Episode 5 - January 27th, 2009

Joshua Ulloa 22 - yes

(Justin G)

Marvin Gaye’s song “Let’s Get it On”

Got the runs down, a little silly with it

Wah wah

Randy said it’s entertaining – Simon said yes –they all saidyes cuz you have a voice!

Good energy – a bit off the wall, but something cool abouthim



Sharon Wilbur, 25 - yes


THE kiss with PAULA AND KARA – what? Why?

Why didn’t the DOG go on Randy’s lap cuz he’s always talkin’about them.

Just got haircut

“Super star” Karen Carpenter

Nice tone, nice energy, a bit whiny – raspy –but it works

Be careful pushing a but a unique tone.  My guess is that you might get tiredafter singing

Dog was ADORABLE and that was my fav

Black man french kisses shihtzu – that was hot in a scaryway.

Are you going to bring your doggie to hollywood


**Dana Moreno, 24

Chaka Kahn –through the fire?

Started off so good. Then high larynx award!

Through the fire – screaming! OMG.  Honey chile. That just ain’t right.


Kineshwa Finnie, 16

Anita Baker “Caught up in the retro of love”

Calm, cool collected and confidence

Mom said she’s been doing it forever

Intro bom bom, singing the music

Shakey, not grounded

Great smile – “voice, just terrible” – Simon

She doesn’t agree with him

Getting the mother! Simon tells her

I’m glad she stuck her tongue out at the camera. She’s only16. Just work on your voice and give it a few years.  Record yourself. You have some work to do sweetie.



**Julissa Veloz, 19***

Candida! LOL! Candidata

Latin girl

Whitney Houston

“I have Nothing”

I liked it! “There’s Nowhere to hide” – that note “hide” moved me.

She didn’t look grounded but she got there.

Let her sing again Simon! You’re a dork.  She sounded GREAT!

Paula went to talk with her?  What!  Weird

They said Yes. They better. She’s got a set of pipes

She Needs polishing and grounding

But I REALLY LIKE HER! SHE’S A CUTIE. She was present. That’s why I like her BEST.


Darin  Darnell

Very cute OMG. It is so cute that you care about your friend

Head hung low for friend – get over it baby.


“It’s so hard to say goodbye”  Boyz II Men

Try my best to sing

Lost all his confidence.  Was this because of his friend, or do you always sound likethat?

Crying – too much pressure.

True what she said about the music business. OMG


All the sad people.

Don’t be devastated people!  You are still good. It’s not the end of the world.

Hollywood does not define you


Naomi Sykes, 25 - OMG

Girl who meets Randy – Samantha  - sit on Randy’s lap

Loving you by Mandi Riverton

All that commotion

It’s pretty sad when your best friend laughs

Does the high part at the end. 

Since you have a high register, work on that.  Just be in a choir and sing soprano


Day #2?


Jasmine Murray, 16 - DARLING



“Big Girls Don’t Cry”

Nice tone and look. ADORABLE - get a better song

They will say yes

GREAT FOR ONLY 16! I love the screams of your success. LOL!

You are gorgeous already. Have a fashion show.



George Ramirez, 18

Studying physics

“Walkin’ on Sunshine”

This show IS GETTING REALLY WEIRD. I really hope this guycan sing.

I really really do.

Wants a Simple house with nice marble floors

Didn’t introduce song.

This is getting cruel. WHY DID THEY SHOW THIS MAN? Awe.  


Okay, it’s 8:42 pm and I’m currently not impressed with theshow so far.  What are theydoing?  I do have respect for thefact they are trying to make good entertainment, but I’m starting to feel likethey’re just exploiting people! There are plenty of great people they could have put on the show so far,that could actually sing, but instead they chose to humiliate some poor physicsAmish looking dude and sad black man. Sheish already!



*****Anne Marie Boskovich, 22


She could sing GREAT. Just pick her already and move on.

Simon – you are trying to make good television.


Search for “inner superstar.” Says Simon.  Whatever.

I call it “Finding your inner diva” 

****nice tone – pretty voice – I like how she’s making ithers.  YOUR HAIR IS PRETTY DEAR. Isthat all you? OMG.



T.K. Hash, 23 - yes

North Carolina

Nice attitude and big smile. Cute Brotha. 

John Lennon “Imagine”

Why are you doing David’s version?

Lovely voice.  Ilove you anyway, but please, keep it simple sweetie.  You don’t need so much decoration.  Sing from your soul – not your left brain

Ryan talking with his mom.

Simon said no. I’m glad he got in! JUST FIND YOUR TRUE VOICE.

Listen to yourself resonate



Michael Perrelli, 18

Unique speaking voice

High tenory – no guitar!


Hiding behind his instrument are we?

“As long as I don’t freak out”

3rd eye blind, jumper

YES – PICK HIM. Unique tone

Teens will like him.

Also, it’s his own take on the song

They should pick him! HE WILL GET BETTER FAST.

I think he has something VERY UNIQUE TO OFFER

Teens will love him. They told him to get a band

Don’t be devastated – but be nice to your mother.

SHEISH.  I don’tknow about the attitude. It’s just a show honey. It doesn’t mean you suck.


Walking on Sunshine


Salt Lake City better be much more entertaining, with allthose dang talented Mormons, they got