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"Children are responsive to music because they are more present than most adults.

With the right encouragement, they have the ability to surrender and be vulnerable much easier than grown ups.”

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In addition to her vocal expertise, Dot is a certified school teacher and has worked with children ages 4 and up for over 18 years. From Beverly Hills to South Central, and across the United States and Canada, Dot has worked with Gifted children to Special and everything in between! She has developed curriculum for, and understands different learning styles and temperaments. Though she has taught basic Math, Reading, and English, amongst other subjects, teaching Music is her favorite!

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Through Dot’s Integrative Vocal Empowerment System, Children learn:

  • vocal confidence
  • performance skills
  • listening skills
  • stage presence
  • vocal awareness
  • movement
  • proper breathing... and more!

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“I love working with kids because they tell it like it is and keep it real. They don’t haveas many ‘vocal wounds’ (Dot’s term for someone who has held on internally to something hurtful that somebody said about their voice –usually when they were younger) as we adults do, so when they go tosing, it’s much easier to help them integrate the empowering skills they need to really develop their voice... I love to see the shyest child blossom as a singer and I’ve had it happen in just moments during my classes while it might take an adult much much longer!”


Ages 6-8; 9-12

Ages 13-17

Ages 18 and up

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