Episode 6 - January 28th, 2009

David Osmund has soul

Amazing voice. I love you David.

He’s darling


Tara Matthews, 21?

From SLC

“One day I’ll fly away”

Goth chick

Kind of high.

She just needs to work on her tone. Has music in her soul

Simon said “You sounded herrendous like a baby”

Just high pitch notes = bad song choice – too slow and weary. Give her a break though. Sheish.


Aleesha Turner, 19

Vounyty vhivk -ooops. What was that?

Katie Sullivan ,18

Musical theater – blonde – nice voice – just not for Idol


Rich Kagel

Chris Kirkham, 26

Good luck bunny – it was upstaging him. 

Not a good idea to have props when you try to sing

They think he’s crazy


Showing lots of rejects and the nice “thank you’s”

LOL. I used to live there.  It is all true.


Pep talk from Ryan Seacrest


Frankie Jordon, 24 – from Hollywood

Pretty confident. 

Good for you with your visualization!

Stay at home Mom – feels she can do anything!  WELL, maybe you can.

Amy Winehouse “I’m No good”

They like her. I’m glad you’re in touch with your inner- diva! Keep singing


Megan Corkrey, 23

Recently divorced. 

She’s a very pretty girl with a beautiful child.  OMG – why are they making this sodramatic?  Sheish!

I’m glad you’re going for what you love. I hope you cansing.  Her birthday is today!Cool.  Please get in

“Can’t Help  LovingDat man

Weird song choice, but I like your voice cuz you have aunique tone.

You started low- kind of sped it up a bit.

You’re version is different.  Keep doing this. I actually agree with Simon for once.  Wow.  Yes you are a pretty little thing and I'm glad you're in. Just take your time when you sing and stay present.  Oh – are those tatoos are your arm? Surprise!

Andrew Gibson, 21

Low voice. Sing bass in a choir. I like your voice.  Just totally wrong song choice.

Yes, you have soul in your voice.  Awe.  Sing in aboy group


Austin Sisneros    17

Senior Class president

When i Look to the sky

OMG – Riverton – I remember that school! Friends who went there.  LOL. 

Nice voice – good energy.  I like your genuinness

Kind of country sound

I like your attitude. Smart kid. 

It takes a village by Raffi. What?

I like the wings on your shirt dude.  You are an angel. You sing like one!

They’re saying all that good stuff about you that I alreadywrote.  LOL.

I’m so glad he made it! 

JUST GET BETTER SONGS AND GET MORE HIP with what’s goin’on.  But


Why do they have to show people crying?  Sheish already.


Jarret Burns, 21 - Orem

I liked you!  I think they maybe it was a weird song choice.

LESSON – don’t try to impress them with runs


Taylor Viafunua,16


5’11 tall girl - pretty

The tone of her speaking voice sounds like it would be nicewhen she sings

I like how sweet and pretty her sound is.  Runs not necessary.

She sang without trying.  JUST SANG AND IT WAS NICE

Kara saw her in the bathroom – says, “you really wanted thisdon’t you.”

I like this gal. She feels like a NATURAL SINGER to me, who is already connected


Rose is coming up.. that is so dramatic already! LOL!


Rose Flack, 17

Fro Idaho.  Isthat a little doggie?  Howsweet. 

Best friend and her family took her in.

Dad passed at 13. 

Mom dies at 15 in car accident

OMG.  I’m gladyou have a sweet brother who loves you.

Tina Bye – adopted family.

Great story.


“I feel the earth move” Carl King

Nice voice.  Butget grounded.

Is that a tongue ring?

You have a natural talent.  Watch your pitches though – support your voice.

A bit flat here and there but they will pick you. 

What you have special is your ENERGY!  PEOPLE NEVER TALK ABOUT THIS, BUT it’swhat makes a good singers GREAT!

Do some scale exercises and #’s.  Get my CORE CD and follow the instructions and your voicewill improve.