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                 Our world teaches us to go-go-go!  We drive, we work, we use computers, we type, we use our cell phones, we even text—always running, to something, or somewhere in the future. We multi-task, we eat and use our computer, watch tv, talk on phone, read while driving—you name it!  And it’s usually because we’re trying to save time. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time. We become tired so we get addicted to coffee to stay awake.  Then we wonder why we have indigestion, high blood pressure, headaches, jitters, and many other stress related diseases. And stress is the number one killer in our society.

                  Somehow, in all of the chaos, there is a creative genius in all of us, and that voice that gets expressed every now and then.  Maybe we write music, or sing back-up.  Maybe we have our own band and we’re the lead singer, or we’re trying to develop as an artist.  Maybe we’re a closet singer and we just want to discover more of our gift. Whatever it is we do creatively is our outlet and we do it because it feels good. It’s fun and something about doing it makes us feel like more of who we really are.  But in our crazy world, finding the time to tap in to our creative genius might feel like “work.”

                  In addition, there are demands that we creative people have to meet. We’re expected to get up on that stage and be completely present, filled with vitality and a message that people will love. We hope they love us. Many people use mind-altering substances to get into that creative space—but that always comes with a huge price.  Aside from health risks, it is no hidden secret that several singers have lost their lives because of these addictions—all because they were unaware of how to achieve their most authentic creative magic with their CORE—or to even consider that they could. No one showed them the key to survival and longevity in this cutthroat industry amongst the amazing world of distractions. 

                  Sadly, there have been many gifted artists with short-lived lives. From Jimmy Hendrix to Janis Joplin... I could go on. I’m sure you can think of many more. Of course, there are also many great artists who did not die young and overcame many obstacles. If you talk to these people, most of them will tell you how crazy it was “back in the day when...” Many of them will tell you they’re lucky to even be alive. With the glamour and perceived success of fame and fortune, ironically comes more tempting and expensive ways to destroy oneself.  So, how do we sensitive creative people with diverse abilities guarantee our own survival in the industry?

The answer is quite simple.

Discover your CORE Power. STOP. Take a Breath of Awareness.

                  Several years of working with people of all ages, has taught me that most singers aren’t grounded. What does that mean? It means we’re in the wonderful world of our mind, where we hear melodies bouncing around along with orchestras, cool guitar parts, lyrics you name it. We’re more connected to the air around us, than the ground below us. If the wind blows in a direction, we follow it and think we are free. Our mind is a wealth of incredible information. Sometimes we’re overwhelmed by our own genius. But are we in control of our genius, or does it control us? For example, how many times have we had a song in our head that we just couldn’t get rid of? What does this mean?


                  I mentioned earlier that our world teaches us how to go. Sadly, it does not teach us how to stop. As long as we are awake, we are usually thinking about something, whether it’s what we want to eat, or what we just ate, an errand we have to run, a loved one, something someone did to us—you name it. Our mind just doesn’t stop. But have you ever had an experience while singing or playing an instrument, where you just go into another space—almost like you’re just out of it? You feel a great surge of energy from this—almost like something is flowing through you and out to the audience. When you get feedback, people tell you how great you sounded, or how much they enjoyed your presence. This “space” is what many love about being an artist. It’s the icing on the cake. This SPACE is what I call “the stillness” or “the zone.” It is in all of us, and the reason we and others respond to it, is because it’s what we’re made of. When our minds become still, our true authentic self is awakened.                         

The Science of STILLNESS

                  We know that if we look at what we are made of from a scientific standpoint, we find that the smallest atom itself within us is made up of “no-thing-ness.” It’s just space. That still space is in all of us and its what connects us to all that is. Monks meditate on the word “Ohm,” and many spiritual masters speak of becoming still as a pathway leading to exaltation. Scriptures tell us, “be still and know that I am,” and speak of “a still small voice.”  Even if we don’t believe in such things, it’s interesting to consider the significance of stillness. It is my belief that authentic musical expression through “the stillness” can lead us to empowerment now.

                  But how can we create a “stillness” if we are playing music? We are vibrating creatures. Everything in this universe is vibrating, including this page that you are reading. Science teaches us that the reason you can see this page is because you are vibrating at the same or higher frequency than the page. When you sing, you create a vibration from within that is expressed outwards. Hence, your inner self becomes realized through the form of musical expression. Behind every creation in our universe, there is a power, a stillness, and it is that stillness that moves another’s soul. Once we gain clarity through that stillness, the energy we emanate through the sound of our soul in present time, is equivalent to having what we term, “stage presence.”

                  How do we gain this automatic “presence” that engages minds and hearts while we’re on stage? For many, singing outside of the shower can be a frightening experience.   My question is—why would we want to save this “presence” for just the stage? Wouldn’t it be great to always have this “presence” without having to even try? It would just be a natural result of who we are. 

                  What I have discovered, is that the answer to this question is much more simple than one would imagine. The way to gain presence at any time, is to become present. The way to become present is to take in a “breath of awareness.” Try it. Luckily, most of us don’t have to think about it to breathe, and we don’t usually notice our breath until it drastically changes—or stops. Kind of like our heartbeat. Breath of Awareness on a regular basis not only keeps us healthier, it allows us to feel that amazing “stillness” from a place of centeredness, all of the time. 

                  My Practicing C.O.R.E. Vocal Power CD outlines some of my simplest breathing methods, that when practiced regularly, have phenomenal results. Artists have reported better sleep, more energy, more clarity, more joy, more time in their day, more confidence and better performances, to name a few benefits!

                  In order to get the best results, these techniques must be integrated into our daily lives. Then they become an authentic part of who we are. I suggest doing my breathing exercises at least 5 times a day. Great check points are when you arise, before eating and when you retire at night. You can also do them on the way to the restroom! These techniques only take between 10-40 seconds a shot, and from them, you’ll receive immediate benefits.

                 Tracks 2- 9 of my C.O.R.E. CD will lead you through a series of breathing techniques that will strengthen your MIND, your SOUL and your VOICE, because your breathing paves the way for the energy of your sound to emerge, and my techniques help you direct that energy. It’s not about how much air you take in, it’s about HOW you take it in, and WHAT you do with it

                On my C.O.R.E. CD, Tracks 10- 18 will give you my Resonating Vowel Power basic tracks to help you take breathing a step further, and discover the sound of your voice from the inside! 

                This CD is only the first of many to come, so keep checking my PRODUCTS page for more EMPOWERING PRODUCTS!