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Episode 36 & 37 - Semi finals - May 12th Print E-mail

Scroll down to find out who Dot thinks will WIN AMERICAN IDOL! 

Episode 37

May 13th, 2009

Awe - That cute little boy from Africa sang and danced.  

Now they're showing Danny Gokehy going home.  It's amazing how many people's lives are affected by this show - all across the world.  And to see the little girls scream after he hugged them.  AWE.  

Kris is visiting back home now.
He's playing on a stage at the university.  

What an experience these kids have. It must be surreal for them to become so famous in a matter of months.... woah.

Okay - why am I crying?  Sheish.  Just seeing his mother cry while he's singing is just so moving. And his papa.   


Jordanne Sparks performs "Battlefield"

Interesting Jordanne. Who choreographed you?  Hmmm.... a little mechanical for me. Lovely voice, but truth is, I was never sold on Jordanne.  She's darling, but Melinda was my girl that season. 

Adam Lambert went back to San Diego.

Adam doing the weather and crocco boots and the news.  Awe.  He's having a blast.  Even old ladies are after him! Hahaha!  Metropolital Theatere... Kids asking questions. 
Mt. Carmel High School - that would be weird.
A lady ripped her shirt off for him! Haha! That scared the poor boy.  Awe.
His crowds don't look as huge as the others... hmmm..... well, that's interesting. 


Katie Perry

Well, she blew up really fast last year. For some reason, I'm not enjoying her performance. Maybe it's just because I only had 2 hours sleep last night?  She's got a vibrato in her voice that makes it unqiue sounding that I never noticed before for some strange reason.  Well... maybe I did notice it. I'm just tired already! LOL!

Okay, my prediction was RIGHT AGAIN, Danny is going home. Kris will win.  

Episode 36

May 12th, 2009



"Dance Little Sister" - Terrence Trent Darby

Good song choice Paula!

It was fun.

They commented about dancing. He doesn’t quite own the stage, but he has fun and that rasp in his voice creates an emotional jolt that people feel and love.

"You are so Beautiful"

Interesting song choice. Hmm....
I didn’t hate the arrangement. Showed a softer side we haven’t really seen too much of, nice contrast with the other song. You did some interesting things vocally and I like the gospel edge that you just feel, but secretly, I still love hearing you do songs that have more of that edge than this one did. Cool that the judges loved it though.

Ryan – "What does it feel like?" He said he’s not going to overanlyze everything and worry about all the opinions. Came out with a fresh mind and FRESH HEART! Thank you Danny!



Nice opening, nice piano playing. I think it was wise to remind people that you are a real artist and musician. Trying to get an edge over on the other two, who don't really play.

Perfect key. Nice tone. While flipping to falsetto, too soft on the high note - that’s correctable. Overall, I loved the energy and feel of this song for you. I say - NICE WORK!

Simon ripped on Kara for not arranging the song for him. The judges started screaming at each other and freaked out! This is all part of how they get good ratings on the show. Kara grabs Simon’s mouth, yada yada.

“Heartless” - Kanye West

Now he plays guitar and does an acoutsic version – Wow. Risky!

Look at his tongue on the word “heartless...” drawn out. There is a bit of tension, but he's moving so much heartfelt energy through his whole body and soul, that it just works! NICE JOB!

Okay – I loved it! YEAH YEAH HOT! I love your commitment!


“One” by U2

ADORABLE. Heartfelt, original. I would like to hear you add more of a darker tone to your screams, and not always revert to them. At least you mean them when you do them, but I'm not appreciating them as much these days. Nonetheless, you still took me on a journey. STAY COMMITTED.

(Idol Gives Back: THAT IS SO WONDERFUL! It's important to remember people all over the world! Hooray!)

Aerosmith – "Cryin’"

I know you are a rocker and you were the shining star in your rock band, but it didn't do so well because the songs were... well...what they were.

Okay sweetie, you’re committed to this song, like you do to all of them, but be careful with getting over indulgent in your screaming (even though it was totally appropriate for this song). Scream was flawless. There was actually a bad note in there, but they overlooked it, most likely because the band was so loud you couldn't hear very well through the inner-ear monitors.

Adam – you always say the right thing, and show a man of high caliber, and dignity. THAT'S AWESOME. Loved ya from day #1.



So, who does Dot Think Will Win? Well.....

I THINK Kris Allen WILL win because I believe he will do the best as an artist promoted by Idol and Adam will come in second, because he is set however you look at it, and will most likely go farther without Idol. (Sorry Idol, but it's probably true.) Danny is darling, but is not as groomed as Kris, and needs to work on his staging and the way he carries his energy. Such a fun, wonderful voice, but to watch him isn't quite as moving, as the other two because he gets scattered in his movement on stage. He doesn't go as deep as Kris and Adam because he's not as focused and committed to his subtext. Really delivering a song well is more than just singing, isn't it? Please, remember that as you  prepare for your auditions and shows. As committed as Danny is with his singing, he's just falling short a tad, of being the next American Idol.  That is my humble "OPINION."


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