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This Certified Teacher, Music Industry Vocal Coach and Pro Singer of over 18 years (Universal Records, American Idol, etc.) with a triple degree in Music, Theatre Education and Psychology, currently resides in Los Angeles, California.  Dot Todman has developed  “Dot’s Integrative Vocal Empowerment System®” which will help you tap into your authentic vocal expression and address your unique vocal needs. After your first voice lesson and assessment, you will see immediate results and gain new vocal insights and awareness.  Dot holds private voice lessons in Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles, California, and Vocal Empowerment Workshops in Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Greater Los Angeles.
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Why Mind . . .  Soul …Voice?  

A holistic approach to singing

 “It all begins with your state of mind. If you want to have powerful vocal expression, own your tone! Many singers get caught up in technique and are worried about how great their voice will sound and who is judging them, instead of learning how to ‘own’ their energy from a free space – on the inside. That free space begins with a freeing thought. Once we realize that how our voice sounds is directly connected to what we’re thinking, a whole world of creative vocal expression is possible…but this is only the beginning. Once you learn how to ‘own your tone’ and create an open, free space from within, you provide a strong foundation for your unique voice to blossom.”

DOT EXPLAINS the 3 fold nature of your instrument

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You will often hear Dot say, “The voice is an emotional vehicle.” E-motion means energy in motion. When you sing, you’re creating a sound, but have you ever thought about where the magnitude of that sound really comes from? Why is it that you can listen to some singers and feel moved by them, while others don’t have any impact at all? You might say it’s just a matter of opinion…but why is it obvious to millions that some singers just “have it” and some don’t – even the ones that are hitting all the right notes? What if there was a way that you could learn to hit all the right notes and have the vocal magnitude to go with it?

Through this fun, simple and inspiring system, as you gain a solid foundation, develop optimum technique, and learn how to apply Dot’s amazing vocal tools, you will become an Empowered speaker and singer!

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