The Six Stages to Becoming an Empowered Singer
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A new season emerges as we shift into the last quarter of 2008. Some of us have school, while others are looking forward to watching the newest season of our favorite TV show. Others are busy at work, tending to our families and doing what we're used to doing. One thing we all have in common, is that we love to sing!

As we strive to find balance in life, and to becoming an Empowered singer, many of us find ourselves stuck in one or more of the six categories below.

MIND singers—develop an unhealthy imbalance in letting 'mind' dominate their singing habits. There are two extremes:

1. Extroverted: "Perfectionist" singers get caught up in thinking about and analyzing the technicalities of singing, (left-brained stuff) and focus more on how their voice sounds, forgetting about the enjoyment of expression and feeling. This is the most common kind of stage for singers to be in.

2. Introverted: Singers who zone out while they sing, not really paying attention to what is happening now. They are NOT "in the zone,"they are "zoned out." Oftentimes, they do not even remember their performances because their mind was somewhere else while they were singing. This is the second most common kind of stage fo singers to be in. 

SOUL singers...


... develop an unhealthy imbalance in letting 'feelings' dominate their singing habits.

3. Extroverted: "Oblivious" singers don't want to listen to themselves, they just enjoy making a sound and usually do it quite loudly. These singers can be amazing or horrific, depending on their genetic disposition and natural gift. Surprisingly, these singers are NOT common.

4. Introverted: "Overly Conscious" singers do not feel safe to allow themselves to express. Oftentimes, they have not given themselves permission to be heard. As a result, they may sound like they're singing in a box, or might experience a dramatic change when they are alone, versus singing in front of somebody else.

BODY singers–develop an unhealthy imbalance in letting "body" dominate their singing habits.

5. Extroverted: "Physically conscious" singers are highly focused on what their outer appearance is doing while they sing. They are oftentimes dancers, very focused on fancy moves, what they're wearing, or anything on the outside. To them, what others see is more important than what they hear, and oftentimes, they let their body upstage their voice!

6. Introverted: "Physically conscious" singers who don't want anybody looking at them! They would rather sing and NOT be seen. They feel completely intimidated by the idea that eyes are starting at them while they share their voice and are happy to hide themselves behind a wall or microphone while they sing.

If you were able to identify which group you're in (yes, YOU, not your best friend) – now what?

That's where me, your Vocal Empowerment Coach comes in.  Depending on which group you're in, (and I can help you discover this if you're unsure) I will provide you with tools that will help you overcome being stuck in these stages, so that your voice can have a happy balance of Mind, Soul and Body awareness. The good news is—knowing your voice is more than half the battle, and if you were able to identify which stage you're in, it will be much easier for you to overcome your patterns.

Singing should be enjoyable, free and natural. Begin Empowered singing by creating peace in your MIND through breathing. You can purchase my Practicing with C.O.R.E. Power CD, which not only has highly effective vocal warm-up drills, but also gives singers an opportunity to create this powerful fuel for a strong, healthy voice to emerge. If you're unable to get into Dots' Voice Studios by calling 310.497.6193, then Practicing with C.O.R.E. Power is your best bet to discovering your voice, as well as warming it up!

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