Gratitude is a tool that brings singers confidence.

1. Allow yourself to enjoy your voice - like you did when you were a kid. Don’t get caught up in technique. Let an experienced vocal coach walk you through that. Your job is to enjoy the experience of your voice.

2. Realize that peace, ease and freedom are our natural states of being. If we can be grateful for these things in our life, then our voice will reflect that gratitude and sound more confident.

3.  Start noticing what you like about your voice. It’s much more enjoyable than noticing what you don’t like because when you focus on what you like, it gets bigger and better if you allow it to. This builds confidence. For example, I never used to like the sound of my voice, but I knew I could hold out notes for a long, long time and also hit low notes for a girl. This was the beginning of me discovering and expanding the range and power of my voice.

4. Acknowledge your Musical Intelligence (M.I.):
If I were to hit a note on a piano and sang a note that wasn’t quite the right note along with it, there’s a pretty good chance you’d be able to tell and it would feel quite unpleasant. So far, I’ve never met anyone who didn’t know. This is because each of us have the ability to recognize truth. When something is “out of alignment” we can tell. I call this awareness “Musical Intelligence” (M.I.) and it is a gift we are all born with. This awareness is something to be grateful for!  If you can recognize hearing what is wrong, then you’re capable of hearing what is right. It is a foundation for creating a solid voice.

5. If you’re concerned about knowing if you have a good voice, then click here for some tips and read #3

Especially during this festive time of year, recognize that the power of our thoughts has a direct effect on our singing success, and work through limiting beliefs, allowing ourselves to conceive only of what we want, as we affirm and realize our utmost desires.  Gratitude is key in understanding what we have and building confidence. I hope these tools provide a safe soil for you and your voice to be nourished, just as a planted seed needs nourishment in order to grow.