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Read Dot’s Exclusive Letter to Season 8 American Idol Contestant Tatiana Del Toro.  This letter is meant to empower all artists everywhere. Let’s learn and grow from one another!

Dear Tatiana,
    I know you are probably very confused, discouraged, overwhelmed and saddened by your recent “departure” from American Idol.  I want to write this letter to you, because believe it or not, my heart goes out to you. You are in the process of defining who you are as a human being, and when you’re in a show as big as American Idol, you’re not only dealing with your every day personal concerns, but all that energy and pressure from all of the millions of watchers, friends, and family. Everybody is giving you advice, telling you how you should act, think, feel, and what to say. Some are trying to help you, and others hurt you. It can be a very difficult process. This is why it’s so important to know who you are and LOVE who you are.
    It appears that over the episodes you have been featured on, you have changed dramatically, from a gitty, flighty, emotional girl, to a mellow, dramatic girl, to a girl with a thick accent. Well, maybe all of these are aspects of you, but I’m here to tell you and others, that it is important for YOU to define who you are.  People don’t respect someone who appears “lost,” no matter how badly you want something. You have the determination and quite a gift, but somehow, you haven’t found a way to really make that work for you yet, because you got lost in the confusing energy of other people. Now it’s time for you to learn how to “OWN your energy.” You’re not the only one on this Season’s Idol who got lost in trying to DEFINE YOURSELF as an ARTIST. But you were the most interesting one! And I knew they would bring you back because of that. I believe that you have something very good, and once you choose to define what that is, you just may make an even bigger, better mark in the world. The reason why so many people talked about you isn’t because you are a bad person, it is because you remind us all of our own weaknesses. We’re all connected, and you my friend, have made an impact. So be proud of yourself. You got much further than many of the others. And I don’t believe it was because of your laugh.  It has more to do with the fact that you can sing, and you were “interesting.”

The things you did right:

    1. You always had a song under your belt – great repertoire.
    2.  You showed great passion and determination.
    3.  You trained your voice and worked hard to sound great.
    4.  You took care of your outer appearance and looked great!

The things you still need to learn:

    1.  How to Connect Authentically to who you really are.
    (When you do this, there is no “competition.” It is just an adventure. You feel happy, at ease and accepting of what is. Scotty MacIntyre gets this on some level.)

    2.  How to define yourself as an Artist.  Know what you have to offer.
    (When you do this, you choose how you want to feel and own your own energy. You recognize your inner power and you don’t try, you trust.)

    3.  How to recognize your amazing qualities as a human being!
    (When you do this, you always have your own back. There is no despair, striving or failure, just life lessons.)

    4.  How to be PRESENT.
    (When you do this, there is no past – worries, there is no future yearning. There is just what I call, the “Wowness of the Nowness.” That amazing feeling you get when you belt out your favorite song and no one is around, and you feel so alive. You’re not judging yourself. You’re not even trying, you’re just BEING. You showed us glimpses of this in your first stage performance, and it shocked people.  Learn how to stay in the moment and go with it.  

You do have a gift, my friend. I hope that you continue to sing, and let this American Idol competition empower you. I have a feeling it will. Just spend time alone, with yourself. Sit quietly and just breathe. When thoughts come up, don’t judge them. Just breathe. Over time, you will feel better. Life goes on my friend. Yes, people will talk about you, but remember something; It’s none of your business what other people say about you. It is your business HOW YOU CHOOSE TO SHOW UP IN THE WORLD! Keep on SINGING honey chile and best of luck in your vocal journey.


Dot Todman  
(To read Dot's advice to all Season 8 American Idol Contestants, Become a Member and Click HERE )
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