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Meet Los Angeles Vocal Coach Dot Todman


A Special Note from Dot
Hello and welcome to my website!  My name is Dot Todman.

One common mistake many singers make is that they spend so much time, money and energy focusing on technique, but still find themselves not satisfied because they did not learn how to sing authentically.  After teaching hundreds of students over several years and being a professional singer myself, I discovered that addressing only the technical aspects of the voice barely scratches the surface to really having an empowered voice.

Let's face it, we all have different confidence levels, muscle memories, brain neurology, genetic dispositions, and as a result, different ways of vocally expressing ourselves. So, to focus only on one  technique and assume that it alone will work for everybody, is unrealistic and can result in a lot of frustration.

Because I wanted to empower everyone who I come in contact with, I spent several years creating a winning formula that works.  It works because it is INTEGRATIVE, and address all parts of your instrument—your mind, your soul, and your VOICE. MY CORE VOCAL POWER. System includes my cutting-edge vocal drills that were designed to suit a diversity of vocal needs and also includes my C.H.A.S.E.™ Method which will help you feel more confident, give you more clarity, and even bring you joy and inner peace—at least that's what my students tell me.

I invite you to click on the Testimonials and read about my amazing students and what they have to say.

I realized that since what I’m doing has impacted so many people for good, if I created an interactive website, I could share it with many more people, because not everyone has the luxury of coming into Dot’s Voice Studios. This is my gift to the world, and my mission is to help people experience their voice from a place of POWER and AWARENESS!

In short, there is a lot in store for you here on my website, such as articles, free vocal tips on video, downloadable vocal exercises, including my Practicing C.O.R.E. Vocal Power Warm Up CD , and more.

By joining me on Facebook, you'll have access to inspirational vocal advice, and there will even be opportunities to get feedback about your voice from me live!

I welcome you to our community of singers, actors, songwriters, musicians, businessmen, teens, children, and everyday people! Have fun browsing!

Learn how to win at an audition, and discover the secrets to singing success!

Get hands on vocal tools in a comfortable, hip environment where you will benefit from the power of a small group setting.

Read more about Dot's Vocal Empowerment Workshops!

Students on Track

Introducing Cristina Sasso

Cristina Sasso

Methods & Systems


Over the course of several months, as I learned more about how we use our brain, I was surprised to find that most of my students who saw the lady spinning to the right when they were singing, had an easier time getting through the drills and building their voice.  But even more surprisingly....
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