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Well this week, I enjoyed Idol, but I have to say, there sure was a lot of DRAMA, which makes for good reality TV!
Truth is, the nature of the Music industry can be very dramatic...nonetheless, Iím interested in the stuff beneath the surface, so I'm not going to mention the obvious here. 

Isn't it amazing to see what people do when theyíre under stress? Hopefully after viewing these episodes, we can recognize that this show is not just about finding pure talent, is it? Stress has a way of pointing us to our weakness.  
Watching how these singers responded in the situation of being forced to co-operate, learn and come up with something to perform in a group, as well as let their light shine was something to learn from. I asked myself the question after certain people got cut - "why?"  Then I rewound my tivo and watched more closely.

Some of the people who got cut were not quite present, or let someone else get the best of them. This wasn't always the case, I'm sure, but the parts we were allowed to see showed groups that had obvious conflict and obvious synergy.

If you want to know more specifics about why I thought some of the contestants got kicked off you can go to the Members section of my website, click on Dot's Idol Vlog and Dot's Idol Notes.

In the meantime....
Let's address how to help you as singers get through Hollywood week next year. 
Itís always easy to point fingers at other people and see the obvious - but what would YOU do in those situations?

HEREíS THE KEY to becoming an authentic, empowered singer:

Recognize that SINGING IS NOT about you, itís about how your energy allows others to feel.

After watching the show, you can ask the following questions and write about them in your vocal journal.
1. How do you feel about yourself?
2. How much are you willing to allow your true VULNERABLE self to feel comfortable around others?
3. How much are you willing to SURRENDER to the moment and let go - while staying connected to who you are?

Itís easy to point fingers - but look at the people who made it through and think about if you have the characteristics beyond talent, such as: flexibility, kindness, drive, stamina, focus, presence, authenticity and diplomacy. If not, how will you develop these traits?

Well, it certainly doesn't mean that every person who made it to the top 36 is a fully developed masterful human, and that the people who got cut aren't, but I guarantee that having these traits will help you win as a singer, and keep you sane as a human being!


Get on a regular routine of inner-self improvement. If you donít know what this means, visit my website at  There's a lot of great info on there, from vocal health and well being, to the psychology behind great singing and how to master the mind. You can also get my "Practicing with C.O.R.E. Power CD", which teaches you how to center, breathe, resonate and enjoy the sound of your voice, as well as warm it up properly.  

After watching this week's episodes, can you deny that there's more to making it, than meets the eye?  I'm not saying that Idol is a true representation of the Music Industry, but one thing is very true about American Idol:  the people are real souls, and their talents and spirits are evolving under a lot of pressure, and that aspect can be very true to the Music Industry.  At the end of the day, it's about personal choice.  Do you choose to believe you can do it and are you willing to believe in yourself and work towards your dream, no matter what? 

These are some things for you to think about. The next time you have a stressful situation, or someone behaves in a way you wouldn't want them to, think about how you can effectively deal with that stress, and get the coping skills to stay sane, happy and balanced in an ever-evolving world. 

To read Dot's Exclusive Notes on American Idol Contestants she took while watching the show, click here

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