Episode 2 - January 14th, 2009

Kansas City

Chelsea Marquardt – 15th
Parson KX
Age 19
Blonde, black dress
Vibrato – very pretty
Whiny – weak, out of control, young
Work on scale, do vocal strengthening drills
“I’ve heard people way worse.”
Nerves kicked in – weak
“Can’t Live if Livin’ is Without You”
oblivious that she’s not good.

“Sounded like a cat jumping off the empire state building and the noise it would make before it hit the floor”
“That doesn’t help anybody – take something positive that she can take in.”
Picked the wrong song – no –

Ashley Anderson
Clarksburg NJ, Age 20
“Footsteps in teh Sand”

Simon interrupted her – showed off
Nice long brownish hair
Nice color
Don’t open your mouth too wide
Nice low tone
Learn the words better to your songs – especially if you’re going to pick on Simon co-wrote. 
“Tough song to sing”
“I want to see what you can bring to the show” Kara judge

Casey Carlson – 20 Mineappolis, MN
Long brown hair, charm
Don’t open your mouth too wide
Don’t rush, stay present.
Great voice and vibe and look
Great hair layers!

Brian Hettler
20, Kansas city Moussori
“Big guy, big heart, big  voice
Classically trained –
Returning to music
Dreams of doing this for the rest of his life
“Think” Aretha – why on earth did you do that/
Dancing – low larynx!
Was hitting all the notes – it’s how you’re hitting them
Simon – “I hated everything – just aweful.”
Josh Grobin – LOW LARYNX
Crossover from classical to pop
Pushing it down
Confused because he hit every note


JJames Michael Avance
Edumd, OK
High larynx –

Billy Vinson
Chubby guy w/ mustache. Awe

Chris Jones – ages 21
Kansas city

Deandre Hopkins
Amazing Grace
Not even singing the right key
Scale – “serious, it was terrible”

****Von Smith
22 years old
Green Wood, MO

Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
“Can’t” too much drama
Good energy
Belted it out
When you open your mouth too wide, the muscles of the larynx do not work properly and hinder vocal expression, creating less space in the throat.
So – be careful.  Chill out – don’t push your voice.
Keep singing like that all day and you’ll lose it
Ever lost your voice? I bet you have?
Randy impressed –
Simon – good voice
Paul – absolutely
Other judge – take risks that other singers can’t
‘Can’t wait to see more- ‘
Trying to take more risks!  NO NO NO!

MICHAEL CASTRO – Jason Castro’s brother
Rockwall, TX
20 years old.
“girly” knows how to express his emotions
20 days before audition
“I n love with the Girl”

watch the last words on each phrase – sing to the end of the phrase
ground more – see how you were swaying
“can’t really get anything with your voice.. never quite sure whether really into it.”
“Ballsy dude – I have a secret”
They said YES
They said he was cocky

Banana man

Matt Breitzke
Randy – no – kara – yes, Paula – yes – simon – agrees with girls
Bixby, OK
Welder fabricator
Bald dude looks like a bouncer
27 Years old
Aint no sunshine
Dynamic  loud, soft, committed to each note
Until the very end

Simon says yes –
Stay present with the entire songs

Jasmine Joseph

somwehre over hte rainbow
contast – blue and red hair
opened her mouth too much too
breathy unsupported tone
inner dialogue – spaced out, hoped
just left!

Jessica Furney, 20
Takes care of grandma who can’t hear well
Omega, KS
Worked her whole life
“Cry Baby “ janis Joplin
presence when she walked into room
cool hair
Randy ‘ nice natural tone”
All judges yes

2 chubby black girls
Red tall
Asia – McClain – in red

India Morrison
-    she has presence and charisma, but work on your voice
-    shaky, needed support

Jamar Rogers, 26 bartenders – GREAT VOICE! MY FAV.
Mikwaukee, WI
California Dreamin’
Raspy – good energy
I felt chills
Got the tone, rasp bit – control, dynamic
“overdone – over tthe top – but they felt it!
One of my favorites
SAID it was overdone – faces – not true  “a bit corny”

Daniel (Danny) Gokey
28 year old Music Teacher
Painful – 4 weeks before audition – wife passed away with heart condition
“heard it thru the grapevine”
flips from head to chest voice “surprise”
soulful –
“good tonal quality, rhythm, intune”
They all loved him.
He appealed to my left brain

GIRLS – issues
Anoop  Desai
Master student in folklore – myth in southern culture
“Thank you”boyx 2 men”
Rhythm – great, soul
DARLING! Vibe, personality
Made it his
Simon – said he looks “geeky” shut up Simon!

Andrew Lang, 19
Cheerleaders in red who did the splits
“my Girl”
Columbian, MO – animated – moving a little too much.
Watch your high notes
Great tenor voice
Get in musical theatre 3 year thing.
He worked so hard and wanted him to get it
Great voice
Do it next year – you’re only 19. Chickeezie

Asa Barnes
“The way you make me feel”
28 yr old band director
plays drums
adorable tone – watch larynx
“I like it – it’s a great song”
sang Michael – it wasn’t a disaster
hot, vibe – good personality

Michael Nicewonder, age 20
Grand Island, NJ
Bad blonde bad hairdo and big teeth
Own mother doesn’t think he can sing
Related to Hank Williams Jr.
Original song – never do an original song! DUH and not a cheesy on that says, “cro-hoosss over”

Body singers -
Dennis Brigham – 19 years old arsenio
He had a dream about Simon
“With You” Chris Brown
moving too much
upstages your voice
he was grounded but too much
too animated
but has presence


Mia Connelly , 27
Kansas City, MO
“lovin’ you – mandy rippleton
off key – jumping up to notes
out of control
wathes too much TV – record self and listen

Special mentions:
Lil Rounds, 23
Memphin, TN
Lived thru Tornado
3 kids
Classy – a signer’s singer – “Fantasia and Mary J Blige”
“All I do” Stevie Wonder