Episode 9 - February 4th, 2009


Some of the people don’t have groups. That is hard.

Meghan Corkery –joins  a group

Tatiana del Toro

The laughing girl. LOL.

(I have a vlog about her)

Songs and moves

Getting along


Rose, Lauren, Jazmine and Katrina (bikini girl)

OMG – Rose, you are cute no worries honey.

Going off key – these are great learning exercises!

Group with Danny – nice job!

You can tell they’re getting along.  Dudes are so much easier to work with.Girls ... LOL=emotional. 

Nancy Wilson and Nate Marshall don’t want to add her. 


Tatiana Del Toro – sweetie, you created some drama honey.Eeek.


It’s interesting to see what people do when they’re understress eh Nancy and Katrina.

4:00am her group is a bit tripped out.

DRAMA.  Hmmmm.

This show is sooo brilliant.  LOL.


none of them got sleep. No kidding. Do they ever?

Kristin talking about Nathaniel.  LOL.

Not quite mature kids. LOL.

She obviously doesn’t care much about Idol – does she?

Tatiana’s group got together.. supposedly.  LOL.

Bikini girl is back. OMG.  Nice outfit. Whatever. Drama. It’s too bad that she's ruining it for the other girls. Ouch. 


100 contestants

White chocolate

India Morrison – rap - amazing energy, voice and presence! You go girl!  

Matt Giraud - wonderful

Kris Allen – love you!

Justin Williams – lovely!

WONDERFUL GUYS! That’s how a group should be!

Of course they are through

Blonde – Maryn Azoff

Austin Sisneros

JB Ahfua

Shelby Swartwood

Julissa Veloz

Nick and Jorge got in! Ok. 

Alex W Trugman – my boy! YOU da man. You better get in.

ACTION SQUAD. LOL! I love this.

ALEX WAGNER TRUGMAN – that’s my guy

Ryan Pinkston – nice high voice – not sure about the groupenergy though. 

Annie marie Boskovich – looked confident

Emily Wynne Hughes - nervous – trying a bit too hard – butyou’re still fab

All good voices – come on. Let them in!

WHAT? Ryan was awesome. Why did they cut him? They shouldhave let the whole GROUP THROUGH. It’s cuz she messed up her words. Not sure if Ryan messed up. He sounded a bit late and uncertain in one part – but still fab.  Hmmm.

He said, “Evil in Paula’s eyes?”  LOL!  Well, Idon’t know why they cut Ryan. Maybe I missed something.  Okay, I used my Tivo to rewind.  Maybe they just wanted less men? Idunno. Sorry buddy.  Do you have agood attitude?  Hmmm.

Simon, why must you be so insulting? 


Danny Gokey – I love you! Unique tone and likability!

Jamar Rogers – I love you! Awesome energy and connectedness

Taylor Viafanua - lovely

Who is the other gal? Dang! They didn’t show her name.

Somebody to love.

They all should make it – okay. Good. Phew.


Jeremy Michael Starver –

Adam Lambert – we know you are pro. You’ve had some seriouslessons and it shows.

Matt Breitzke

Jesse Langseth – i love her tone!

Blonde? Name?

They ruled. They all worked together and shone like superstars!!

“some kind of wonderful”


Rose’s group


Lauren Barnes – nice voice but I can tell you’re tiredsweetie. Awe.

Katrina Darrell

Rose flack – did you learn your words? – moves on stage abit awkward

Jasmine Murray – solid voice – sweet attitude, good energyand not a diva.

Bye bye bikini. It’s too bad because Lauren had an AMAZINGVOICE. They should have just kicked BIKINI OUT. The others were good. PoorRose. She really got sucked into the drama. It can happen. I’m bummed out.Lauren – you were just warn out, but PLEASE, keep singing!

David Osmund got kicked! Bummer. You are darling. 

Austin is gone? Awe.

Deanne – good sports

Tatiana’s team. LOL.

Muna Hiluf - alot of vibrato

Tatiana Del Toro – not great singing tonight hon. 

What about the other two?

THEY ALL GOT THROUGH? OMG – the judges tortured them and then let them in!

What is the name of the girl in the purple?



Wow –they prayed. How cute.

I hope they nail it!

Blonde – “I’m just tired of the drama...” hmmm. Not a goodthing to say – but at least she’s honest

Nathienel Marshal:   hecan move. He has presence and passion. He can sing too - just breathe baby. 

Nancy Wilson – not sure honey – oh oh, blubbed up the words!

Kristine Mc Namara – got soul – don’t open mouth so wide

They stopped them fast.

You can sense the energy

The blonde one is in I bet. Hmmmm.

Nancy is upset cuz that girl was trying to rest her voiceand she wanted to practice. 

It’s hard seeing people get disappointed.  Phew!

Where is my zen girl? I believe she may get cut because they did not show her.  BUMMER.  Oh well Melinda! Take that 15 minutes of FAME AND RUN WITH IT!  Audition to your heart’s content. You were interesting. 

75 PPL made it through TONIGHT.