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Owning Our Energy - Part 2 Print E-mail

I recently found out that someone very close to me had been lying to me about our relationship for five years! All the while, I knew there was something wrong because their energy did not match their words. ENERGY never lies. But words do. 

People do interesting things when they’re confronted about their energy. Sometimes they laugh, shriek, or want to hide. Their voice might crack when they speak if they’re hiding. Often, they will get angry at anything that challenges them to be AUTHENTIC, while all along, they think they are successful at hiding, the WORLD ALWAYS SEES OUR FLAWS, because it’s in our energy. It’s in the VIBES we carry. When we stuff it back, over time, it will always end up creating some form of dis-comfort or dis-ease in the body. Eventually, we all have to deal with it. 


When we use our voice, it conveys our emotion. “E-motion” means energy-in-motion. Even if we try to hide it, people will always “feel” the underlying vibe behind our words and if they’re not in sync with what we’re saying, that could create a problem—especially for the sensitive ones. And everybody knows, ARTISTS ARE SENSITIVE PEOPLE!

When we sing, we take the sound of our voice, and we prolong (sustain) it through the resonating cavities in our BODY. We give the opportunity to our vocal folds to vibrate and filter air for longer periods at a time, moving MORE energy through our resonating body.


What kind of energy do you want to OWN and therefore, CONVEY?

It’s something to think about...because remember, it all begins with a THOUGHT.

For example, let’s say:
I have an audition that I really want to land, but I don’t feel prepared, even though I am. I want them to know that I am prepared.

(Already I gave away some power. As soon as I find myself saying, “I want them to...” I’m giving power away.)

I get to the audition, FEELING unprepared, but thinking, “I want them to know I’m prepared.”

Guess what happens?
Since my THOUGHT—‘being prepared’ did not match my FEELING—‘unprepared,’ the result:
Even though I WANTED them to think I was prepared, and I gave them a big-ole smile and delivered my lines appropriately they rated my performance as “unprepared” and “uncomfortable.”

WHY? Because, my THOUGHTS did not align with my FEELINGS.


1.  GET PRESENT: Play the "I am now..." game. As you go through your day. This will  help you to pay more attention and have more focus during each task with out distractions.  When you sing a song, you need to have the focus to take the audience on a journey. This cannot be faked. When you are present, it gives your thoughts a chance to align with your feelings.

More to come next time!

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