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Students on Track
Dot spotlights her students who express a willingness to master their voice.

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Cristina Sasso

Highlights from Dot:

“Looking back brings a lot of smiles. I can honestly say that Cristina has worked hard and it’s paying off for her. She came in here as a talented singer and songwriter and over the past two and a half years, I’ve watched her grow dramatically in both areas. She’s expanded her range, improved her tone, control and confidence, and stepped into her own unique style as an artist.  

Thank you Cristina, for the wonderful experience of working with you and your amazing spirit!  I wish you continued success in your vocal journey!”

Cristina Shares Her Thoughts

Hear Cristina talk about how taking 15 minutes a day of Dot’s recommended quiet time helped her, and listen to her warm up, and gain mastery through her RESONATING TONES during her private lessons with Dot!

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HEAR Cristina’s latest song!

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