Episode 10 - February 10, 2009

DOT’S TOP 30 Prediction (As of February 4, 2009)

* possible top 12

*Adam Lambert

* Alex Wagner-Trugman

* Alexis Grace(work on grounding and presence and confidence – you can do it!)

Allison Iraheta

Ann MarieBoskovich

* Anoop Desai

Arianna Afsar

Brent Keith

*Casey Carlson

*Danny Gokey

Jackie Tohn

*JamarRogers(you better get through, but you gotta polish. They usually splitup friendsand they may take Danny over you cuz he’s got a story. =( Ihope you both getin!

Jasmine Murray

* Joanna Pacitti

**Jorge Nunez(YES YES YES!)

Junot Joyner

*Kai Kalama

Kris Allen

*Lil Rounds

Matt Giraud

*Megan Corkrey

Michael Sarver

*Norman Gentle(this guy will get a following – he is interesting)

Ricky Braddy

Scott MacIntyre

Stephen Fowler

Stevie Wright

Taylor Vaifanua

Tatiana Del Toro (she is controversial)

Von Smith  (you’ve had pro experience, interesting voice, but tone it down sweetie!)




72 contestants to a holding room

Band on stage – own instruments.


Adam Lambert, age 26

“Believe” by Cher

Pretty high voice. Able to flow in a place most guys really struggle in.

You’ll make it through.



Playing piano  -Georgia

Nice tone, energy and feel

Nice flips up to head and runs.  Hmmm...



THAT’SWHEN YOU DO MY 4X4X8 BREATHING and other exercises and other exercisesto help the mind work for you and not against you. 

Jamar Rogers

Would have been better to not have mic in the stand thewhole time. 

ILove you Jamar. Keep the eyes open, relate to the audience more. Yousang well, but some of the choices you made as you sang the song mayget you in trouble (choppy)

Danny Gokey

You will certainly make it to the top 12.

Your tone and gentle spirit gives people chills

That raspyness in your voice and vibrato and power come together in a way people really enjoy, including me.  I guarantee you will be a home favorite.

Energy Centers are open – you give it up to the song!

Anoop Desai

My perogative

Weird choice

Jorge Nunez. I love you. Be more confident please.  

Scott MacIntyre

Playing Piano

Visually Impaired dude


A lovely tone – a bit shakey, but the energy is good


Kendall Beard



Stevie Wright 16 yrsold

Good focus, charming


Lil Rounds

You are going to make it to the top 12


Kristin McNamara

“Because of You”

The mouth is open too wide, but you sound great honey.

Don’t blow that voice out.  Connect more to core and move the flow


Mishavonna Henson

Lovely tone – Jazzy – that’s my style girl!


I liked hearing a woman sing it – even though you messed upthe words honey. I won’t tell. “You’re in me now?”

Tatiana will make it. LOL.  Because she is Hollyweird material. LOL.  Sorry Tatiana, but let's face it, you are dramatic.  


Tatiana Del Toro– well, she’s doing something right cut theykeep moving her through!

She has songs under her belt. This is a good idea.  Remember this singers! Be ready!

She actually has a pretty tone.  It is commercial... LOL.  She is hillarious.

She left confident. Hmmm.  


Alexis Grace , 20

I love this kid.


Kenny Hoffpauer

Awe – how cute is he?

Jasmine Murray

Not a good song choice sweetie. 

But you are darling


Nathaniel Marshall

Plays guitar and piano – wow!  You are talented my friend. 

“Disturbia” Hmmm interesting song choice...


Joanna Pacitti

Oops. Forgetting the words?  Butthey will put you through anyway


Casey Carlson –lyric mess ups, ooops


Steven Fowler

On the piano – talking about that it’s not lyrically tonguetwisting. Oh oh. 

Very pretty tone.  Forgive yourself when you mess up sweetie. Don’t ask for a second chance cuz you don’t always get one.  Just SURRENDER TO THE FLOW.


Wow.  You sounded great.  Don’t give up onyourself like that!  Look at what you do well. STAY PRESENT!

They didn’t show my Alex Wagner!  COME ON! He must be giving steady performances.


Nick will get in. He has to. 

Oh the suspense! Okay, commercial. LOL.



Hah.The judges will keep Tatiana cuz she is a trip - and she actually ispretty solid in her dramatic performance. LOL. She obviously works ather craft, so you have to give her credit. 

Norman Gentle aka Nick Mitchell

Nick Mitchell is genius –but he is hiding behind this man

He’s actually got a great voice and quite intertaining.

He will get in, OF COURSE.

Lenishe Young



Anne Marie Boskovich

She is darling. I hope she gets in.


Ju’not Joyner

I love his voice New York city boy

He stopped. At least he laughed and had good spirits.

Please pick this man. He is lovely.

I bet the rooms don’t mean anything.  LOL. They are so brutal on thisshow.  It’s like freakin torturefor these poor kids.

Kaylan Loyd

You got a good voice honey – but were you chewing gum?


Lenishe Young formOhio

Dat’s my girl.

Don’t think about what you can’t do, think about what youcan do

You sang like a hottie!

DON’T LET THAT DOUTBT SET IN. Hmmm.  I really hope she makes it through, buther presence is not as solid as it could be.  Hmmm


Kai Kalama

PLAYING guitar – oversinging

Maybe practicing too much.

This is a common problem but he will get through cuz he’sgot the energy thing going on.


Michael Sarver

I love this guy’s energy

Smooth, clear and SOLID!

This man is going to make it, cuz he’s connectedauthentically.  JUST KEEP BELIEVINGIN YOURSELF SWEETIE.

It’s interesting to see where people default whenthey’re left to their OWN SILENCE!

WHAT IS YOUR INNER DIALOGUE when you’re by yourself?

This is interesting.


NathanielMarshalll is thinking. LOL.  I love his intensity.  Intensity like thatmakes for a good artist! He's a trip!  I love you Nathaniel!


They got my Alex in there!




Alexis Grace, Joanna, Casey, kai Kalama, Arianna, JasmineSteven Fl, Nathaniel M, Michale Sarver



I love India Morrisson

She’s unique.

Give her another chance.


Room 3

DAMMIT – Michale Castro, Lenishe Young,


I loved that Lenishe. PLEASE COME BACK NEXT YEAR!



Oh  please,they’ll get in. LOL.  Yep. Theydid. LOL.

Anoop, Scott, Danny Gokey and Jamar Rogers, Adam Lambert,Lil Rounds, Jorge Nunez, Jackie Tohn



Tatiana is in there. Hah! She is good luck. They will getin!  Hahaha! 

Haha. She is so dramatic! Hahah!

I knew it! Hahah!

Jackie M. Cody, Sheldon Matt Brisky, Ju’not Joyner, NickMitchell , Anne Marie Boxh, Alicia Barton, TK Hash

Ok, we’ll see if this comes close to the list I put out lastweek of TOP 30. Why wasn't that published? HELLO???