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Episode 4 - January 21st, 2009 Print E-mail

Louisville Kentucky, The blue grass state

at Churchill downs

Tiffany Shedd

“Hero” Mariah Carey weak – too much vibrato, pitchy 22 horses and a donkey - Simon that was mean dude. Tiff, work on scale, sing with other singers, record yourself "Because of You" -Try singing more when you talk from

Ground yourself. Oh my - “I know I can sing and I don’t need you” -hmmm be humble now. speaking voice shakey and weak. Work on it. 

Joanna Pacitti

We Belong – Pet Benetar Has nice control, flow, good look Owned each note, Up to falsetto “wee belong” - lovely choice  She’s crying. Awe. How darling is that!  Sohappy!


Mark Mudd, 25 yrs old

Bad luck in life – bad car accidents and almost died 5 times “White Lightening” George Jones Nice tenor – power, watch your flips up to higher notes, hee haw country dude Not the right competition for him. “Wheel of fortune” I thought he had a good powerful voice! Just work on it. 

Brent Keith Smith –28 – GREAT DIMPLES HONEY! Bad company – “can’t get enough” Country twang, but charm, look, power,Soul – watch your high notes, Keeping the beat with his foot, Got the growl, Was a great song choice – Simon’s comment was pathetic saidhe was a bit “Bucherish” Said he wanted something more ballad like. Duh Simon. Come on Kara – give your comments already.  What's up with the "tude?" Women under the table – whatever!

Irene Angueloba - “somewhere over the rainbow” accent – learn more control, great support but no control. Get my Vocal Warm up CD in a big way it will help!  

Obianuju Omwurah – age 19 “high larynx award for sure. Awe. 

 Will Heuser – long hair “Tainted love” - why that song honey?

Ryan Benningfield - Jazz Zebrah -whatever. Patrick Warner - Big large - Michael Jackson – Patrick Is he serious?  maybe he just wanted to be on TV. Well you did it buddy


Matt Giraud Piano guy, Soulful, neat tone, I like the lows in his voice and the tone. His quality – he reminds Simon of Elliott. hmmm “You could be Great” He already is great. DUH.

Ross Plavsic –wearing a suit. “nerdy guy” I love him! He’s working with CHINESE! Very cool! Says he’s been studying online.  Oh oh. This is not a good sign. unless you study with me.  LOL. He sounds like he’ll be classical singer by the way hetalks.  Most certainly will be adeep voice. If he sings high – not a good choice.  Cara Mia Jay and the Americans. At least he’s embodying his low tone...sort of.. What the heck kind of song choice is this?  Why do you get all serious when you sing? “Air was dry” Throat scratchy. Drank from Paula's straw! LOL!  Love me Tender – too low – Sing Base in a choir honey.  You do have a voice. 


Alexis Grace, 21 Mom at 19

Dr Feel Good Aretha. OMG. I LOVE HER! SHE’S MY FAVORITE SO FAR! She has the SOUL POWER! Own it more but yeah, she BROUGH IT! "Another shot" Simon? She kicked arse!  I LOVE YOUALEXIS!  I felt your spirit. You brought it. A kid like that has potential to make jaws drip cuz you don't expect it. Don't oversing. 

Aaron Williamson –RED FLAG “this is my job and this is what i want to do for hte restof my life” GREAT PRESENCE "America’s next top model." LOL, Have you Ever Seen the Rain, Scream – scared the heckfire out of them!  Awe! Pushing too much. Too loud honey. Push too much air through your folds like that and you willlose your voice. HE KNOWS HOW TO BRING IT! LOL! “Im just intense but I can bring it down.” Yes – bring it down - but it's too late.  At least you’re so cute honey. I want to see you next year. Nice tone though.  “raging bull”


Rebecca Garcia – fox21 news – sooo pretty.. I think? On her arm. Bad move. OMG.  “Before he cheats” - Too many moves body singer. They thought it was a joke.  That was mean Kara. Don’t listen to Simon who says “a trillion percent” don’tsing. Just get some lessons and record yourself as well. 

Kris Allen – excellent!

Felicia Barton

“Put your Records on” nice tone!

Ryan Johnson ,27

“I was born by the river -  - MY FAVORITE - AWESOME HONEY!  I GOT CHILLS!

Shera Lawrence 23 LOVELY  - fakedout her family

Leneshe Young, 18

Original song ‘ Naddy” Homeless – single mom parent

Lots of bro’s and sisters - WOW. Man, I hope you can sing honey.  Great earrings! Great rich tone, embodied her song. SHE’S IN THE FLOW –SMILING, HAVING FUN and singing in a goodkey for her!  Hooray! KEEP THE VULNERABILITY you have.  Stay grounded. YOU ARE DARLING! “Quirky fun, and quite well-written song” SIMON - I FINALLY agree with him.  She’s lucky she pulled off the original song!  Nice work!

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