Episode 3 - January 20th, 2009

Tatiana Del Toro,23

Gave them a gift - smart move.  They will remember you. From Peurto Rico

"Naughty album"- hmmmm.  Simon seems to like it

Never Loved a Man Are


“I don’t think she has the vocals but I like her vibe”

annoying laugh – OMG. Are you serious honey?  Youare interesting but....

Nick Reed, Antelope CA – red hair – eat


Jiayi Yu, age 16 – build this city on rock and roll


Dean Anthony Bradford

27, LA CA

The coat

Special even production company crashed

Side burns

Stars by simply red

Moving up and down – too dramatic

High larynx

Runs and going nuts

“over the top turture”

too dramatic – went over the top runs, way to muchhoney.  The facial expressions wereinteresting, but truth is, you are capable of a lot vocally.  Just slow down. I bet you are great atmulti-tasking right?

Jesus Valenqula

“Unchained Melody”

family man

Kid made him audition

Kids out there waiting for him

Sing for the kids

“I’m not going to make these kids sad”

Awe – you sang so much better for your kids.  That’s cuz your heart was in it.  You may have something, but you’regoing to need to work on it.


singing in the cheeks –bubble cheeks. OMG – I can do that!

Dalton Powell

Age 18

rubix cube dude wearing black

Oh Baby Baby... that’s too bad honey but at least you’re agenious.

Singing falsetto

The whole song

Never sang in front of people



James Smith Sacramento

Hot black dude with a nice chest and arms

At least you’re cute.

Akilah Askew-Gholston , 26  #5190

Original Song – “Makes Me love”

Choppy “natural woman”

Sing from your heart my Sista!



Too mechanical

Great tone, unique sound –

You can carry a tune – you’re just singing from the wrongpart of your brain

Tune in to your soul power – let go of all the technicalpart

You are going to be my SPOTLIGHT. I like you.


John Twiford Sherman Oaks – Age 27

Asesome – felt his spirit – keep an  eye on him!

Longish hair - darling


Allison Iraheta – age 16

LA – good for you

Raquel Houghton, LA



Annie Murdoch, 28 – short blonde hair

Novato, CA Plays violin, piano and “scats like Ella” – NOT!

Summertime, Always have a plan - Don’t change yoursong.  Don’t waste their time.

Butchering the song Oh my.

Dramatic and over done –“drunk”

Make the song yours – be authentic with it. Seriously nowhoney.


Adam Landbert

Hollywood, CA

Been in wicked

“Bohemian Rhapsody”

high tenor voice

theatrical – good singer

easy, flow.

“he’s the best we’ve seen in every city”

He was good, but didn't move me like 2 others. But great voice!


* Kai Kalama - my favorite tonight

“Smoke gets in your eyes

San Climente, CA

Mom has seizure disorder

Gorgeous voice – connected authentically

Get your performance “up” - is what they said.  I say, "don't change a thing.  You are grounded and just fine.  Just be yourself.  Good job honey!