL. “I’ll clean simons 20 cars. I’ll wear a bikini like bikini girl.”  Hahaha!  I LOVE HIM. He will sooo get in.
He’s not tricky. Hollywood loves stuff like that.
“Singing and making people laugh” are his passion and they shut him up. Hahah!

LOL. They will take Tatiana and Nate cuz they’re hillarious drama queens and they make me laugh. LOL.

28. Jackie Tohn is IN.
I think they love her cuz that rasp.  Nice acting Randy. LOL.
I love the shoes!  Hahaha!  Just don’t yell so much.  I want to understand the rasp.  

29. Tatiana Del Toro –
I bet they’re going to torture her and then let her in.
SHE MAKES ME LAUGH SO FREAKIN’ HARD! You have to love her or you will pull all your hair out. There is something endearing about her.  LOL.
See – she really can sing.... LOL.
TATIANA, PLEASE GET GROUNDED.  You need to come in her so I can work with you and help you, but they will TOTALLY PICK YOU.

Awe – Paula – you are so sweet to give her your ring.  Awe. I LOVE PAULA.  That was done with a generous heart.
Wow – I’m sooo NOT SURPRISED. She is crying like a baby.  
Hahah!  She hits alot of HIGH NOTES.
She should do voice over work!

Nathan – I love your face.  Hahaha!  Nice clapping.

Jackie Midkiff and Nathaniel – They have never shown Jackie, so it’s obvious that Nathan will get in, because we know him better
Jackie Midkiff – lovely voice but yeah, Nate has it cuz he’s got more of an edge

30. Nathanial Marshall – background – lived everywhere... Mom wasn’t present cuz she had a bad drug problem.  Of course they’ll let him in.
OMG, I love your red pants. Tee hee.
Nathan, I bet you’ll just blow like a superstar
“I’m already there” – great choice!
I’m with you cuz you’re present. Lots of power and sweetness.
Why did Simon call him “Nat”

The reason why Nate is so good is because he can take all that EMOTIONAL ENERGY and channels it into his singing. He has more energy than the other kid.
Suspense music.....  
Yep – i was right again.  The other boy was so cute.  WHY DO THEY KEEP SPLITTING UP FRIENDS?  OH MY GOSH – WHY DID THEY

31. Jeannine Vailes – yes!  

32.Kai Kalama – of course. Dat’s my man!

33. Anne Marie Boskovich – she’s in.  Easy call.

34. Kris Allen – yes.

Both of these men are GREAT. They better both get in.  

35.Matt Giraud– welder
I love this guy.  
Yes, he does have a good heart and ambition – Simon, you are correct for a change.  
Lovely energy

36. Michael Sarver – better get in as well!

Notice how they’re showing both of their families. They will both get in or I WILL TRIP OUT.  They may kick off Matt ... hmmmm.....
They’re making Matt sing.  Let’s see... oh oh.. not as connected.  Not a good choice either but he’s darling.  He said, “I love that song”.  I like his simplicity, but he was nervous. I think Michael will get in.

Michael Sarver sings – oh – he’s already more connected.  He’s in for sure.  See how he surrendered to the moment.  He’s connected and present. Almost went in a trance when they said, “Thank you”  WOW! This guy has got it goin’ on.
Yeah, easy call. Mike’s got it, but Matt, you are AWESOME TOO! Let’s see what happens....OH HOORAY, THEY BOTH GOT IN!  I’M SO GLAD! Yeah, it’s because they’re not best friends so they didn’t get to tear apart a friendship. Whatever.